Maybe I’m A Mazed

Maybe I’m Amazed.



From a week or so ago, Prepare to be Amazed.



Come In.



‘Are you ready to travel through another dimension ?’

Be Prepared.

Do Do Do.



And ‘Maybe I’m A Mazed’. And maybe we’re A Mazed.

The Infinity Hall of Mirrors.



From the first scene in the second episode of ‘The OA’ Part 2 which is a total mind what’s it.

Port of San Francisco.



And Deer Park and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.




When you are having coffee with your daughter and for about ten seconds she transmogrifies into Brit Marling, you know you are in a strange place.

And the moral of the story.



We’re A Mazing.


96 thoughts on “Maybe I’m A Mazed

    1. Jenny

      It’s getting exceedingly weird.

      The Glass Sealing.

      I was in the Mall earlier and there was a local painting and photography club display.

      The Bride.

      If you go to SF wear some flowers in your hair.

      Rachel McAdams – The Notebook. See Tar Mac Adam as well.

  1. Anon, re: ‘the machine’. The material produced by the mass media is no more or less fantastic than the conversations I have with people I know. If language is code and DNA is code then aren’t we ejaculating and processing code more or less continually? The Word or logos: issued from the mouth, a seed gobbled up by the shell-like ear, the ejaculate inception of the brain-womb. Same thing with the eye when ‘penetrated’ by symbols and the written word. What does that say about ‘the machine’ and ‘fleshing out’ an idea?

    Fleshing out or flushing out? Amazed or erased?

    1. I’m not being difficult Hugo but can you phrase the question in another way. Often things are so subtle here I can’t find an anchor. Or my brain can’t and I need helping. I’ll try to answer once I know the question.

      Flesh or flush. That’s interesting.
      I guess I may define machine as the impulse away from flesh. The impulse toward “purity” and away from chaos. I’ve tried on other definitions over the years and am open to other ones.

      1. Do you believe this story?

        Wow air and wizz air? Really?

        “Wow Air, which also operated flights from UK airports Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh, had been in talks this week with bondholders about raising new money”

        Fincanical cry-me s and white on white (ice, ice everywhere).
        White tears.
        Bonds so tight like white on wice.
        Just like the Moo-vies.

      2. WOW MOM! Air story happened in Iceland because yesterday Charlie’s tutor was teaching him mnemonic device about planets.
        My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.
        Look at this

      1. Frank
        In India, the tortoise was considered the second incarnation (avatar) of the god Vishnu, a type of Christ.
        In the ancient Chinese picture of the universe, the ancient animal AO is mentioned, a cosmic-sized sea turtle on whose back the Earth rests. Stone sculptures of turtles with a plate on the back in a magical way should serve to ensure the stability of the cosmos. AO-shan (Mount AO) should be located on the Promised Islands (Blessed Islands). The animal itself is presented in the form of a fire eater, and its figures on the skates of roofs are considered talismans that protect against fires. In the Chinese system of symbolic analogies, it personified as one of the five sacred animals the north, water, and winter. In the ancient times of Chinese culture, the pieces of tortoise shell served as predictions, probably because of the number of plates on the edge (24), which corresponded to the number of sections of the agrarian calendar.

          1. Frank,


            Is Jenny amused, though? Perhaps she’s thinking “enough!”, as I often am.

            Charlie is playing fortnite with Frank23 and Cam2215.

  2. “Wow Air CEO Skúli Mogensen told Icelandic state broadcaster RUV that negotiations to save the airline went on until the early morning in Iceland.”
    “As is normal, people believed we would get the investment,” Mogensen told RUV. “We have been very transparent, but it didn’t happen.””

    Skúli… GOLGOTHA!

    Happening Simultaneously

    Back to MOM
    “Saurabh Aggarwal, who was due to fly from Toronto to Reykjavik on Wow Air, described a chaotic scene at Toronto airport.
    Aggarwal said customers were given conflicting information about the flight’s status before it was canceled at 10:55 p.m. on Wednesday. He said passengers were not provided with accommodation and no refunds were issued.”

    aggravating wall!

