The Windmill Of My Mind

The Windmill of my Mind.




Yesterday was an interesting day for me.

Firstly, the giant meteor over the Bering Sea on 18/12/2018. See also Tunguska on 30/6/1908 and Chelyabinsk on 15/2/2013.



And there was a shooting in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The shooter Gokmen Tanis lives in Truman Lane. Click The Telegraph.

‘Later, armed police surrounded a first-floor apartment in the nearby street of Trumanlaan and the red car was discovered on a nearby road with doors open and engine running.’






Down the Tremayne Lane.

A few days ago, two deer appeared a couple of doors down the road from me. And last week the Black Goo appeared as well.

Tar Mac Adam.




Deer Park. Click ‘Blade and Chalice : The Heart Project.’



And two nights ago in Deer Park City in the metropolitan area of Sugar Land in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, an enormous fire ignited at a petrochemical plant. Just down the road from where ‘someone’ was born.




And further down the Lane.

Team Noses.




And another White House.



I’m seeing all these events as manifestation from ‘Consciousness’. But if I had walked on the Tarmacadam, I would have got sticky feet and the deer would feel solid. And if they are just manifestations, are the workmen real and the people in the house with the deer. How deep is the Rabbit Hole ?

Hopefully to be revealed.

And ‘Prepare to be Amazed’.





129 thoughts on “The Windmill Of My Mind

      1. Jenny

        I know someone who was born in Pasadena in the Meteorpolitan – that’s punny for you – area of Woodlands and Sugarland.

        Do you know them by any chance ?

  1. 2.15 air
    3.6 water
    8.1 fire

    Interesting thing, is even if you consider the actual dates, 2.15 (still air), 6.30 (cancer, water), and 12.18 (sagittarius, fire).
    And 12.18 also has 2 others in it and the 8.21 eclipse date.

    Today starts Purim, tomorrow is the equinox, and Thursday is the supermoon.

    And anony, if you are reading, I love puppy’s hair!

    Frank, do I ping back? Or is all the pinging done? I get frustrated with WordPress. You and roob have like buttons but when I try to get one it tells me I have to pay!

    1. MJ

      I’ll have a look in the dashboard. WP has been glitchy.

      I saw that with the date – 18/12/2018. Never know how comfortable people are with some of this so I put it out and hope people see it.

        1. MJ ❤

          Last night the motion sensor light in my yard was going on and off. That’s usually Zeus’ calling card.

          Long story, short. There was a cat in the yard but it wasn’t black. It was black and white. Some folks call it a cow cat. 🐄

          Just thinking, merging traffic is hectic.
          Just duet. Merge. ☯

          1. A cow cat! There is a stray cat in our yard that is a scaredy cat and she runs like a rabbit. We call her a cat rabbit or a cabbit. We leave food out for her but she does fine for herself. Very fluffy.
            And that Zeus…he is so elusive.

                1. I’ve noticed that ‘The Windmills of Your Mind’ video I included in the article came from a channel called Reality Shifts. See President of Kazakhstan.


                  People ask when it will happen. I believe it is happening now.

                  And Tempus Flaring and people getting cross


                  And the weirdie, beardie man in the sky gets a bad press. IMO.


    1. Why did he give up the reigns, Rain?
      It seems our prez in the US has deep ties with conmen in Khazakstan.

        1. This world can’t be real. Can you believe a world where billions of people’s lives are are tediously sorted through and discussed by a few (like brexit and walls), and people keep doing the same rituals over and over, clinging to their “religion” and culture as if by doing the same thing over and over it’s going to impress their idea of a god?
          Sorry. Rant over. It’s spring break and you wouldn’t believe the complications of getting kids together to play. Shouldn’t that be one of the easiest things in the world? It’s not. It’s like getting a committee together to decide on how much screen time is allowed or if kids can see the new captain marvel or not since somebody says the word “sh*t”.
          I. Have. Had. It. Up. To. Here!
          This world can’t be real. Too retarded.

          1. MJ, I remember so well being where you are!

            Aren’t there any good Passion Plays you can take the kids to? Murder of their Lord and Savior is acceptable, especially if it induces inconsolable lamenting.

            1. It’s madness! When I think about the stuff that is told to kids…
              People couldn’t handle it when Janet Jackson showed a breast and their kid saw it, yet they have no problem telling kids about dinosaurs, giant lizards that would cut you in two with one bite, but don’t worry, a giant meteor hit the earth and killed them all. How much horror can you pack into a story for a 5 yr old?!
              And don’t get me started on the holy babble. “God loves his son so much he let him die”. “Abraham loves god so much he tied up his son to sacrifice him”. Wow. Nice god.
              Anyway, I’m just venting because I think it’s unbelievable.
              I could go on and on. And the stuff they read for homework 😱
              One night Charlie wouldn’t go to sleep and was crying. Because what he read for homework scared him! This was a couple years ago.

