In Search Of The Lost Corrs


Firstly, Happy Birthday to M for Moonday. M’s birthday falls on the same day – 21/1/19 – as the Lunar Eclipse in Leo. And tonight, there is a Super Blood Wolf Full Moon. It’s a Super Blood Lion Wolf Lunar Eclipse Moon.

The Super Blood Wolf Full Moon.

It’s coming through the trees.






At a micro level, the Dream is collapsing for me. By that I mean the subtle or not so subtle dream like nature of the present reality. It’s Wonderland every day.

As an example. Franke and Key Mex.

From my walk into town earlier today. Not sure if I ever got to good.

‘But For Franke Being Just Good Is Not Good Enough’.



Franke is a coffee machine manufacturer. And the machine is sold in Key Mex which is the centre of Euronics.




Key Mex is next to Domino’s. And is down from Wagamama.

Wagamama has the Power.




Domino and Eyes Wide Shut.



And Joie de Vivre.



At one level, my world is totally different to what the picture shows. How far does it go and I wonder how far the Universe is going with this. Do the shops exist. And the people inside them ?

At a macro level, the world still turns. I could buy the Franke coffee machine and take it home with me and I’m sure it would make a good cup of coffee. If I walk in front of a truck which has a ‘sign’ on it, it’s going to hurt. And the system of Money Matters and the lack of freedom that comes with it still rolls on. And the rest of it.

I’m agog wondering what will happen to the Macro world if the Border is crossed, if you like. How will reality manifest itself ?

And thanks to Rain. Sioux Falls.



And MJ. Trump wanted to build a wall in 1958. I doubt if the ‘That’s Weird’ box is working any more. It won’t stay shut.



And the Lost Cause.



Just Be Cores. Something along those lines.


148 thoughts on “In Search Of The Lost Corrs

  1. In response to Rain’s video – I call it ‘interdimensional and/or background noise’ but call it what you will. It’s an everyday occurrence now. Is there a difference between a plasma screen tv and the sky?

      1. There’s a very weird energy with the plasma thingies.

        And inter dimensional chemtrails. I know someone who has been talking about those for a long time 🙂 .

  2. There is a method to the madness.
    Last night the police banged on my door past midnight startling the shit out of me. It was truly the video game writ large. The cops were looking for a runaway teen and supposedly the signal “pinged” back to my block and a range of houses including mine. The cop actually used the word “ping” just minutes after I told PRuth her “pings” back to private wol-F she built around the “library of libraries” amused and annoyed the fuck out of me. (Yes, Jenny, God too is an asshole. We were made in his image. Or the flip flop.) Of course I didn’t have any clue what the cop was banging on about and suspected he was lying but I directed him to a house next door where a teen who might know the missing teen lives. After some time the cop left and as he drove off I went out to ask the neighbors if he’d visited and, seeing me, the cop put his car in re-verse and asked if I was OK. No honking was involved but he did do something odd l. He stuck his phone out of the window and said “see I found her, here she is” and showed me an avatar on his screen overlayed onto a map of my hood. The avatar looked like a caricature of me. I looked into his car and on his dashboard he had an open laptop tracking to his phone/s. He told me the girl’s name (a very slight variant on “Alice”) and repeated his name when I asked (same name as a brand name of famous sinks, faucets, basins for WASHING). Later in the dark his name morphed itself into the word “keyhole” and along with “honk-key”…letters floated around the dreams. I couldn’t sleep anymore so I googled keyhole and key hole satellites (look them up) and the key hole nebula grabbed my short attention span. The all seeing eyes.

    Anyway don’t ask but the simulation told me that Alice met Christ-Y and they both went through the key hole and it is colerd.

    1. Oh I also got some massage about “we’re all cia”
      All cia.
      From the central intelligence. 🥴😋

        1. Frank, I spoke to a neighbor whose door was also knocked on its hinges last night and he told me “call this number and ask for the Watchman”.