    “Founded in 2011, Wow Air was known for cheap trans-Atlantic fares on routes via Iceland. It’s part of a group of Nordic airlines that drove ticket prices down thanks to no-frills service.”

    1. Following the White Rabbit 🙂 It’s A Mazing.

      In Westworld, two photos were shown to the robots which showed there was an external world.

      West coast and East coast.

      One was the Times Square photo.

      And the other was SF which showed the Trans America building.

      And same old, same old. Half way between New York and San Francisco is Lexington, Nebraska.

      Began in 1860 and was founded in 1871.

      Lexington began as a frontier trading post in 1860.The post was later destroyed. Fort Plum Creek was established near its ruins in 1864.Lexington was founded in 1871. It was originally called Plum Creek.

      And I80

        1. Very interesting video, MJ. You mentioned Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) when you visited Mt Mitchell and the highest peak east of the Mississippi TransAmerica building is 864 ft high. I’m repeating what’s already in the video but feels worth mentioning again. Wow!

    2. Today Moms and I went to UPS and wound up at Franklin. It wasn’t the ups we wanted to go to but gps took us there.

  3. Frank,
    I haven’t thanked you enough.
    Maybe you are … “Saint Francis” of Assisi…..
    My lawn statue I inherited from my dad…. It keeled over and got his block knocked off! All on the Ides of March…. and my son’s “judgement day”…. He’s going to be a resident on, get this, Mount Sinai in New York City….

    I’m still recovering but Frank, you are a good guy, and I thank you.

            1. Anon

              I found it about five years ago now. I linked to it a few times but had problems accessing the site sometimes because there’s so much on it and didn’t gel with my PC at the time so haven’t really kept up with it.

        1. Reading and writing The Won-Turtle Record of Oz.

          Relativity: 99.99% of human DNA is shared code.

          “In computer graphics, turtle graphics are vector graphics using a relative cursor (the “turtle”) upon a Cartesian plane. Turtle graphics is a key feature of the Logo programming language.”

          So many Deckards to ejaculate, so many Ra-Shells to fill up with the Logos. Are you and I code for each other?

      1. Trump says if he doesn’t get what he wants he’s going to close the border, shut it down, throw away the key, grab Her by the pussy, ggrrrrrr rawrrrrr!!!!! What a child.
        It’s not lost on me that the foreign offices of western empire go around the world preaching that countries maintain “soft borders” with their neighbors yet Trump wants a hard one here. Probably needs to up the viagra and get some psychotherapy for his fear of a black and brown planet. All those damn maze beans! A mazinG race.

  4. Thank you again, Frank!

    I DO have a sense of humor when it comes to character ass-ass-ination.

    I’m done here and actually now would like to CLARIFY a couple of things:

    1) I am also Jake’s “brother,” meaning I love him in Christ, always have. And will do whatever I CAN do to protect him from FURTHER HARM. Because he is being HARMED now…. he is abused. He is USED.

    2) I’ve been guilty yes of throwing around “threats” on Merovee….
    Yes, threats of lawsuit! Because in my particular situation, I have no other protection against the MISUSE of POWER I have been subject to in Dutchess County, by a judge no less. I have no protection against the character assassination by way of gossip among well-connected power players in this “town.”

    3) If I DO need to SUE?
    I’ve realized that I should SUE the person “BEHIND” all the death threats and slander of my reputation: the sheriff’s so-called WIFE. Um, yeah.

    SO there you have it! Go ahead, Anonymous-es, and continue to accuse me of “LYING.”

    I STILL cannot figure out EXACTLY what “lie” you believe me to have told.

    I’m not a snake seductress nor a “hawk” nor an “adulteress.”

    I’m just not.

    But that is the final word on it from me.

    If I need to go to court and prove it some day, I WILL.

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