              1. The dream state is a weird thing, but I like to think we’re piercing the veil of this reality at times. I had a dream a few nights ago aboard a train – we were going through some of the most amazing places- mountains surrounded by waterfalls and ridiculously vibrant colors – things I’ve never seen in this physical world. How can the subconscious mind take in things it’s never seen even in pictures? My simple answer is, we have seen it before but it’s distorted by the limitations of this reality. Maybe this reality touches the walls of another one – and the one on the other side is everything we believe it should be and more! Our fears keep up tied here…but I think we know enough to be dangerous to the psystem.


                1. Thank you, Jenny. I just get frustrated sometimes. And I have had similar experiences and very bizarre experiences that definitely are not of this realm! The “moon window” happened right before all those crop circles appeared around the summer solstice.
                  Ah-HA! Light bulb just went off!
                  The solstices and equinoxes are portals! That’s why the energy is bonkers. I guess we knew that already, but I hadn’t put the moon window with the solstice and the anxiety with this equinox all together til now.
                  The moon window is when I (went through a window) to the moon, only to end up in a parking lot with my mother asking me what I wanted. Everything was out of proportion and things were falling over.

                  Frank, I am so sorry if it seems that I directed my rant at you. I was really just talking. I posted that Lucy trailer and then got a text from a friend’s mom asking how much I monitor Charlie’s internet searches (reasonable question). But that came after I got a text from another mom about what is for lunch because “is doesn’t have to be kosher, but no pork, etc.”
                  And then my comet happened. See?

                2. My dreams are elaborate and new as well, Jenny. Sometimes I’m in awe at what my dreaming mind creates on the fly. My current take is that what I see in it didn’t exist until I dreamed it. Like the boundlessness of the divine…always changing and creating anu and not always derivatives or recordings of what already was or is. Sometimes in my dreams I see people I’ve never met create things that blow me away and I feel inadequate and then when I wake up I realize, hey, if it was in my dream I made that. Who cares if that’s “ego”. I’m a whole package.

          2. “…people keep doing the same rituals over and over, clinging to their “religion” and culture as if by doing the same thing over and over it’s going to impress their idea of a god?”

            Isn’t that a lot like Merovee, though? How many floods, exodii, and repeats of “You Spin Me Round” are required to achieve ‘enlightenment’? Can the audience complain about the DJ if they keep requesting the same old songs?

            1. Hugo talking of rituals…..bow down and worship the two headed serpent god/goddess

              The Borg Queen from down under commands you……..We are the one world religion join ussssss….there is no essscape…

              On television.

              On radio.

              In the New Zealand Parliament and government buildings.

              There’ll be no escaping Islam’s Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) this Friday, the Muslim sabbath.

              The adhan, athan, or azaan (Arabic: أَذَان‎ [ʔaˈðaːn]) (also called in Turkish: Ezan) is the Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzin at prescribed times of the day. The root of the word is ʾadhina أَذِنَ meaning “to listen, to hear, be informed about”. Another derivative of this word is ʾudhun (أُذُن), meaning “ear”.


              let those with ears let them h ear

              Ivanka and Jared give reporters (their enemies) ears… the ears of Haman on Purim


              all very eerie….

              1. Wow, good stuff!
                Tune in or parish. It’s purim.
                From MAGANAZI to MAGAZINE to MUEZZINE. Bending to the mind wills of Zeus’s NWOdor. Guess he likes it Oral.

  2. Chips, glorious chips!

    “It’s a scene waiting to be scripted into a high-tension, grand finale of a blockbuster movie — one that’s entirely themed around poker. You could sync in a smooth John Barry original score in the background, just to set the mood. The focus is zoomed-in over a card table covered with the finest baize — a surface so smooth, the cards glide over it from the dealer’s hands, a few milli-hair lengths above the surface.”

    “…she’s easily the prettiest head-turner in the circuit.”

  3. YouTubed.

    “The system can execute different algorithms ranging from copying and sorting processes, generating random walks and executing cellular automata. It works by the self-assembly of DNA strands or ‘tiles’ into helices that form tubular structures by complementary base pairing. The emerging patterns on the tubes encode the output from the algorithm, and can be read out mechanically using an atomic force microscope (AFM) to inspect the molecular structures.”

  4. Is it possible for a YouTube to escape into Youtopia? If it’s not possible for a YouTube to escape into Youtopia (because a YouTube is a YouTube) then what are the options?

  5. If you didn’t squeeze into your Truman Teslasuit as a fully formed consciousness (i.e. moaning about the materials, the colour, the fact that it makes your bum look big) then why do you think you can unzip it and walk away?

