What an actress.



Franke Says Relax. You’re in a good place.




Super Trump.




Inception. And Projection and the threatened cells.




Tom Hardy. I know someone who really likes Tom Hardy. That’s what she said.



And the Duchess of Cambridge.

‘It’s SO hard’.



Let’s Do This Together.

Kamala Harris.



The President’s Club.




My Immortal.


57 thoughts on “Relax

    1. You know, honky, in uni the crusty old professors used to ridicule the students and dismiss their projects saying ”ideas are a dime a dozen”. It was the cult-ure of the school that encouraged that dismissiveness. Initially I was quite intimidated by that saying until I realized in fact the professors were ”projecting” their inadequacies onto us. I realized that by reviewing their own work, seeing its dullness and seeing how they’d use critiques to harness the ideas of their pupils and then feed that into their dying practises. They had run out of ideas (melanin-deficient) so ridiculed others for theirs while at the same time ”lifting” the same content they’d just dismissed. And they counted on the fact that no one would see, know or, worse, say.

      You’re like those professors, Honky.

  1. If this is a simulation, everything is ”projection.”
    Every choice, every vote, every move we make is ”projection”.
    Theft is projection. Denial is projection. Dismissiveness is projection. Love is projection.

    The idea that meghan markle marrying into an empire that has done nothing but robbed the material content of other nations is a sign of ”love and light” is a suspension of facts and requires a very peculiar, archtypical ”projection”.

    I think it’s useful to ilu-straight the archtypes.

    Roob is an idiot. A great suppository for the archetype of a subject of the british empire.

    Frank, you pretend you don’t believe in ownership that nothing matters (another projection) yet every time you or anyone else here lose anything, you all whine about your loss. When Roob lost her shit on syncmiss forum, the world had a moment of silence.
    You all slap your names on anything you can – that’s the fact, not a projection. “Library of Libraries” referred to an exploration about melanin and a philosophy of laughter that went above and beyond skin color (though that point was lost on the idiot) and taking the name and ridiculing me for the material content attached to it is Sichco. We can commiserate with Roob for projecting the idea that her smoking makes her a targeted individual (talk about exaggerating, no one fucking cares just don’t blow the shit into other people’s faces) but the limits of the sympathy stop at the reality of race in this world. And the only thing Roob can do is respond with stupid white game show snippets. She knows she could get away with her mockery because Meroevee is a clique of her same kind of people.

    You all suck. That’s my projection into the simulation. And Roob since all the ”loving” souls here won’t tell you, this ”hate-full” one will:


      1. Are you joining the idiot club, Frank?
        Have you ever read ”Darkness at Noon”?
        You’d make a great character in it.

      2. I don’t exactly see you throwing yourself in front of a moving car or encouraging others to do so because “there’s no such thing as death.” Also don’t see you or anyone here not mourning the “death” of loved ones. Can I call you all good actors for weeping on cue about something so unreal?

        1. Next time I’m requested to mourn the unreal death of a fake body I’m going to post a laugh track. See how that goes over. Maybe one from one of Ruth’s game shows.

      3. Speaking of “projection” maybe your fear and frustration that, yes, this IS all there is and it’s FINITE has caused you to create an elaborate theory about “ascension”, consciousness that doesn’t require a body and other such stuff. Maybe you’re just projecting, Frank. Maybe contemporary wo/man is in meltdown about its end.
        Not saying any of this is true, just illustraighting your own projections.

        1. Anon

          I’ve thought of that. I don’t think so.

          But fear of physical death is an energy that drives the world. I believe there is an alternative.

          It is impossible to describe how beautiful I find the thought that I am connected to my daughter, for example, for eternity.

          ‘The stardust has turned to sand
          And the sand has turned to stone on the starmaking machine’

  2. Why are Western museums full of the material, intellectual and artistic content of other nations? Why was that matter deposited there without ask?

    Oh, wait, let’s just talk about blowing smoke and game show answers.

    Seems about white.

