I’m seeing stars.





There’s a State of Emergency.

It’s all about You.



Wonderland. It’s very Deep Thought.




Deep Excavation work is going on down Tremayne Lane.



The You Delusion.



‘Quantum Theory is in trouble. And it looks like the problem is You.’

The problem is Me. Or is the problem You ? But Eye saw it first.

Interesting statement though.



‘You are in a room with no windows, doors or any exit. The only items are a mirror and a table. How do you escape?’

Click Riddles Brain Teasers.com for the answer.

And Quantum experiment sees two versions of reality existing at the same time.

Wigner’s Friend. Click IFL Science.com :



And Late Onset Lesbianism. Click MOL.

LOL and Ginny and Mary Jo.




Nooooo. Remember the good times.

It’s Ginny WE-asley.



It’s Forever.




The Binding by Bridget Collins.





Mitchell Potatoes.



God Only Knows.



Fun at times though.


136 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. I think the Jenny/MJ story is because we are sisters or one person. The ME/WE, you, eye, Mimi, etc, is being recalibrated or something.
    I am nothing. Except everybody. And that’s what you are. Fractals within fractals. And there is no threat.
    Why does it feel threatening then? Check out the binding of Isaac.
    How about no sacrifice this time? No fear.

    1. MJ

      This is what it seems to be saying. You and Jenny have a big bond but Jenny also dreamed of an experience that Rebecca had the next day without any knowledge of it. So you can add Rebecca as well and where does it end if it is boundless. Doesn’t end is the logical answer 🙂 .

      And those wacky Christians. Faith Up.

      But again ‘It’s All About You’.

      Bible Tract #18.

    2. MJ,

      I was so frustrated yesterday after spending a good portion of the day driving around in places I didn’t want to be but read the comments along the way and wanted so much to comment back. These road trips you and M take open up all sorts of portals.

      Ey is Oui and the Eyes have it.

  2. LOL, I really did see it first.
    I’m never a Click behind.
    I is is

    I am not bound to You. I’m boundless.

  3. Last night on that program with “whatever the fuck they call themselves”, the lawyer Alan Dershowitz raised an interesting idea that Mueller and Comey themselves should be investigated because the whole special counsel was launched from a report funded by the Clintons and that Mueller is setting perjury traps to “turn” people. I’d love to see “the light” shine in ALL of their hiding places. The country is bound by ridiculous little rites and rituals that came from where exactly?

    Leave no Stone unturned.

    (If you don’t like my political reporting, don’t read it.)

    1. Ex Libris. If no one (anon) saw it first why put it in a book with your name on it? That’s what I never get. No ownership and yet ownership. No “you” and yet you. Which is it?

      Dershowitz calls himself a “civil libertarian” and says he’s looking at the evacuation of Trump from this lens.


      1. Anon

        I’m not sure if you are referring to the pic in the article or LOL which has now gone off on a bit of a weird tangent

        But to clear up any misunderstanding if there is one, the Ex Libris pic is included within the book. Didn’t buy it !

        1. I’m referring to a lot of things – the library of libraries, lol, the ‘philosophy’ of laughter, the concept of anonymous, the musings that “no one” can mean “poly” as in “no one way but many”, the tongue in cheek riff on your lesbo tangent that goes le’s be friends, my friction with the clowne princeX and it’s side click, the idea that an original can’t be owned, the idea that aliens may be clones so no need to search space for them they’re here already, how libris seems like libertè or however the frogs spell it buy in fact signals ownership and that’s weird and, of course, dark matter and melanin. LOL! Did I get everything in?

      1. Well the evidence should have told you by now what my current riffs are likely to be about and you might have taken that into consideration before you began or you could have stopped reading after hello. I don’t read a lot of crap on here based on previous evidence. I recommend it

    1. MJ

      Why Franklin was voted ‘Best Small Town’. It’s multi faceted and at the center of it all.

      ‘The Franklin, North Carolina appeal is multi-faceted. For vacationers, the area offers a multitude of recreational opportunities for weekend warriors and a slow pace of life for those just looking to relax. The authenticity of its people and southern hospitality are exhibited daily.

      Being in the “center of it all” makes Franklin a great home base to discover all the many adventures of the mountains of Western North Carolina offers. We invite you to discover us and let your true mountain experience begin.’