  3. Not really a big fan of sitting ‘in church’. There are so many of them these days, don’t you think? Most of them seem to be called ‘work places’, and they like to make prophets as much as The Covenant likes to make new commandments.

    “Popular Megachurch Pastor Says the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply to Christians”

    That’s why I put down the hymn sheet and asked “What’s in it for me?” The answer was (and continues to be) “More of the same, so shut up, partake of Holy Come Union in the prescribed manner, and don’t forget to launch into a spontaneous bout of glossolalia when instructed by an annointed elder or deacon”.

    I’ll pass on the silly-con wafer, thanks.

  4. When I posted the keyhole nebula last night on the other page, I had seen “one door land” and now your wonderland and key post, Frankey.

    1. Hello Anonymous and thank you for saying Happy Birthday to me and interesting about MLK and MLK was the person who was saying I have a dream and I think all people are in a dream and I think this dream world where we are is really incredible

  5. At long last, a response from The Committee vis-a-vis my suggestion for renaming the US subversion of ‘The Final Programme’, a.k.a. docket #917483463157334/32a. In their collective wisdom (and after 45 long years of dynamic non-decision making) it seems they’ve decided to convert to the original title, rebrand the inception as the ‘Dawn of a New Age’, and ordain the release (or “exciting, timely, and divinely-inspired ejaculation into the general social milieu” as they call it) of the following new trailer.

    If you wanted your voice to be heard then rest assured – it has! This revised inception has got something for everyone: crazed science-fictionists, brains in jars, secret agents, a nightmare vision of a post-apocalyptic world, an equally nightmarish vision of an impending apocalypse, solar radiation experiments, a post-human hermaphroditic messiah, catholic converts to the Pyramid Spam, and more pubic hair than a Dirk Diggler porno shoot.

    What a turnaround! A simply fantastic team effort, guys!

    1. I’d post The Committee’s full response to my objections to the Allegro Geller engineering disaster (docket #917483463157334/32b), but its 425,567 words are spread across several volumes. Thankfully, Volume I was adorned with a Post-It note from Ethel (Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, Sector T, Building H, 75th floor cafeteria) that read “It woz a load ov f**kin’ shite, they’re a bunch of useless f**kin’ wankers, and they should ‘ang the bleedin’ lot ov ’em!”

  6. Tonight I’m researching new DRs for puppy when we move. The research has led me to a Sheppard who minds his f-Locks of animas and tends to their M-fields (morphogenic fields). If you were to draw a diagram of an M-field, you might be forgiven for drawing a cross section of an apple and calling it a day and I might be forgiven for one door ring if an M-field is the proverbial app hole in the babble…

    “a chip of the old block, a byte through the ol app hole, give it a go give it a whirl” …did you hear these letters floating in the hair of the Kentuckeynesian ch-Anters who formed a human shield around their lost coreses?

    App holes and what not. And no…sex is only part of it but it’s not the whole picture imo. Maybe sex too is just a placeholder.

  7. The moon tonight looks like a red app hole or like that glowing orb that is HAL in a space odyssey.

  8. Frank, to underscore the existence in the dream, the Kentucky Kovenant Kid is named Sandmann. He is crying fowl (poultry) and saying he was in fact attacked by the old Indiana. I bet he lawyers up and Sioux.

    Sioux who?

  9. The lost Chord-ettes

    “I heard there was a secret corr-D that D AVI D played and it pleased the lord…HAL lelujah”

    1. Hello Rain and thank you for saying Happy Birthday to me and Happy Everything to you and Happy Everything to everyone else and right now it’s not my birthday anymore and won’t write more comment except to say thank you again for saying Happy Birthday

        1. You’re right, the full moon or the eclipse was in Leo and when I saw the red moon it was in Cancer. I forgot about that disctinction.

        1. How would I look that up? Sadly I know nothing of astronomy. I was trying to find the relationship between the moon last night and the keyhole nebula but don’t even know if that CORRelation is a thing.