  3. The whole basis of Merovee is taking media projections and formulating them into some grand theory about light/love/God.

    Oh, sorry, I’m actually alive and no a lobotomized british subject. My bad.

  4. One thing that is quite marvelous is how Roob’s choices have perfectly illustrated my thesis. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I can’t fucking wait to get officially banned! Frankey bring the hammer down!

  6. I figure if the simulation can be battered with stupid white game show snippets we might as well throw in some other stuff for balance. No?

  7. I know you think I should be extra-interested in the fact that Kamala Harris is running for POTUS but, nah, the office is a fiction so who cares who is in it.

    Now, if Melanian ran, that might get interesting. I might be able to drum up some more theories around it.

  8. Hiya Frank, fort I’d take a breather from knockin’ up cucumber sandwiches for The Committee, put me feet up like wot you sez in that inception, an’ ask ya a question or two.

    1. Are ya gonna lead by example and be the first to take the ‘leap of faith’ for ‘Team US’?

    2. Do ya fink that ‘Team US’ would return the favour if it woz them danglin’ on the end ov that rope? Or is them ‘succumbing’ to the weight ov their own ‘transgressions’ not really on wot them Committee types call ‘the agenda’?

    3. Where do ya fink that ‘manifest destiny’ fing comes from, anyhow? Wot they got ‘overing over their ‘Great Seal’? One ov them ‘Star of Anderoid David’ signs, ain’t it? An’ on the reverse? F**k me if it ain’t one ov them pyramid fingies, wiv a ‘corporate mission statement’ written in that fancy latin wot them Committee types like to throw about.

    4. God’s chosen people? ‘Ave ya got any idea ‘ow many members of ‘Team US’ are walkin’ about minus a part of their member? Do ya fink that they fink they’re Due Boys or summink?

    Anyway, wot do I know? I’m just an ‘umble Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science. I’ll get back to me cucumbers and leave ya in peace.

      1. I don’t share your point of view, you don’t share mine. Do I take the piss? Absolutely. Am I the only person on Merovee who takes the piss? Absolutely not.

        Inception: it’s all about ‘us’, or maybe it’s all about ‘US’? Because if it’s all about ‘US’ then that means something quite different, doesn’t it? I for one would feel a whole lot better about this ‘us’ if the term could be used without it bringing to mind a certain ‘superpower’ renowned for its national chauvinism and evangelical zeal to make the world safe for ‘US prophet’.

        Seems to me that all you have to do is establish a meme, keep it bouncing around, and rely on people’s ability to overlook the obvious and willingness to see the best in others.

  9. I’d like to know what half of you shits are trying to communicate.

    Cannot. Comprehend. Your. Languish. God knows it’s not for lack of trying. Please help!

  10. No one should be insulted by anything I’ve said whatsoever because it’s all unreal and all just words. If you’re upset by my use of the words honkey and theft and idiot, ask yourself why. I can say and do whatever I want and try on different clothes in the simulation. Like “anonymous coward” and “troll”. Those are fun and provocative too.

    And yes, Clicky and the Slobbering Avatars are still idiots.

    1. See…that’s exactly what I mean, Anon. Why do you need Hugo or Highlander to feel emboldened? Pardon me for thinking we were all in this tog-ether. I want you to school me.

    2. Oh, I dunno, Anon. Maybe it helps to shake the tree, maybe it doesn’t help, or maybe it just doesn’t matter one way or another. If you became complacement then I became indifferent. I don’t give a toss about any of this. It’s always trying to make me have a ‘bleeding heart attack’ over something or other, but I’m indifferent about that, too. And when it tries to make me have a ‘bleeding heart attack’ for being a ‘monster’ that refuses to have a ‘bleeding heart attack’? Yep, indifferent.

      What’s a boy to do? Get a job? Settle down with a human chatbot that seems oblivous to the fact she’s a human chatbot and trolls me to death every time she opens her mouth? Steal a car and go at it like GTA5? Walk the earth like Caine from Kung Fu?