        1. Hugo

          In short by letting go of the false belief in guilt, ‘I am a sinner’, physical birth and death and separation from All That Is and the rest of it which seems to be the engine that creates what we experience.

          Basically our false belief coding.

  6. “When truth gets buried very deep
    Beneath a thousand years of sleep
    Time demands a turn around
    And once again, truth is found”

    ~G Harrison for Hurdy Gurdy Man

  7. Hugo and Frank, I have no answer (because I’m still figuring out the question) but your post exchange makes me think about the recent New Zealand event that was “live streamed”. I take “sia” to mean consciousness in the khemitic (khemical) way so Polynesia, where the Maori who settled NZ are from, seems to be code for a kind of multi- (poly) consciousness (sia). The neo-not-see MAGA fan traveled to NZ and did the do— injected it into the livestream (sia)— causing a trans-national (poly) reaction and initiating the ‘dance of the hakas’ (DNA hackers) and a ban on gun MAGAZiNes.

    Some or all of us are swarm-blooded and some or all of us are code-blooded and some of us may be both. Frank and Viktor and MV in general seem to be of the idea that the “how” is by “cracking the code”. All well and good I guess but what’s the question?

    1. “…a buddy of mine is a programmer at the institute, he showed me. There’s only, like, twelve stories, they change around little details, but they’re all pretty much the same.” — Steve Buscemi, The Island

      How many different memories, dreams or ‘lived experiences’ can you create from the same basic ‘base memory’ before the subjects catch on?

      Is that the question?

  8. Hi all,

    I uh just want to say……

    That I came here to correct when my first real live post would be live on my own very own site……

    I’m not ready. And I’ve postponed it.

    It’s quite a difference to stand out there as an identifiable quantity, like “Frank,” versus posting truth anonymously……

    That said, I thought this was the perfect place to tell you all this, in the Windmill of Frank’s Mind.

    I’ve often flashed on that passage from what is it, Don Quixote….

    He goes crazy, fighting windmills….

    Well that’s Satan’s ultimate goal!

    He doesn’t WANT to nor CAN he kill you.

    He can only drive you crazy.

    Sounds simple enough a thing to look out for!

    Until it’s not.

    Trust me.

              1. And I’ll just end this “gossip-storm” by saying…..

                The “chimney sweep”?

                Should be

                Because he is a worthless POS

                1. That said, Adios amigos!

                  Those of you who heard the gossip and forwarded it on, cuz you’re all family, how could you not?, and reveled in the demeaning of another human being as if she were the dirtiest gutter filth of all, you all who pass this kind of info along…..

                  ALL OF YOU “FAMILY”

                  GOOD BYE

                  I can barely stand the short time I have to spend in your let’s say “area.”

                  I’m going to SUE you and your COUNTY if 1) I can’t sell my house at the price it deserves! Much MORE than it’s listed on Zillow and 2) anything HAPPENS.

                  You get me?

                  You missed your chance because I am forever now….

                  AGAINST YOU.

                  1. So um I have a place now on the internet.

                    It’s not perfect but it’ll do.

                    I’ve decided it will be a place where I will collect truth videos I resonate with……

                    Going forward I’ll post them, and let’s be frank, it’ll mostly be for “flat-earthers” who have awoken like I have to the Truth of the Bible.

                    That God created this “plane” and that’s just it!

                    I’ll avoid the lies as much as I can, I don’t need their venom, aka NASSSSA.


                    Leave me a comment…..

                    If you dare

    1. “anonymous” is not an “IDentifiable quantity”? And yet it bothers you so. Good luck on your website. I’ll pass on it as the prelude seems to suggest it’ll be all hail and brimstone. Where’s the fun in that? Doesn’t it exhaust you?

  9. Seyschelles seyschelles buy the yeswhores (yeomen of the apocalypse).

    By know you gno I get pedantic about SS so apologies but I can’t help thinking the Seven Seals (SS) are related to TrumpPence (trumpettes/trump’s pets) of the Apocalypse in the bible’s BoR; and that the southern district of New York (SDNY) somehow references the two Sudan’s. People from the two Sudan’s call themselves “sudani”. SuDaNY. SuDaNi. ROSS, aka Kush, is the last country to have been created by the global financial hawks and Wilbur Ross, the “bankruptcy king” is entangled with Kushner and co in all sorts of seedy shit including I think the subject of the meeting that went down in Seyschelles attended by the personal gunrunner of the prez of SS.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this and am well aware of my shoe-horn abilities but into the fog I go.

    1. Oh and today I found out that one set of my Great G’s were named Adam and Marie. Friggen trip.

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