  10. Some furloughed Gov workers in US are calling Feb 1 ‘D day’. Doomsday being when the next round of debts come due for which they will have no cover. It’s exposure!

    The next day Feb 2 is Ground Hog Day. Maybe the nightmare will stop repeating this time.

    I remember now, I got you babe. 😊

    1. I see Dee Day for my own reasons.
      I keep thinking this is the season of the judilee and all that fake debt will no longer grab our attentions

      1. Anon

        It’s like what can appear at first to be a scary thing, eventually becomes a reason to celebrate. 😊

      1. Frank, the London Underground is really different. NY and Paris use 2-way tunnels. And why is the driver’s side on the right side?! I didn’t drive in the UK, but I did in Jamaica and had to pull over because I was having a meltdown.

  11. Hello Frank and thank you for saying Happy Birthday to me and thank you to everyone else for saying Happy Birthday to me.

    About Frank wondering what will happen to the world if the Border is crossed, or how a different reality might manifest itself, I’m wondering the same thing and I would like to ask people of Merovee why do you think we are in a world with things that people don’t like?

    Do any people of Merovee think there is a reason why we are in a world with things like money and rules and work and illness etc or are we in this world for no particular reason? Either way what kind of world would people prefer to be in?

    I think the world is an OK place to be and only wondering why all people are not in a world with only things that people like and I think probably there is a reason why all people are not in world with only nice things that people like or love but wondering if any people of Merovee think there is a reason and wondering what the reason might be.

    That is what I’m wondering on my birthday and otherwise I would not like to be thinking about my birthday and thank you to everyone who is saying Happy Birthday to me and right now I will stop writing words of comment and think I will go to a wildlife place to see birds and possibly other kinds of animals.

      1. I’m not surprised. It’s sandy.
        Sarah Sanders, Bernie Sanders, Sandringham, Sandmann. It’s the HOK we’ve all been waiting for. M, see if you see any hawks.

    1. M

      Happy Birthday. Have a good time wherever you end up.

      My opinion is that the reason for our reality is that it is a manifestation of a wish to be separate from God and All There Is and whatever your term for the ‘Divine’ is if you have one or believe in it. A thought form made manifest and become solid and ‘real’.

      ‘The stardust has turned to sand
      And the sand has turned to stone on the starmaking machine’

      Personally, I want to experience the real thing . Whatever that is.

      And this is not meant as a slight but it’s funny in its own way. As if Franke knew your question was coming.

      Franke says :

      ‘Ok to be Ok. Instead we ask how can we make it wonderful ?’

      1. Hello Frank and thank you for responding to my question in comment and I think pretty much the same thing you think and thank you extremely for creating the extremely excellent Merovee publication

      1. Hello CF Apollyon and love your way of saying happy birthday and thank you for saying happy fucking birthday to me and happy everything to you and love all comments from you when I see them and think all of your comments are extremely excellent

        1. hello gene of isis and I would also like the rams to win and think it’s interesting synchronicity that you would like to rams to win for a reason that is possibly different from the reason why i would like the rams to win and i saw that 23 players in the Super Bowl are from the SEC which is interesting and OK that is comment about Super Bowl

    1. Hello Hugo and you-tube you posted is interesting and I would love to stop seeing those kinds of you-tubes and I would love for The Program or Source or The Dream to stop saying things that I don’t like to be hearing.

