Heads Up Earthlings


‘Manifestations of extreme energy’ said a wise woman. And these are exceptionally extreme energies.

Believe It Or Not.

Christchurch, New Zealand.




The name Zealand originates from the Dutch province of Zeeland and means Sealand. New Zealand is New Sealand or New See Land.

It’s a New Sight and New Site.

‘Zeeland (/ˈziːlənd/; Dutch pronunciation: [ˈzeːlɑnt] (About this soundlisten), Zeelandic: Zeêland [ˈzɪə̯lɑnt], historical English exonym Zealand) is the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. The province, located in the south-west of the country, consists of a number of islands and peninsulas (hence its name, meaning “Sealand”) and a strip bordering Belgium. Its capital is Middelburg. Its area is about 2,930 square kilometres (1,130 sq mi), of which almost 1,140 square kilometres (440 sq mi) is water, and it has a population of about 380,000.’


ET’ Tu Brute – Ides of March.



Black Goo.




Heads Up Earthlings. Interesting mindline.

Heads Up : ‘A warning that something is going to happen, usually so that you can prepare for it’.








Time will tell. It’s getting freaky.


126 thoughts on “Heads Up Earthlings

  1. Heads up and Horn it! Bevo (Or Beat O(u)) is the UT Mascot. Apols if I’m in an echo chamber. 123 great comments on that last article, Frank. You’re opening the Mindlines. 🙂

      1. Frank, here’s the rub:
        Paris (Frank/Frances) took a bunch of “pills” after feeling “low”. She has a pair of brothers, one named “Prince”, the other named “Blanket” and, in his “will” (William), “MJ” put them all under the care of “Diana” “Ross” which makes the hairbrained pre-diction that the Prince, Diana’s son, may name his baby “Pillow” .000000000321% more likely.

        I love the insanity.

            1. Mother Mary.

              When I was in town yesterday I passed a busker singing Let It Be. I took a video but the singing was so bad I won’t impose it on anyone.

          1. 😂😂😂 Cracking up is my only philosophy, Agent Jenny. We are putting the pieces of the puzzled together, together.

            (Btw, I write all this shit based on a sight I saw soooo long ago and posted to the old MV about the Mayan idea of the hologram. I can’t really remember much of it and can’t find it again but it showed how debris in the ether (the “livestream”) floats randomly along until an organizing force (I’ll call it will to live) binds patterns together in an Inca-here-rant way and immigrates and emigrates ad nauseum. Paris reminds us to remember “the big picture” and says that that big picture is “ME”. She is the source. ?

            All that said I do waste an awful lot of time having fun. My life is passing me by.

          2. Jenny, I wonder the chances of M&H having albinism. Genderless, colorless, without a past, only a long blank slate before Et.

            1. …: genderless, colorless, code-blooded; without past, without scale, without id entity. A thing.

              Welcome, E(a)rl Thing.

            2. I wondered about albinism as a potential genetic outcome and M&H. But perception is everything for the RF and I’m not even sure she or Kate ever carried their own offspring.

              Frank gave you the link to Meghan’s new baby at the Dallas Zoo. Meghan’s half-sister is Saam-bilia who is also related to the big Harry daddy. lol!

              1. Lol! Yes! The big Hairy daddy and Saam-!! I hadn’t picked up on that. 🤣🤣🤣

                When I was on the Meghan is trans train (hell, it was fun while it lasted) and saw photos of Samantha next to Meg, I thought I saw the ethereal wink saying: “tha’s a man!”


                There is something very detached about Doria Ragland, almost like she feels guilty about the LIE. While I can see a resemblance with Doria, sometimes I wonder if Samantha is her real Mom.

      2. “Jackson said on Thursday however that her inheritance is of little importance to her, writing: ‘They say money is what makes the world go ‘round.. but money is just energy.. and the reason it’s #1 is because that’s the focus of the collective conciousness. Imagine if we all focused on love instead?? If that was our mutual frequency?? yooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.’”

        Also, Paris’s Mom is named Rowe and one of MJ’s accusers “Wade” and another “Chuckson” (son of Charlie) which codes “Roe vs Wade” and embryos and Prince Charlie and caviar and fish eggs into the mix. And then there’s egg boy.


        1. n-Egg-ative boy egged the man deciding who is and isn’t a native son. It was broadcast into the live stream.

