It’s All About You

It’s All About You.



What will exist when All Things have passed ?



Yesterday when I was out and about, a truck passed me and the logo read ‘It’s All About You’.

It’s All About You.



Storm Gareth Southgate – 2020 Vision.



And Adventures in the Aurora Zone and the search for Sirius’s elusive companion.



And Soul Lucky. A taste of Greece.



And the 18th keeps showing up for me.

The Queen of Hearts.



It’s All About You.






It’s All About You.

But Who Are You ?


117 thoughts on “It’s All About You

              1. It’s on the brick wall of the building behind the sign and in front of the facade full of windows underneath the sky, Agent Jenny.

  1. Funny I just checked in to write “LoL, Youlysses!” and there’s your title.

    The Library of Libraries clone. If Israel has launched it I bet it’s selective since they carry the virus called “Chosen”. If nothing else I hope it reads like a James Joyce novel. I wonder what happens to the Oral. Doesn’t get on the page I’d guess.

    1. Anon

      This morning a book cover about The Odyssey jumped out at me.

      Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you Odyssey.

      Just rambling.

      1. Si say yes you are errant knight ramble on keep pushing the fontlines tickle the bold and poke the cursives but whatever you do don’t pander to the italics they’ve romed long enough bloody vaticans

  2. Did anybody mention this story from a couple of days ago?

    ‘A Senegalese man abducted 51 children when he hijacked an Italian school bus and set the vehicle alight in a protest over migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

    Ousseynou Sy, originally Senegalese but with Italian citizenship, stopped the bus he was driving, with two classes of high school students on board.’

    There are a couple of ‘You’s in his name. Anagrammatically, it is an interesting crop of letters…

      1. ‘Last week, 31st MEU, backed by the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Logistics Group and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, members of the Air Force 353rd Special Operations Group, and Army soldiers with 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, conducted a series of simulated military exercises attacking and seizing Ie Shima Island located off the northwest coast of Okinawa Island in the East China Sea.’

      1. It is damn insane.
        I’m trying to cut down on caffeine and ultimately eliminate it like I did the alky (booze) so I strayed from my Lipton and grabbed a box of decaf. I just went to make a cuppa and just realized I got a tea called “Constant Comment” (LOFL!) by “Bigelow” and on the back in fine print there’s a message that reads “Packed with pride by Francis G.” and then the text “Code #……….. 05:55”. Francis G is my G-Dad’s name and last name initial. His family was from Bavaria and they worked with glass (2020). I think my ego is well and strong and that I am code blooded. I also completely a door my id. Yinyang 2020.

        1. Be careful with decaf. I ended up having very nasty liver pains and violently vomiting as well.

          I said fxxk it to decaf. That was enough for me. Where does giving up things end. Given up booze and cigarettes. That’s enough.

          1. To each his own. Don’t give up. Do You.
            Decaf is a temporary measure.
            I’m thrilled I’m no longer on the drink. I wasn’t a moderate and it was a pain in the ass.

  3. A few days ago the sky God was out on the WH lawn, ventilating, and he kept repeating…

    ‘I don’t understand, a man out of the clear blue, writes a report about me.’ It was the same day someone from a place called AllClear tried to sell me a subscription to their credit/debt monitoring service.

    A man out of the clear blue. A Starman? 🎆

    I guess for me the real question is not so much who are we but are we ready to find out?

    There’s a reason they call it March Madness. 😊

      1. If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…

        Staying cool. 😎

    1. March Madness. MM.
      Yesterday my kitten found a blue M&M and started swatting it around like a soccer ball. She’s a fantastic athlete and it gave her pleasure until she swatted it too far under the fridge. I’m in an extended stay and have no idea what’s been left under that app-liance so I’m not about to go fetch. She’s now chasing the light from sunrays that bounce off my phone onto the walls. She loves it.

      The Mueller baby dropped and names were named and the MM baby should follow Suit and everyone can go back to business as usual. Deer park Deeper AnnArky. Enough with the bleh

      1. Hi Anony! If you go to google maps, you’ll see a town called Marshall right next to Mars Hill!
        And we just passed a sign that said “Mitchell for sheriff”! 😂

        1. 🎤Name dropping😁😁😁
          Maybe we’re making it up as we go along -like dreams.
          By my calculus, this increases the chances that the Frogmore baby may be called “Marshall” .00000000401% more likely and that it’ll have hairy megs. But my pre-diction is poor.

          United Airlines (UA / AU) is congratulating itself on a new pre-fix. Solves all those pesky duel-isms I guess. Just conflate everything.


          Into the great narrowing

    1. Blew up the first pic.

      Rhea Ormond.

      Rhea (/ˈriːə/; Ancient Greek: Ῥέα [r̥é.aː]) is a character in Greek mythology, the Titaness daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus as well as sister and wife to Cronus. In early traditions, she is known as “the mother of gods” and therefore is strongly associated with Gaia and Cybele, who have similar functions. The classical Greeks saw her as the mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses, but not as an Olympian goddess in her own right. The Romans identified her with Magna Mater (their form of Cybele), and the Goddess Ops.

        1. MJ

          Founded 6th March by a Bumble Bee.

