And All in your Inner Space, Boy’.

Going back to the start.

It’s Cold.



ET popped in for a chat yesterday.

Old Blue Eyes.



The Adams Family. Radial and Oz are reunited. Whatever that means if anything.




A few days ago, MJ sent me her Fortune Cookie which I included in the last article.

‘You will soon discover a higher truth’



And Believe It Or Not.

Yesterday, a Jenga box suddenly appeared in front of me which read ‘There Is Only One Jenga’. Or Genga. Or Gender. This is how the Universe seems to have its fun. Unfortunately by the time I had composed myself the box had gone. You will have to do with this pic.

It’s Bricks It Time. Which in English slang means Crap Your Pants Time.







You are Everything and Everything is You.



Something like that.


46 thoughts on “Jenga

    Seems to me that if these universes cannot communicate with one another, that would mean communications chains wouldn’t exist on any level. We wouldn’t even ponder the existence of such realms due to the lack of information about them, and we’d wander around in bliss irrespective of whether they existed or not. Not only that, since data/information exchange cannot take place, that would seem to mean they could never be created either. Unless of course there were stipulations. There certainly are precedents for stipulations on individual entities.. Conception is one, death another. Digress.

    That said, the chart seems to be more of an outline for the concept of “will” than creation, existence, data/information exchange, etc.. An attempt to will something into existence that does not currently exist or perhaps even the morphological and/or mutability of an existing something. Witches put spells on people, companies make business plans, people dream, etc.. Will(s), want(s), abilities, shit like that.

    ^The Truth about Space War^
    To go a bit further on that “none can communicate” bit, that sounds more like an edict. Something that could potentially close “the spiritual realms” entirely. Render concepts like prayer moot. Psychic anything? Nah. Compassion and empathy? Nope, all impossible. Perhaps even cause a collapse that made individual thought impossible.

    Just because something does not communicate, doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t communicate, nor does it means they don’t want to communicate. That’s just my opinion tho.

    ^1992 Little Caesars commercials^

    1. Cade

      I find I’m in constant communication with the Universe. Books, songs, movies, websites, t shirt messages, signs on vans and in shops, etc. Some people think it is the work of the devil or you’re mad but it’s very real for me.

      And random meetings. Are they random or do we agree to meet which would indicate communication.

      1. The randomness an its relevance is a good question actually. (I think so anyway) I figure we pray whenever we damn well want/need to, so yeah maybe the Universe sometimes needs to communicate in the same way, As needed, how, when and where needed, etc..I guess because the flow is in a different direction, it’s kinda jarring. We have a propensity to get squeamish and rejectiony, deny, but at the same time, maybe that’s a defense mechanism we’ve developed. We ask a question we never expect to get an answer to, and then, there it is.

  2. Invasion of Space Man-infestation.

    Have we all stopped eating yet? but obaaaamammamammaaaaa!

          1. Rain

            Wonderful ending though I thought.

            The theory is along the lines we’ve been talking about .

            And collapsing and merging dimensions.

            1. Frank
              they used a dove (holy spirit, symbol of mary) to stop the ascension of OA
              a man must fall asleep forever to grow his own garden of the mind, his own multiverse
              if our fruits will be reaped by strangers

              1. I liked the idea of the third dimension which was a ‘Netflix’ dimension similar to ours but not ours. I think πŸ€”

                And a point was being made about The Observer I believe. The episode was called Overview and I was aware of being the Observer of the story at the end and Kharim was looking down on the set.

                A lot going on.

                1. sun at dawn on April 2
                  and today

  3. The play’s the thing and the theme repeats.

    Yesterday I bought some violas.
    Viola is a character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s a story of gender identity and misidentity, and yes true love. Which begins when a set of twins one male one female, are separated in a shipwreck.

    What You Will. ☯

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