          1. Yes there’s probably more to it.
            Sometimes I’m too tired to give the benefit of the doubt.

          2. Sorry, Frank, it took me a while to understand what your post meant. 247 and 24/7. Good insight.

  2. Dis Neyland.

    “Disneyland exists in order to hide that it is the ‘real’ country, all of ‘real’ America that is Disneyland (a bit like prisons are there to hide that it is the social in its entirety, in its banal omnipresence, that is carceral). Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, whereas all of Los Angeles and the America that surrounds it are no longer real, but belong to the hyperreal order and to the order of simulation. It is no longer a question of a false representation of reality (ideology) but of concealing the fact that the real is no longer real, and thus of saving the reality principle.”

    — Baudrillard (writing before France disappeared down the rabbit hole, too).

    1. Yes!
      In the end I could no longer go to the beaches in Cali because the whole thing felt so fake- waves in, waves out, little boats on the horizon. Sorry, Nature, but it felt absurd, like another scale and degree of this with someone pulling the strings (not “God”) to keep the children occupied:

        1. That was a good one, Hugo.

          The Divine Comma-dy

          From the article…

          “There’s no evidence this is not true,” an animated Hotz told a crowd at his SXSW talk on Friday, aptly titled “Jailbreaking the Simulation” and billed on the festival’s website as an exploration of whether breaking out of a simulated universe means we can “meet God” and kill him.

          That’s funny.

          There’s a theory that ‘God’ or God particle is elusive in this regard. In other words, God doesn’t want to be found and killed [yet], so El God, having the luxury of micro to macro, outsmarts the jailbreakers, travels back in time and sabotages Itself from being found and thus killed…and we stay incarcerated within the Divine Comma or simulation. But it’s just a theory two guys made up so who knows.


            1. Those black boxes are like miniature Ka’abas or NSA’s …or Arks of the Covenant? There are two of them (duel-ity) so maybe they started fighting with each other? And loyalists are choosing sides. Sounds like poletricks.

            2. From your link:

              “The source who spoke to the American investigators also reported being told that the crash site in Hejere had been ransacked by locals before it was secured.”

              Guess that explains those missing wings, those missing fuselages, those missing seats….
              Someone should check the local markets.





      1. Funny you should mention that, Frank. ‘cos I watched a really engaging video on the history of the Merovingians last night. It starts with Napoleon and bees and mentions Aryans…

        The next talk on Charlemagne was equally as interesting 😀

            1. Are you a human doing or a human beeing ?

              Eric the Half a Bee.

              Half Man Half Beescuit.

              It’s an Outbreak of Vitas Gerulatis.

                    1. Roob

                      I’ll have to look that up.

                      And Deer Park. You are a human beeing and not a human doing.

                      ‘We are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form;
                      that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences,
                      that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences’.

                      Deepak Chopra

                    2. And maybe something or nothing.

                      Texas SSC is owned by Magnablend .


                      ‘Founded in 1979, Magnablend specializes in custom chemical manufacturing, blending, and packaging for a variety of industries, including: energy/oil and gas services, agriculture, water treatment, construction, and industrial cleaning.’

                      Ancient alien technology.

        1. And from your angle.

          The Tar and Black Goo.

          Linseed de Paul has suddenly popped up.

          Getting a Drag.

          And Sugar Land

          And Cat Tar.

                    1. My Monday sign read : “Maximum Occupancy: 121”. I went for a walk and then randomly stopped into a Pan Era to see if I could bring my puppy and laptop in sometimes.

                    2. That tiny fish in that big sea made me laugh. The atmosphere reminds me of my merman sighting. I wonder what day that happened

  3. I decided to start reading my scientific literature again a couple of days ago.
    and the first thing was as soon as opened
    I certainly know about the blue ray
    but for the first time I hear about this script in the book
    Raymond Hawke – The Last Trump
    The US, where economic and political crises are rampant, is on the verge of a new civil war. The science adviser under the president is putting forward a plan to consolidate the nation in the face of an external threat – an imitation of alien invasion.

    Roman Raymond Hawke and Roger Benem had no luck – the only time published in an abridged translation (Vokrug Sveta, 1980, Nos. 9–12) was never published in Russian anywhere. This circumstance is partly compensated by the readiness of the journal version on the network.

