The Eden Project


Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Back in August 2000, I went on a family holiday to Cornwall, England. On one of the days, I went to see over the Eden Project which was under construction. Day after my birthday I remember.

We could only see over as the actual site was off limits but we managed to have a good look at the plan.




Recently, Tar Mac Adam appeared outside my house.



Over the weekend, MJ and M visited the Misty Mountains in North Carolina. And they ended up Mount Mitchell and Down the Yellow Brick Road 🤔.

As part of the trip, they visited the town of Franklin. Which was full of incredibly synchy WTF pics but for the purposes of this article, the one that really jumped out at me was ‘A Project of the Franklin Garden Club’.




If you go to the Franklin Garden Club wear some flowers in your hair.



At the same time MJ was emailing me with her pics from Franklin, Jenny had to make a mercy dash in her car on behalf of a friend to the Harry S MEthodist Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.



Harry S Truman.



And the day before I had bought a Harry Potter birthday present for my daughter.

From The Source.



Story cut short. We seem to be on the same journey. Not far. From the Mind to the Heart.

And on Monday, it was reported that a plane had somehow redirected itself from its original destination of Dusseldorf, Germany and ended up in Eden Burgh, Scotland.



And Hugo included a gif from LOST in the comments with regards to the Edinburgh story. ‘Where Are We’ ? Good question. In my view, we have never gone anywhere but have just imagined we have. A trip from Now Here to Now Here.



I understand everyone’s frustration at times with this only too well. But reality is collapsing for some of us and I am left with such questions as does The Eden Project, the town of Franklin and the hospital in Fort Worth truly exist.

And everything else ‘Out There’. Especially the NEWS in the MEdia. If God is infinite can anything exist outside of God.

God Is Within.



I think the point of acceptance of the True Man and True Woman may have been reached. In many ways, it’s easier to accept the nastier projections and reflections which confirm the view of ourself as guilty, and no good and worthless. It’s probably more difficult to accept the divine and eternal Self and I would say the game is rigged so we don’t even suspect it and when we do begin to understand, booby traps and inner resistance and outer resistance from others appear which can trip us up.



And Bee Prepared. Killer Hornets are on their way.



And Relax. Not again.

A Maine Hospital.




Wake up and smell the roses. Or is it coffee ?


88 thoughts on “The Eden Project

  1. Good article Frank.

    This week is the thirtieth anniversary of the Three Mile Island incident. The headline on a local paper yesterday read, It Changed the Way We Think of Nuclear Power.

    And I just heard all charges against Jesse Smollett have been dropped and his record wiped clean. A stunning reversal!

    Expect the unexpected! 🙂

    1. Schifft happens. Smollett is cleared!

      “Each of us tends to think we see things as they are, that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world, not as it is, but as we are—or, as we are conditioned to see it. When we open our mouths to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions, our paradigms.”

      1. Anon

        The emerge and see. 🙂
        In art they say perspective is everything.

        In Jesse’s case it was just so much preoccupation about guilt and who was telling the truth and getting the punishment just right. Something about not seeing the woods for the trees. And it ends up being an ‘obstruction of just us’.

        Just LEGO. It’s a nice day to go for a long walk. 😊

        1. In most of what we see in the mind lines, it’s about who must follow the rules and who must be allowed to break them. The rule of law written and maintained by those who have never followed the “rule of law”.

          1. Anon

            Hope you enjoyed your walk. 🙂

            I just think there is something more fundamental going on here beneath the surface.
            It’s part of how we are trying to work out of this trap of sin, sacrifice, redemption, guilt, blame, etc.

            And the choice of the enforcement of the Law or the acceptance of Grace, unmerited favor. We’re trying to have both and we can’t.

            It’s what has been playing out in the immigration story. Legal immigration with an accompanying wall or cities of sanctuary.

            From my ‘perspective’, we will either fight to the finish to subject each other to the stranglehold of the Law, or just let go.

            It’s that simple and that complicated and all the more frustrating because, as we learned from the Philly Starbucks last year…there was no trespass. 💑

      1. I get the sense that you desperately need Smollet to be guilty and Trump clear. It’s who you are.

        “But Obbbbbaaaaammmmma!”

        1. He’s having his LoL built there, A Void…

          …but I was thinking more of his missus marshaling minions…

          ‘Controversy erupted earlier this month when texts and emails released by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office revealed that Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Tina Tchen, attempted to have the case transferred to the FBI from the Chicago Police.’

          People want to help their mates out, but wrong is wrong regardless of a person’s melanin content. You know that; you’ve called it out enough when the boot has been on the other foot. Even Mayor Ram is calling it a ‘Whitewash of Justice’…

          Think about that – the whitewashing of just us…

          Con done…

          As for the Dez Rez Prez? He’s both annoying and amusing. The equivalent of a novelty number one…

          1. Sixteen separate felony charges, Roob. The term ‘witch-hunt’ springs to mind for some reason. Chicago PD did its very best to present Smollett to the world as a ‘criminal’, yet the prosecution reviewed the evidence and dropped all the charges. There was no case to answer, precisely because it was a clear case of ‘trial by media’, which continued immediately afterwards with Mayor Rahm’s ridiculous attempt to ‘convict’ Smollett for his refusal to play along and ‘show remorse’ for the things they couldn’t pin on him.