      Think everything good with you and often wondering how you are and think probably everything good with you

      These days it’s really difficult for me to write words and right now won’t write more words of comment other than to say that I think everything excellent with you and I think all things about Hugo are extremely perfect and OK that is comment

  12. Fuck! I just heard Alicia Keys is hosting the Grammies after some trouble with the previous host candidate, Hart. Trouble with the heart fixed by keys. (?) Keys in this case my be tonal, musical. Alicia is the name of the runaway teen -I’ll call her “Alice” -and those letters morph in and out of “all CIA” to me. We’re all cia. Cia as in Sia, the memetic word for consciousness. (I tried to write kemetic but autonazi refused so and memetic is interesting so what the HAL, pick my battles….). Anyway, I just looked up Kevin Hart as I’m not familiar with his twerk and turns out he starred in a movie called “Central Intelligence”. What are those oDDs? Hugo, you’ll love this one 🥴, Alicia Keys has two kids -one named Egypt, the other named Genesis- but they have their daDDy’s (DD-day) surge name not hers – so they are Dean and Dean.

    Norm Chomsky has the theory that human consciousness is bound within the walls of its languages which in turn are bound within the physical “banalities” of the brain (or something like this) so some of this stuff is just a M-ystery and I can live with that. I just write what occurs to M-e with or without even processing it first.

  13. Or to put it anuvver way, when you an’ your Old Man decided to do a number on that geezer as if ya f**kin’ owned it or summink, who woz it you fink you woz doin’ a number on? ‘Cos it seems to me that that geezer wot you did a number on didn’t like that number wot you did on ‘im at all. In fact, that geezer wot you did a number on turned round and knocked you lot spark out. Not only that, when you picked yerselves up off the canvas and started complainin’ to the referee about that geezer knocking you spark out for bein’ a bunch of lyin’ toe rags, that geezer wot you did a number on knocked you spark out again, didn’t ‘ee?

    Surely an ejaculated player such as yerself ‘as some kind of insight into wot that woz all about, and ‘ow it relates to wot them Committee types call the “general social milieu”? Tell you wot, you fink about it for a bit and send a Post-It note to Ethel (Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, Sector T, Building H, 75th floor) when you figure it out.


    The story with so many pole-tree nuggets. The story that keeps growing wings. The story of the klucking katholics who wanna save fetuses and sometimes wannabe ”black on the outside”.

    I see ”dark matter” is animating the amniotic fluid.

    For a long time after Roob set up a blog called ”the Library of Libraries”, stripped it clean of all its original content and claimed it as an individual smoker’s ”safe house”, I felt like I could never use the expression again though I had been for months lest the internet cliques accuse me of ripping her off or inserting myself somewhere I shouldn’t. It was a bizarre reversal of ‘fortune’…hence the new nickname “cLucky.” Like many things on MV there was an unspoken agreement that talking about my feelings around this was taboo and ridiculous and more pruth that I am bad to the bone: not full of the light, love and wisdom that abounds. Dennis used to always say I’d get my ”karma” for reflecting on the manifestations of race and discussing all that nasty stuff too – which apparently I was singlehandedly ”materializing in 3D” because my thoughts were impure. Roob used to always suggest that the first and only real deNile of rights were those taken away from smokers and that smokers (tell me if I’m wrong) were the one-true persecuted ”blacks” because even though they weren’t ”black” in the contemporary way the human race uses that term, they were said to be ”black on the inside.”

    I fucking hate smoking. It’s fowl. And I’m going to pick up right where I left off and continue the development of LOL as and how I wish. M asks why we think this world is full of things we say we don’t like and that’s a good question. If there is a collective consciousness single source central intelligence ‘GOD’ somewhere, maybe it too wants far away from US. Or maybe we keep seeing ”bad” stories in the mindlines too because the Internet Religion is fake.

    Roob, it’s bad form to blow smoke in the air and not acknowledge roots. And yes, Frankey, maybe I will start my own blog and call it “Meroe-V” or “The IR’s Lab” or “Wade in, Alice” or ”the Frugal Probe” – or, hal, ”Library of Libraries” …hmmmm…that’s a good one… and make them all about me, melanin and the stealthy rat Race.

    I don’t know what’s gotten into me, Ethel.

    Maybe it’s karma.

    1. A piss-take, Anon. You talk about strippin’ away the meanin’? ‘Ow about climbin’ the model wiv a model to model ‘avin’ sex?