          Wiki :

          The town was founded on March 6, 1834, from land conveyed by John “Yellow Jacket” Bailey, and named after Captain Otway Burns, a naval hero of the War of 1812. In 1909 a statue of Captain Burns was given to the town by his grandson, Walter Francis Burns, Sr. and was set on a granite pedestal in the center of the town square. It has an inscription which reads, in part, “He Guarded Well Our Seas, Let Our Mountains Honor Him.” Due to damages, the original statue was replaced in the early 2000s.


      1. Magna Mater, MM
        Along with the gender less, color less attributes of Meg’s tadpole, I’ve been think about the “Rhesus Factor”. Rh-x . Rhesus-x. rheSussex.
        Maybe Harry is shooting blanks and his blue blood needed Meg’s red. Do you think the babe was grown in a petridish? 🧫

  4. Don’t know how this fits in but. Just heard there is a Norwegian Cruise Ship stranded somewhere. Passengers are being rescued by helicopter.

    It’s the Viking Sky.

    No hell below us, above us only sky.

  5. It’s the top of the hour as they say over the pond, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for The Jams. Tonight’s top story: The KLF has landed.

  6. Listen, everyone.

    I just want you to know it’s OK!

    It’s OK you resent me and “hate” me and make fun of me on my birth day.

    I guess I never made it to be one of your shipmates here on Merovee.

    I won’t jump off and sink!

    I think I’ll swim

      1. Roob

        Not very convincing argument in my opinion by Barbra Streisand.

        My big thing is I don’t know. I’m being told it happened or didn’t. How do I or anyone know for Fiona Shaw.

        How do I know he existed ?


    1. Last night I listened to an ultra-right political newscast to see how they see things and it was striking how convincing their narrative sounded. Two totally different scripts running in tandem. Too bad the producers don’t air the non-Dem and non-Rep views. Maybe it would help US simmer down.

      Anyway, Indiana’s in da House! The mayor of South Bend, IN, is in the race for prez. One pundit called him a “dark horse coming up from the rear.” 🤔 His name is Pete Buttigeg which sounds almost like “Buddha Judge”. It’d be interesting if he formed a ticket with Yang.

      Yang Buddha-Judge 20/20. “Humanity First”

      Keep watching the hands.

  7. I’m sitting here in the lobby because M wandered off somewhere and he always comes back but anyway, this little black girl (7-8 yrs old) just walked up to me and said “I have an Afro.” And I said “I think it’s really cute!” And she said “nana doesn’t like it this way.” And her white grandmother said “I just think you need a trim.”

    Anyway, we’re here. Marion, NC

    “The name of Marion came from Brigadier General Francis Marion, the American Revolutionary War hero, known as the “Swamp Fox” and the man upon whom the movie The Patriot was based. Over the years, Marion was also home to Sgt. Daniel Kanipe, one of only two survivors of General Custer’s 7th Cavalry that was massacred at the Battle of Little Bighorn. An historical marker was placed in front of his former home in 2011. The nearby Lake James is a local tourist attraction, and has been the backdrop for movies such as The Last of the Mohicans and The Hunt for Red October.”,_North_Carolina

    1. Wow, MJ, that interaction is amazing. It could be my niece and my Mom. If it’s still possible and not too awkward, get names. What’s her name her nana’s name? This story occurred over here this week and many other weeks before. What are the odysseys? What’s the name of the hotel? Send a sign.

    2. Marion figures into my family history. I’ll email you a story, MJ. I love how you and M get out and about and have first hand experiences

      1. Would love to know, Anony! And everywhere is about everybody and it blows my mind. Amazing tapestry!
        I will be looking for email ☺️✨

    1. Nooooooo !

      Or maybe it’s my subconscious fantasy being played out there for all to see 🙂 LOL.

      Whatever. Someone’s having fun with it .

    1. Was that a command? “Mount Mitchell” LOL
      Watch out for those san serifs. 😺

      Perhaps you’ll be finding Zeus soon. 😭😂

    2. Ok this will be stretching it but it’s been on my mind.
      Mitch McConnel, MM, is the President’s stooge in Congress. He seems to have a lot of secrets he wants to keep hidden and as favor to those who don’t expose him, he offers no-exposure in return —ala “The Groom of the Stool”.

      “The Groom of the Stool (formally styled: “Groom of the King’s Close Stool”) was the most intimate of an English monarch’s courtiers, responsible for assisting the king in excretion and ablution.

      The physical intimacy of the role naturally led to his becoming a man in whom much confidence was placed by his royal master and with whom many royal secrets were shared as a matter of course. This secret information—while it would never have been revealed, for it would have led to the discredit of his honour—in turn led to his becoming feared and respected and therefore powerful within the royal court in his own right. The office developed gradually over decades and centuries into one of administration of the royal finances, and under Henry VII, the Groom of the Stool became a powerful official involved in setting national fiscal policy, under the “chamber system”.“

      Mitch McConnell is like chewing gum stuck on the floors of the Senate Chambers and seems to like taking the Whip. He was born in “Sheffield” and married twice, first to a lady named “Sherrill” and then to a lady named Elaine. Elaine is also a Trump cHoe and she likes it shushed —a financial mercenary, it seems, trading papa’s business for positions. First she got secretary of “Labor” (she’s the mid-wife as MM has a secret third) and then she got secretary of “Trans” sports. Wink wink.

      Not much has changed since those olden Courts, huh?

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