            As for Chicago PD, in 2016 Mayor Rahm’s own Task Force issued a ‘stinging report’ that highlighted the department’s ‘systemic racism’.

            1. ‘Joe Magats, first assistant state’s attorney, took over the case when his boss, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, recused herself from the probe after it surfaced that she had been in touch with Smollett’s family.

              ‘”This was not an exoneration. To say that he was exonerated by us or anyone is not true,” Magats said. “We believe he did what he was charged with doing.”


              I guess we’ll never know, now – the case has been sealed up tight.

  2. I found out this month that my Great G’s were Adam and Marie. That floored me. Schiff, head of the bi-cameral intelligence department in DoC is Adam and his wife is Eve. They encode the app pole. Mueller is a ”swan” in the middle – maybe a white one, maybe a black one, no one knows. He has schifted much of his work to SDNY and also to EDNY in brook – line.

    My personal Eden is from Sudan and Cameroon –her youtopology is bi-cameral — and she was named in the middle after ME. She’s now vacationing in Flow-ida.

    Calling all the wild ones! The only thing constant about “God” is change.

  3. frank (adj.)
    c. 1300, “free, liberal, generous;” 1540s, “outspoken,” from Old French franc “free (not servile); without hindrance, exempt from; sincere, genuine, open, gracious, generous; worthy, noble, illustrious” (12c.), from Medieval Latin francus “free, at liberty, exempt from service,” as a noun, “a freeman, a Frank” (see Frank).

    Frank, literally, free; the freedom may be in regard to one’s own opinions, which is the same as openness, or in regard to things belonging to others, where the freedom may go so far as to be unpleasant, or it may disregard conventional ideas as to reticence. Hence, while openness is consistent with timidity, frankness implies some degree of boldness. [Century Dictionary]

    1. Anon

      Added this to article.

      ‘If you go to the Franklin Garden Club wear some flowers in your hair.’

      And was speaking to xxmi Yuseef earlier. My You See or My Your Self.

      He quoted Benjamin Franklin at me which basically said ‘Be Prepared’.

      1. 🙂 I entered a competition this month to design graphics for a boeing and in honor of you and dennis and merovee, included the text ”shine on, you crazy diamonds” and ”wear some flowers in your hair”.

        wouldn’t it be fabulous if the entry won and Merovee got it’s very own PLANE! The plane would be UNITED. The graphics were meta-phorical and flu-id.

        fingers crossed. Keep watching the hands.

                  1. Sun Tran. The Son is cross that he landed in Edenburgh. But he did include a smiley.

                    And Sol Train. Jen saw the Son Tran and Sol Train.

          1. Can you imagine if she’d actually called Israel a “shithole country”? Trumpicans would lose their shit.

            1. I’ve been thinking about what “is real”, is. Something happened on the flippity-flop. And the whirl’d went berserk.

              Say you’re this one thing…source. And you wanted to have an experience. One where you’d have to have an illusion that there were separate people other than yourself. So, something electromagnetic happened to make polarity. And it split the brain or mind or something and made it polarized instead of being one thing, or at least kept itself from knowing it was two parts to one thing. So the money changing (or currency) starts happening in the temple. Because there is “civilization” instead of wildness or freedom. Then, there is always a scapegoat. First its “her”, then, it’s the jews. So, the holocaust (burnt offering) happened. Horrific. Then mysterious things in his-story. The IDentification of the jews, …perpetuating everything? They rule the holy wood hypnosis. Yet why? And the answer is never clear. It’s like chem trails. They’re mysterious because it is being done to everyone, even the people who are spraying it. See? There is mystery and it doesn’t make sense. I think we are all of the original tribes. No one is separate from the whole, right?

              It’s US

              1. I have no real angst over difference and separation. It is what it is. Maybe what is real can handle separation as well as unity and merging. Why does it have to be one or the other?

                Speaking of jews I’ve been thinking about perjury- and play jurism (plagiarism). The Abrahamic consciousness puts a box around that which cannot be boxed and stamps its name on it. Sticks it in a book and cLames onewarship. It’s bullshit.

                1. Right. It doesn’t seem to allow a vote for NO government.
                  It binds something, and then leans a certain way. It makes whatever “it” is, not see or know self-efficiency or understand energy exchange that allows us to rise from our beast self that we have self-hate about. It makes no sense! For a religion that thrives on logic and words, it can’t see itself for what it is. And that’s the point, why does it have to make sense? It doesn’t. I just LEGO. Not bound to it.

                  1. Yes! Jennifer Lawrence has a long new commercial about government and it strikes me too that the question could be “why government at all””. They’re just there saving their jobs and have become a mono-poly. Now if that ain’t a contradiction in terms….

                    This has been the year of liars and lawyers and the F.I.B. They’ve sucked all the energy in the room ala vampires. Mueller’s middle name is “swan” and I think that’s appropriate. He is the one who developed the B.I.E. definition which is fake as fuck. Just ask Frank Church.