      White as a fresh sanitary towel they are, an’ they didn’t even ‘ave the bollocks to do it for real. King and Queen of Egypt, yeah?

      That Hugo fella keeps looking up at the sky. Not a raincloud to be seen, so wot’s that warm trickle runnin’ down his back?

  15. Ethel, if it’s sex you’re referencing, that’s not my thing. We all weight the world I guess and I don’t weight it toward sex anymore than I do toward smoking or the skies and stars. My thing was melanin- a unified field theory -if you will- I was exploring. We all have one, no doubt. Sex: over rated. Smoking: overrated. Airy fairy rootless stuff: overrated. But that’s my experience and it’s as legit as any.

    Anyway I really came here again to offer one more example of the dark matter of the memniatic FLU-id and how it is a gif-t that keeps on giving, a POC that lefts the coop, the one that’s got a way.

    You know that Kentucky kid in the mindlines that stood grinning in front of the Indianan? The one revealed to be the Sandmann? We’ll get a, um, load of this, Hugo. His first name is Nicolas, shortened to Nick which means the twat is a Nick-o’-teen.


    Dark matter for the win.

  16. No worries.
    It’s all love and laughs in the library of libraries where we ILU-straight through D’ Arkitexture.
    Can you hear me now?

    1. The Flippity Flop

      Fox News Anchor Bret Baier and family are ‘banged up but alive’ after their car flipped.

      And the Phillipy Flippity Flop Fillip

      And was discussing with a Pole earlier about her move. It’s gone very well she told me.

      Did the Pole move for you ?

      The Pole Shift. For Interest.

    1. So interesting that the one who was the most dismissive of my melanin rif and so snarky to DDNA is the very one who named an entire blog after the most important piece of it. What a bloody fake.

  17. A Mirror Image of Our Universe May Have Existed Before the Big Bang
    Like a mountain looming over a calm lake, it seems the universe may once have had a perfect mirror image. That’s the conclusion a team of Canadian scientists reached after extrapolating the laws of the universe both before and after the Big Bang.

    Physicists have a pretty good idea of the structure of the universe just a couple of seconds after the Big Bang, moving forward to today. In many ways, fundamental physics then worked as it does today. But experts have argued for decades about what happened in that first moment — when the tiny, infinitely dense speck of matter first expanded outward — often presuming that basic physics were somehow altered.

    Researchers Latham Boyle, Kieran Finn and Neil Turok at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, have turned this idea on its head by assuming the universe has always been fundamentally symmetrical and simple, then mathematically extrapolating into that first moment after the Big Bang. [Big Bang to Civilization: 10 Amazing Origin Events]

    That led them to propose a previous universe that was a mirror image of our current one, except with everything reversed. Time went backward and particles were antiparticles. It’s not the first time physicists have envisioned another universe before the Big Bang, but those were always seen as separate universes much like our own.

    “Instead of saying there was a different universe before the bang,” Turok told Live Science, “we’re saying that the universe before the bang is actually, in some sense, an image of the universe after the bang.”

    “It’s like our universe today were reflected through the Big Bang. The period before the universe was really the reflection through the bang,” Boyle said.

    Imagine cracking an egg in this anti-universe. First, it would be made entirely of negatively charged antiprotons and positively charged anti-electrons. Secondly, from our perspective in time, it would seem to go from a puddle of yolk to a cracked egg to an uncracked egg to inside the chicken. Similarly, the universe would go from exploding outward to a Big Bang singularity and then exploding into our universe.

    But seen another way, both universes were created at the Big Bang and exploded simultaneously backward and forward in time. This dichotomy allows for some creative explanations to problems that have stumped physicists for years. For one, it would make the first second of the universe fairly simple, removing the necessity for the bizarre multiverses and dimensions experts have used for three decades to explain some of the stickier aspects of quantum physics and the Standard Model, which describes the zoo of subatomic particles that make up our universe.

