The First Date .



The Tribe That Rewrote His Story.



And Cat E.



The Prism.



Kat E




ME a crazy long time ago … and the Dark Horse.

The Purrfect Storm.



It’s Animal.


87 thoughts on “Prism

  1. March Madness is reaching fever pitch. 😵

    Conclusion? Confusion! Collusion…illusion…delusion.
    From Kelly Anne Conway, the person that brought you the alternative truth aka alternate reality.

    Border shutting down. Leave means leave. LEGO. 🙂

      1. Frank

        Don’t know if we’re on the same page but, the border shutting down can be read two ways. It can mean it will close like a door or it will cease to function at all.

        Contact…Ok to go! 🙂

    1. Elena, I cometed about March madness on last article I’d hope you see. The field of manifestation is getting electrically “charged”.

      Auburn beat North Carolina. Right now they’re playing Kentucky and it’s so freakin close (don’t look!). They’ve made it to the Elite 8. Will they make it to the Final Four?
      Auburn (Au). ‘Burned’ with gold (Au).
      C’mon Auburn! WAR EAGLE!

      The age of Horus, who is number 135, (I-35).


        “According to later traditions, the right eye represented the sun and so is called the “Eye of Ra” while the left represented the moon and was known as the “eye of Horus” (although it was also associated with Thoth). However, in many cases it is not clear whether it is the left or right eye which is referred to.”. -ancient Egypt online

        35 three fives…the IS, or 15


        Looks like the MISSISSIPPI MEMory lane.


            Weapon or penis? How about penis? 😍

            April fool’s is coming up! I’m a fool for love.

            In 1686, John Aubrey referred to the celebration as “Fooles holy day”, the first British reference. On April 1, 1698, several people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to “see the Lions washed”.

            Although no Biblical scholar or historian are known to have mentioned a relationship, some have expressed the belief that the origins of April Fool’s Day may go back to the Genesis flood narrative. In a 1908 edition of the Harper’s Weekly cartoonist Bertha R. McDonald wrote:

            Authorities gravely back with it to the time of Noah and the ark. The London Public Advertiser of March 13, 1769, printed: “The mistake of Noah sending the dove out of the ark before the water had abated, on the first day of April, and to perpetuate the memory of this deliverance it was thought proper, whoever forgot so remarkable a circumstance, to punish them by sending them upon some sleeveless errand similar to that ineffectual message upon which the bird was sent by the patriarch”.[11]


            Venus day

            In no sense. Just LEGO.

    1. MJ

      Alice has the ability to grow to 10 ft tall and access to performance enhancing drinks not allowed in the Olympics.

      Dorothy has no superpowers but I think her secret weapon maybe Toto.

      I don’t expect a knock out and would probably go the distance.

      I’m just rambling garbage.

          1. I’ve never understood the fascination with KP but last two weeks I’ve needed a break from politricks and have been watching American Idol with KP and Lionel and another guy. I must say Katy is hill airy us! She makes me laugh. Quite a character. Ok now I get it.

            1. And Don Quixote and It’s Animal. And Dark Horse.

              Yesterday’s instalment of The OA included a strange tentacle sex / subdom / heptapod scene with a telepathic giant octopus called Old Knight.

              The surrealness is increased with it taking place in San Francisco.



              Seem to be on a journey with this.

              And the Green Door was opened into the Secret Annex. Something about the wall and privacy and secrecy I think. And the secret thought fort.

              1. And A Sin of Chronos .

                I had an online payment yesterday rejected – sorted now – because it was an Asynchronous payment. That means it was initiated by my bank but not accepted by the receiver. I think. I don’t really know. They’ve accepted it today.

                Synchronous vs Asynchronous :

                The send, receive, and reply operations may be synchronous or asynchronous. A synchronous operation blocks a process till the operation completes. An asynchronous operation is non-blocking and only initiates the operation. The caller could discover completion by some other mechanism discussed later.

                1. Where will “it” put “it”? Everywhere?!
                  Omg 😍

                  And THAT will be one of the greatest quotes ever said, by the MEME. If you put it everywhere, surely you’ll get it so right and so wrong, and both are awesome.

                1. I’d like to watch those kinds of shows but don’t want to open myself to more suggestion

              1. I see Gary Hart, John Edwards and all the Kennedys in him. An unoriginal. At least Obama was original prior to the Senate.
                (but obbbbbaammmmmaaaaa! 😭😭)

        1. I went to the shop today and was checked out by a man named “Love”. He literally had LOVE on his name tag.
          He was very short.

          1. From :

            The infinity sign is also sometimes called the Lemniscate. Both are believed to be coming from the number 8 sign. This number symbolizes eternity, balance and cosmic order. The number 8 has always been a very important symbol in many ancient cultures, especially in the Far East.

            The original meaning of the infinity symbol refers to the union between male and female, duality and perfection.


            1. Frank and Jen

              The software fix for the Max 8 jets is in, it will take a few weeks to determine whether it will work. 🙂

          2. Chronos is the time lord, but like Charlie pointed out one day, “Saturn is the ref, because he can’t roll.”
            He’s just doing his job. All business. Saturn turned golden. He says “don’t blame me for being me!”
            It’s Neptune, the 3-pronged symbolism of the trident with water that is the planet of sacrifice. Y? Bee-cause.

            It’s the watery planet that will separate watts reel and watts dream deep state. Again, just doing it’s job. Lord Shiva (hive mind), is just minding his bees nest when Shock-Ti comes along and asks her brother to play…
            It’s her, and she loves you.

            1. I swear – the mouths of babes. WOW! Charlie is spiritually beyond his years.. It took me a few minutes (ok, years) to figure out Saturn wasn’t just another celestial asshole out to eat his offspring but, in truth, I think it comes down to knowledge passed down through MOM. And (dna) she gnos. 🙂

              This song came up earlier today with The OA

        1. Man a fort.
          This is neither here nor there, but MJ’s star fort posts make me wonder about attorney general Barr and Starr, the independent counsel who probed Clinton. And Beto’s ”street cred” in the barrios of El Paso and all the presidential campaigns coming to a ka Fe house near us.

          ka Fe maze beans

          is there a maze in the Alamo?

  2. Lucy doesn’t want uncle smelling her Flores.

    “Be sure to wear some Flores in your hair”

    1. If Biden is the party nominee I think the Dems are in for a rude awakening as they experienced with Hillary’s defeat. No one wants this old guard anymore. All the Biden smelling videos are going to rev up big time. I don’t understand Dem tones.

    1. If you go to the Florists ? Also I read Flower as River as in flowing.

      And Meaty.

      Florid (adj.)

      1640s, “strikingly beautiful,” from French floride “flourishing,” from Latin floridus “flowery, in bloom,” from flos “flower” (from PIE root *bhel- (3) “to thrive, bloom”). Sense of “ruddy” is first recorded 1640s. Meaning “highly decorated, profusely adorned (as with flowers)” is from 1650s. Related: Floridly.

      And Catty .

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