    For an unbalanced domestic reader, the novel turned out to be extremely fascinating (government conspiracy, special services, witness cleansing, karate), so few people wondered how the book corresponded to the stated genre of “science fiction”.

    In fact, fiction as a genre in the novel is critically small – after deducting the very situation of the political crisis in the United States, the novel is much more consistent with the criteria for a conspiracy thriller. And his closest relatives are “Document P” by Irving Wallace or “American Rubicon” by Frank Robinson and John Levin.

    Published in 1974, The Last Trump was one of many books that summarized the accumulated distrust of society towards the establishment. The entire post-war history of the United States turned into a series of intrigues and conspiracies, and the authors reflexed the events of real history: the powerlessness of the common man over the all-powerful state machine and unknowable state interests.

    In this case, the co-authors of the novel are not professional writers. The Englishman Raymond John “Ray” Hawkey (it only remains to be wondered why the Around the World publishers transcribed his last name as “Howhouh”) in their main occupation – the graphic designer responsible for Lena Dayton and Ian Fleming’s classic book covers.

    In total, Hawkee wrote four novels, of which exactly half was published in Russian – in addition to The Last Trump, the anthemology “The English Political Detective” (1987) published the novel “Spillover Effect”, in which there are more fantastic elements than in the Wild Card. At the same time, the author’s name was transcribed as “Hawks”, which gave rise to ineradicable contradictions to this day — even in the base of Fantlab, “Hawks” and “Howhes” appear as different authors.

    The remaining two novels Hawke also written at the intersection of the genres of political thriller and science fiction novel.

    The second co-author, also an Englishman (albeit now living in the USA), Roger Bin, a scholar and public figure, never addressed fiction at all.

    Apart from the fact that The Last Trump is still highly fascinating reading, in addition to the nostalgic value of the book, I would also like to note that for a number of signs the novel could serve as an inspiration for the Keepers of Alan Moore – not only is a similar motive for resolving a political crisis with shock therapy is used, the book finals are almost the same – the posthumous messages of the participants in the events find their recipients. https://knigogid.ru/storage/books/e8/62/91/e86291c550ef8ef8baaa582b4d1a5c0f.png

  4. Speaking of scales and duel-IT, I think I found my 2020 candidate!

    Yang has entered the race. He wants to give every American over the age of 18 $1000 every month to do with as they wish. It’s not the money that interests me it’s his honesty, thoroughness and independence.


    Yin and Yang. In SS yin means “you”.

    You and Yang 2020. 🌓

        1. Tin sun. Aluminum. That’s been floating around for me recently.

          I just woke from a dream where I could only see with my eyes closed and when I opened them it’d be blank.

          The prodigal sun. Beto from El Paso. Pa El’s son. White Horus pale sun.

        2. Frank, you said Beto is not a normal human being. I’ll have to watch Donny Darko. Maybe he was born Aluminati.

                  1. Survey says: THAT’S AI !! (“that’s a LIE).

                    The Victim was supposedly “Francesco Cali”. Oh please. A quantum computer with equal parts linguistic and graphic abilities seems to churn much of this stuff out.

                1. Sirhan(d) Sirhan(d).

                  “Robert F Kennedy Jr and his sister Kathleen Kennedy Townsend both said this week that they believe the wrong man went to jail for their father’s death.

                  Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian with Jordanian citizenship, was arrested and sentenced to life in prison following Kennedy’s death the day after he was shot.

                  Ethel Kennedy was pregnant with the couple’s youngest child, Rory, when her husband died.”

                  (-From the busboy/RFK link above)

  5. I did some digging and just found out that not only was RFK killed in Cali but Sirhan Sirhan, SS, went to the same junior highschool I went to, only decades before and, just like me, walked the streets of Alta- and Pasa- dena. I had no idea!

    I also learned that SS’s occupation was that of “stableboy” —though his instability was his defense— and that he was a member of “The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross, commonly known as the Rosicrucians.”

    Who knew?

  6. Pups and I had a wonderful day. We took a long walk under a marvelous sky and past some honkey geese. I treated him to his first professional bath and haircut —close-cropped but no change to his fro. That is to grow wild at will. We walked home through the shrubs and he pranced ahead with glee. Puppy looks like a cloud.

    I couldn’t stop looking at the clouds today and found a bow and a baby inside.

    View post on imgur.com

    I hope everyone had a great day.

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