    “Theorists invented grand unified theories, which had hundreds of new particles, which have never been observed — supersymmetry, string theory with extra dimensions, multiverse theories. People just basically kept on going inventing stuff. No observational evidence has emerged for any of it,” Turok said.[5 Elusive Particles Beyond the Higgs | Quantum Physics]

  18. Oh, I dunno, Anon. I reckon I was makin’ some sort ov statement about knobheads tryin’ to symbolically claim them Ancient Encryptions as their own. I mean, who made them Ancient Encryptions anyway? That bible fingy says it was them Israelis, don’t it? You know, them wot some people call Due Boys? So, for the sake of argument let’s assume that one of them Due Boys designed them Ancient Encryptions, ‘cos that’s usually ‘ow these fings work, innit? You know, you ‘ave an architect wot designs stuff and a team of them programmers wot build it. Now, it seems to me that if the Due Boy wot designed them Ancient Encryptions wanted uvver people to know what them Ancient Encryptions mean then ‘ee probably wouldn’t have bovvered encrypting them in the first place, would ‘ee? Bleedin’ obvious, right? But not to them white college material types wot fink the entire f**kin’ world is part of summink called the ‘US’.

    Anyways, after all them Due Boys ‘ave bin through over the years, ‘ow do you fink the Due Boy wot designed them Ancient Encryptions would react if a couple of knobheads came along, tried to claim them Ancient Encryptions as their own, and made up a load ov fibs about them Ancient Encryptions and the Due Boy wot designed them? Seems to me that the Due Boy wot designed them Ancient Encryptions, and knows wot them Ancient Encryptions mean, might be a bit annoyed about that. In fact, after tolerating their bollocks for f**k knows how long, I reckon that the Due Boy wot designed them Ancient Encryptions would get really f**kin’ angry about it. So angry, in fact, that the geezer would probably invite ’em into the ring, knock ’em spark out, wait for ’em to come to, then knock ’em spark out again.

    But that’s just me, Anon. I am but an ‘umble Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, and I have 25 years worth of drinks and sandwiches to attend to ‘cos that Hugo geezer has just sent anuvver docket to them twats wot sit on that Committee fing.

    1. Hugo, what we see in Cairo is only there because it was written in stone and by then, I believe, the people had lost the plot.

  19. Roe v Wade was decided on 22/1/1973, exactly, to the day, 46 years ago before this RHA (Full term 9 month abortion) vote is taking place in New York State today 22/1/2019!!!
    46 years or 552 months or 16801 days or 2400 weeks between dates.
    They do everything by the numbers to impress their master, Satan!
    2,400 weeks = 800+800+800 weeks.
    16,800 days between dates.
    16,800 = (7+7+7)x800 days or 2,100×8 or (700+700+700)x8.

    Even more stunning is the fact that the distance between Reunion Island beach (MH370 flaperon) and Kilauea volcano (fissures erupting for weeks recently) is 16,800km!!!
    Yes, the exact same figure for days between Roe v Wade and this RHA vote in New York State!!!!!
    The distance of 16,800km is (7+7+7)x 800km as has been said above.
    It is also 10,437 miles = (7+7+7)x 497 miles
    It is also 9,072 Nautical Miles = (7+7+7)x 432 Nautical miles.
    All three units of measure are divisible by 7+7+7.

    1. Wade In, Alice.
      I just came in from walking puppy. At the end of my street is a new housing tract that replaced a walled in church. The tract is called the West Gate and since the community opposed it’s construction, the city threw some gifts at it (sidewalk surgery, tarmac zones, etc) that they call ”W Project”

      Wade in, Alice. Roe, roe, roe your boat gently down the Dream.