                    “In fact, the fabrication of a “B.I.E.” movement that could justify the F.B.I.’s marshaling of its counterterrorism capabilities against anyone who it decides fits the vague, baseless designation potentially threatens the civil liberties of all Americans. The Cointelpro program began with an effort to prevent the rise of a “black messiah who could unify and electrify the militant black nationalist movement” and evolved to target the American Indian Movement, the Brown Berets and those who protested against the Vietnam War. Similarly, the F.B.I.’s broadening of the “War on Terror” to include Black Identity Extremists in addition to the primary targets of that campaign — Muslims — could be just the beginning. It’s not hard to imagine that those who advocate for women’s rights, immigrant rights and other groups could be the subject of a fantasy “movement” in a future F.B.I. report.

                    After years of silence, a Senate committee convened by Senator Frank Church of Idaho in 1975 finally revealed how deeply the Cointelpro program degraded American democracy by infiltrating and causing dissension within organizations, stoking rivalries, and even placing agent provocateurs inside protest movements to initiate violence. Lawmakers should pay the same attention to what the F.B.I. is doing today. Representative Bass’s Tuesday grilling of Mr. Sessions about the B.I.E. report was a start, but the issue demands more attention. Congress should hold formal hearings dedicated to the F.B.I.’s use of domestic terrorism resources and accompanying designations to target citizens who have done nothing more than express their desire for justice.“

                    -For the most part I think it may not matter whether the stories we see are true or not and maybe it’s good to assume everything is real and then see what each story teaches one about oneself. I’m speaking out loud, MJ, not lecturing. Still want to tell you my experience with Marion. Where are you and M going next?

              2. MJ

                My view is that we are the individuations of the whole. But this has been forgotten.

                And why individuals or a small number can effect the whole US.

                  1. Everybody is born an artist. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t sit babies in tiny wols and lock them in there for life and reward them for Clicking electronic buttons and letting someone else do the heavy lifting? We have the most marvelous computer inside us already but we’ve gotten so fucking lazy.

                    Not a criticism of you, Hugo. My belief is that a machine with linguistic AND graphic skills already churns out the “news” and that, raised on generations of Abrahamic lore, it doesn’t want or like a fleshy prescence.

                  2. the machine probably starts every story with “I have an idea…let me flesh this out”

                    1. And included this in article.

                      Woodstock by Joni Mitchell.

                      We are stardust. We are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.

                      ‘The little dog laughed,
                      To see such sport,
                      And the dish ran away with the spoon.’

      1. No but it looks great! I love stuff like that. Have you seen any of the True Detective series? That might be might favorite show in the universe.

    1. Lol you two. Ferocious-! Haha!
      Jenny we’re on the topmost floor and he likes to do a wide survey now and then. He has clouding over his eyes but I don’t worry about his eyesight because he can see across the parking lot and through the woods and locate anything moving. I can’t even do that.?

  4. Rain forest
    Mist and mystery
    Teeming green
    Green brain facing labotomy
    Climate control centre for the world
    Ancient cord of coexistence
    Hacked by parasitic greedhead scam
    From Sarawak to Amazonas
    Costa Rica to mangy B.C. hills
    Cortege rhythm of falling timber.
    What kind of currency grows in these new deserts,
    These brand new flood plains?
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    Anybody hear the forest fall?
    Cut and move on
    Cut and move on
    Take out trees
    Take out wildlife at a rate of species every single day
    Take out people who’ve lived with this for 100, 000 years
    Inject a billion burgers worth of beef
    Grain eaters, methane dispensers.
    Through thinning ozone,
    Waves fall on wrinkled earth
    Gravity, light, ancient refuse of stars,
    Speak of a drowning
    But this, this is something other.
    Busy monster eats dark holes in the spirit world
    Where wild things have to go
    To disappear
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    Anybody hear the forest fall?
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
    Anybody hear the forest fall?

    -Bruce Cockburn

  5. Design a crime. Win some money. (cray cray)

    “Design the financial crime of the future
    Crime, whether we like it or not, is a driving force behind a large proportion of technological ‘progress’. In 1817, a burglary at a British dockyard led the government to start a competition, challenging locksmiths to invent an unpickable lock. The result was the Chubb detector lock, and it remained ‘unpicked’ for 33 years.

    In the past, adding another lock, or increasing the wall thickness of a safe was the obvious solution to deter theft. However, money is no longer physical, it is now predominantly a data set shared via telecommunications, secured via encryption, transacted via smartphone or exchanged into V-bucks. As our money becomes completely electronic, new crimes will undoubtedly be committed, which take advantage of the technology itself or the social conventions on which it rests. Perhaps if we could imagine what crimes might happen, we could start to think about how to prevent them.

    What financial crimes could be committed within a completely electronic marketplace?

    We invite creative practitioners to employ a speculative design approach and design a future financial crime. A crime which utilises a new loophole, a change in social convention or specific technology development.”

    (Note – Do not commit a real crime! This competition is only interested in the ‘speculative’ i.e. the potential, not a real world investigation or intervention)

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