      1. Tell me what you See, Hugo! This is clearly an exercise in futility. I can’t hear what you’re saying for the white noise…re-legion, abuse, etc. Show me someone who can no longer Dream and I’ll show you someone who enjoys their captivity.

        1. “Show me someone who can no longer Dream and I’ll show you someone who enjoys their captivity.”

          That’s very pithy. Ever-so-slightly patronising and sanctimonious, but pithy nonetheless.

          “This is clearly an exercise in futility.”

          I think you’ve answered your own question, don’t you?

          1. Sorry Hugo, you lost that round because you listened to my pithy drivel. Alex, I’ll take pointless Fight Club trivia for 300.

  11. what is happening
    Why sow negative and your dissatisfaction with life?
    everyone has their own karma, their own concept of life and their own way
    throw shit in all here; it will not help you to love yourself.

  12. Nothing gets the folks stirred up like telling them to relax. 😊

    I know it’s only rock n roll, but I like it. 😊

  13. Ah well, reckon a generous ‘elpin ov that Pyramid Span is good for wot ails ya. Scraped it up ovv the abattoir floor mesself I did, left it to cure in the outside lavvie for a bit, then reprostituted it into summink wot looks more-or-less like meat. I tell them Committee knobs that it’s “hand-reared Scottish gammon” and they f**kin’ wolf it down they do.

  14. Frank

    I attended an inner awareness seminar awhile back. The first thing they tell you is…take a deep breath, slowly release it and relax every part of your body.

    All I can say is when you do that, the last thing you feel is relaxed. The tension and anxiety become magnified a zillion fold.

    There’s an inner awareness that all those ‘props’ we created are faux and failing. It’s scary.

    Just waiting for the declaration of the National Emerging C. 😌

    1. That’s interestin’ that is, Softeyes. I mean, them wot fink it’s all about ‘US’ ‘ave been wolfin’ down choice cuts ov that Pyramid Spam as if it’s their God-given right or summink. So it kinda makes ya fink about wot would ‘appen if them crop fings wot you deluded to suddenly disappeared, don’t it? Them piggies eat them crops, don’t they? No crops, no piggies. No piggies, no Pyramid Spam. Blimey, I reckon them ‘US’ types would forget all about this ‘US’ business an’ go at one anuvver like wot they do in that film wot ‘as that Tetris Vespergreen in it.

  15. *Sits in a corner figuratively sipping a Whiskey Sour and flicking ashes*
    This is the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s like walking into a party in a different country, where you don’t know anyone, but you understand some of the language.

    I find it so silly that I found myself here while doing family history research on the Merovingians. LDS posted a tree my ancestor is in, which goes back…and back…and back. Is it real? Maybe not. Missing things.

    However; I find it funny that I run across a page where the language is similar to GLP, a forum I used to frequent. That’s why I’ve come back a few times. The “speak” is similar. GLP was interesting, until the psychology annoyed me. And possible links with Tavistock. I was chided I’d be back. I never did go back, no need. Not when people around you mess with your mind and try to make you believe you’re someone…something that you’re not. And, I mean psyche-splintering stuff, not bullying. I’m too tall to be a lab rat.

    Before that, I was a member of a famous astrology message board, recruited at the early stages by owner for a book review I did. Now the site has hundreds of thousands of posts. When things got ugly there, I was recruited by a member to start another board, and ran the Tarot forum.

    I believe that there are things out there we need to stretch to understand, also that there is programming going on, on a mass scale. The information we are all fed now is sifted, and force-fed. I am glad I am old enough to remember when the news presented some measure of possible facts, rather than opinion on supposed facts.

    The only link I could find to some information here may have been related to David Icke. I have one of his books downstairs, courtesy of my father, who was and is a “conspiracy theorist” before it kind of had a name. Early 80s. Knew about cybernetics and artificial intelligence research in the late 60s.

    Maybe growing up the way I did, all this is more comfortable than it should be. I’m just passing through. No harm meant, hopefully no harm done. Have fun all, and be excellent to each other.

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