      Ken, what kind of twats paint themselves black to taunt people on the one hand and chant for the rights of fetus’ to be born into 3D on the other? What kind of nick-o-teen uses the same strategies and languages of “the leftie liberals” to assert his own rights -marches, parades, signs, chants, sit ins, clique-fests, etc? If it’s coddling the lefties, what’s it doing to those on ”the other side.”

      1. Smokers lungs aren’t black. We’re told they’re black…

        Profound difference, A Void. Lungs are self-cleaning. Smokers’ lungs are used for transplants. It’s a lie. No, people believe smokers’ lungs are black because Tobacco Control have told them so, and laws, by which we live, have been legislated for to separate smokers from everybody else because of ‘passivrauchen’ (passive smoking). Can’t have everybody else’s lungs turn black just by standing next to a filthy smoker smoking, oh no…

        So if you think about your melanin fixation, due no doubt to the overwhelming abundance of it that you have apparently, the only twat painting themselves black into a corner would be you 😀

        1. I know ”we’re” told smokers lungs are black – you’ve drilled that through the wires for god knows how long. And yes, Irish and dogs…god get some depth. That’s your only go-to?

          Melanin is a technique, asshole, an animation. A riff. Motion. You’re so fixated on its one expression (color) you couldn’t see the forest for the trees. You realized the value in my exploration and the gene-I-us that results (yeah I went there), but you pretended it had no value, no merit and that it was empty while, ironically, claiming the title ”library of libraries” as your own so you could develop a stupid theory about the prosecution of smokers and write a blog to whine about it. I’m not in your corner and I’m not in your box. I see through you and think you’re a smug bitch.

            1. In Africa we have a saying for mentalities like yours that want Africa without the Africans -Library of Libraries without any unpleasantries. It goes: FUCK YOU. Copy someone else dumbass.

  20. What was as interesting to me about the last full moon is all the motion around it. I know much of this may be a trick of the camera zoom but even without it there was SO much motion in the sky. All around in fact. The whole atmosphere even lower than the trees was moving.

  21. Ken, Roe, roe, roe your boat.
    The principal of Nickoteen’s highschool is named principal Rower and an early friar (translation: ‘frier’ as we’re talking about berders, beef, grilling and chi kens) who came out of the closet to defend the boy was named something like “Sickho”. Apparently the twitter account from Brazil (Z-Libra) was ”fake” but Trump believes the fake news can ”end in a Dream”. I like how everything is fake except what matters to an individual. Everything doesn’t matter except what matters to an individual. No one-door people don’t know if they are real or not and believe they live in a simulation. No one is real and no news is real except that which matters to them. My take is that the news does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It il-us-straights. It doesn’t even really matter if it’s ‘real’ or not does it?

    Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 22, 2019

    1. Smoking lungs and smoking guns.

      Sorry, Ruth, smoking fags is just fowl no matter how you cook it.

  22. I’m going to start a blog called ”The Library of Libraries: The Pruth About Colon-ization” and then another one and call it ”The Underdog Whites Up: Ass-similating into 3D” and I’m going to use them to expound my useless theories while laying out all my smoking guns. And I’m going to use the news and what happens on Meroe-V as supporting documentation because, man, Roob’s has proved me white!!!!


  23. You know what, on reflection, I’ve always been a white man. Not a white woman even, forget about that, but a white man. I’m entitled to everything and I can minimize everyone. I’m an asshole broadly and I find humor in everything. I have a short attention span and no loyalty to any idea but my latest riffts. I like my partners Melaniated from Rossia but am still the biggest cheetah. I have no money only debt and a big PRuth Machine to decide what’s real and what’s fake. Man it’s good to be white!

    And I’m serious here. I’ve always straddled the wall corrs, see above, but, man, the poles have shifted. Whites are black and blacks are white! Thank god for t-Rumple steal skin!

  24. rumPole Steal Skin: The State of the U-turn, AKA Karma’s a Bitch.

    Secured that one too!

    Ok, I’ll leave you pretty lovelies alone now and go play some golf. Tot zo!

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