  4. Let’s have a tea party.

    You have two choices. One will lead you to happiness, the other – to the madness!
    My advice to you is, don’t step aside. 😸

  5. Back in ka.
    Franklin is a lovely, beautiful mountain town. It’s surrounded 360 by gorgeous scenery. No pun intended, just how it is ☺️✨

      1. It’s a Paradox. 1 & 0.

        If God is All There Is, God is One and therefore presumably has a boundary. But if God is infinite then there is no limit.

        God only knows.

            1. Mueller didn’t clear him. He said it could swing either way and he wouldn’t or couldn’t decide. He took the middle path. So Barr decided he’d do it. Barr is applying for “Groom of the Stool”.

            2. I guess I’m not up on things. Seems Mueller did clear Trump. Who knows. They all belong to the same M-I-R C. Same fake military industrial religious complex.
              I have watched this yet but an entertaining thought…

              1. He’s a Republican but calls himself a Trumpican 🤣 .
                whatever the fuck they call themselves.

                1. Frank

                  Right now my eyeballs are spinning counter clock wise. 😵

                  Just telling myself to let go of whatever expectations I may have had. 😊

              1. One pundit actually said the DoJ has gone from justice to “just us” and I grinned. Another said the dnaold is “pure id with no ego and no superego”. Not sure how he worked that one out but I grinned again.

                Must be reading merovee

              1. Frank and Hugo

                Something has shifted.
                Trump is cleared sort of. And the next day Michael Avenati is under arrest. I have the same sort of feeling I had after the presidential election. Something is not where it used to be.

                Maybe the pilots thought they were landing in the right place. Maybe the place moved.

                    1. From We Key. LCY is the code. And the address is Hartmann Rd. Coordinates set themselves to land in Edenburgh.

                      Hartmann Rd, Royal Docks, London E16 2PX

                  1. It’s kind of like those locations in the Bible. Some say a biblical place was located here, some say it was located there. Take the biblical Eden for instance. No one can agree where it really was and seems it depends on one’s underlying ideas, issues and WOL. Eden is located near the Youphrases, in other words. Same with those youtopias. Youtopolgy – it’s a field.

                    This week Trump also shifted the ownership of the Golan(d) Heights. And Mueller handed some of his caseload over to other courts besides SDNY including one named EDNY. Sudan-y. Eden-y

                    Keep watching the hands.

                  2. Frank and everyone


                    Expecting Rod Serling at any moment. Can hear the freaky music playing in the background. 🙂

                1. Elena, there’s link to stone forts (Manafort…strong hold) in a reddit post of a comment. There is an entire community of people who make YouTubes about these stone forts, often in conjunction with showing the vibrating plate with sand on it (cymatics), showing the sand making different formations the higher the frequency. They are saying that the stone forts have somehow changed from a different form than they were, or that something is just different.

                  1. MJ

                    Somehow different, says it all.

                    About the stones. On those Ancient Aliens shows on History Channel they talk about how monolithic stones were moved. Frequency is often mentioned.

                2. “God” is a moving target who constantly moves the target. Catch him/her/it if you can.

                  In addition to the Aventi news, Trump is launching an investigation into his investigation. The Department of Justice (DoJ) is about to have his name on it. DoJTrump. Personally I hope he too does some excavation. I’d like to see what he digs up on Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi and everyone in DC politics with more money in their accounts than the local Trumpican. Tit for tat. Moving the target.

                  Maybe the pilots let AI fly the plane while they napped or sexed it up in the cock pit.

                  1. Anon

                    This thing we call reality is not as solid as we think. It’s very fluid. I think, it’s not what’s out there that’s changing, it’s how our minds are perceiving it.

                  1. Jen

                    I know it’s weird. It’s like you’ve lived a certain length of time and you’ve learned that things behave in a certain way. But now you’re not so sure. It’s very subtle, but overwhelming.

                    And what I said yesterday about expectations. I’m telling myself to stop expecting things to be a certain way. I think that makes is more difficult.

                    Let it be, is probably the best advice. 🙂

        1. Maybe God is a verb not a noun and the only thing constant about verbs is that theyre allways changing

      1. I touched him! 😄 He liked it.

        Jenny, in-between mountain towns and having cell phone service, I was trying to send and upload pics. I got frustrated and just started emailing them directly to Frank, as they were all about the merovingians. Anyway, it caused problems with the meme, or mimi, and whatever perspective you happen to experience it from. I think I finally understand what the me-me is.

        And driving around in the ka! Exploring the time-space. If the earth really spins that fast, why don’t you get somewhere faster going east? Is that a dumb question? I don’t get it. Anyway, I touched the sun and moved it.

    1. MJ I’m clearly preoccupied at the mo but that first photo makes me think “man a fort”. It’s not everyday that one mounts a fort (sigh….that sounds odd…)

      1. I think it’s because our human suits are forts!
        Fort is “strong hold” and we are strongly hypnotized to believe in this place. It is a strong suggestion.

        1. MJ

          I think you’re on to something.

          I commented to Anon, it’s not what’s out there that’s changing, it’s how we’re perceiving it.

          1. That makes sense! Everything is so complex and its nice when there are things that line up. Whatever “it” is, it is sometimes soft whispers, sometimes raging ocean of chaos, but it is rarely logic and reason as we know it.

              1. Texas is beyond the border. Mexico means…

                Mexico means “The Navel of the Moon” in Nahuatl. This word comes from “mexitli” that is made up of “metztli” (moon) and “xictli” (navel).

  6. hello Frank, excellent article and i’m seeing lots of codes and symbols about Frank of Merovee in the place where I am and there are codes and symbols about other Merovee people in the place where i am and i think that is because all people are one and the same thing, which is something that you’ve been saying for lots of years and somehow i didn’t completely understand what it meant that all people are one and the same thing and right now i think i understand.

    i don’t write many comments anymore because i find writing words to be extremely difficult and i don’t know how to find symbol pictures or you-tubes with messages anymore, but i extremely love the Merovee publication, and thank you Frank for a really perfect internet publication.


      1. Mueller gave his report to Barr and then ran with Ann to the Catholic Church. I wonder if he took communion and visited the confessional. My guess is he excavated so much shit on not only Trump but 911, the swamp, Israel, many people in high places, the kitchen sync and the entire ‘foundation’ this country sits on. I bet he saw what he didn’t want to see like Shem and Japheth and covered it and decided to take it all to “God”.

        I want my money back.

          1. United States of ameriCon.
            The only ones who are falling for any of this -are either side- are white. With an occasional non-white prop paid to pop up now and then.
            It’s all White on White Color Crime.
            Get to know it.

          2. Clicky

            IDK my ‘expectation’ has been that where there is smoke there is fire. And the media not with standing I’m seeing and smelling a lot of thick pungent smoke. 🙂

      2. hello Frank, thank you for the reply.

        can’t see the you-tube that you posted on my computer but probably something interesting and probably something to do with the Pope picture

        think everything good with you


    1. Rain

      The connection with an acid trip jumps out.

      Also ‘No Go Zones’ and Chernobyl and Fukushima. What is the real story ?

  7. I attending a meeting today about ‘Shakedown’ to take minutes…


    Just now I just read about an “old fashioned shake down”…


    ‘Lawyers for Nike contacted federal prosecutors and reported the extortion attempt after they were initially contacted by Avenatti. Prosecutors suggested recording the next call with Avenatti – a recording which produced some choice quotations from the infamous “Creepy porn lawyer.”

    ‘”I’m not f—ing around with this, and I’m not continuing to play games,” Avenatti was recorded as saying. “You guys know enough now to know you’ve got a serious problem. And it’s worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing. A few million dollars doesn’t move the needle for me. I’m just being really frank with you.

    ‘”I’ll go and I’ll go take $10 billion off your client’s market cap. But I’m not f—ing around,” he said.

    ‘When the company’s lawyers balked, he said it could skip the investigation if it simply paid him $22 million.’

    Victory was a motorcycle subsidiary of Pol ‘arris InDus-tries, who are HQed in MEDInA…


    1. Roob

      There’s a lot of being ‘really Frank’ out there at the moment which is disconcerting at times. Who is being the really Frank with you ?

      And Late Onset Lesbianism . Bi- kers.

      And Shiver and Shaky.

      1. 😀 There’s a story about Shiva in ‘Underdog Anthology 8: Transgenre Dreams’. I cried reading it, whilst giving it a final polish on Saturday night…

  8. The word of 2018 was “justice”. This year what do you think? “Lawyer” or “Liar” or ….?

  9. “You came here to get a look at me, to get the old scent back again, didn’t you? Would you like to leave me your home phone number? Do you know how you caught me? The reason you caught me, Will, is we’re just alike. Do you understand? Smell yourself.” — Hannibal Lecter, Manhunter

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