The Birds

Earlier today, ‘The Birds’ appeared above ‘The Sun’ public house in Redhill.

Keep Watching The Skies.



And yesterday, there was a big Sun again.



Prince Fillip was ‘Blinded by the Light’.



And 20/21st Jan there is a Super Blood Moon Wolf Lunar Eclipse. Something like that. Click ‘Blade and Chalice : Looney Eclipse In Leo’.



The Fear of Annihilation.



The Killing Moon.



What is it that is causing all the confusion and mayhem ?



Feeling It ?


85 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. You’re so damn brilliant, Frank!

    The Simulation’s trump call was ”THE BIRDERS” all along!
    Ham birders through the wires.

    The signal was just mixed.

    1. when ham (pig) flies
      ham birders
      birders on the ham ra-deo
      birder c-Ross sing
      birders and the wol (wall)

    2. Frank, do an image search of ”bird too close to sun” and see what’s the first image that pops (no pun intended) up for you too.

      birder ptah troll is about…

      1. Anon

        So kind of you !!!

        And Sun and birds. Yet again.

        ‘In Greek mythology, a phoenix (/ˈfiːnɪks/; Ancient Greek: φοῖνιξ, phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.’

  2. Last night in my twilight sleep the word ”washington” floated in. Maybe because I’ve been thinking of ”the machine” and moon-ey laundering. The Machine seems to be a washing machine. Washing tones. Flipping the birds (words). With heavy spin cycles (spin doctoring).
    Were ders. The best way to pre-DC the future is to invert it.

  3. Prince Phlipped his car and somehow transferred his blood to the passenger in the other car [or something]. I’ve heard various versions of the story now. A script made for werewolves and vampires. Don’t look at the Sun – it burns.

    1. Lol, Gene-Y, you’re right. They keep flipping the werds.
      DoE asked where to put his l-eggals. D’oh!

          1. ‘A living breathing bible; tables where
            Both covenants at large engraven were;
            Gospel and law in’s heart had each its column,
            His head an index to the sacred volume;
            His very name a title-page; and next
            His life a commentary on the text.
            Oh, what a monument of glorious worth,
            When in a new edition he comes forth!
            Without errata, we may think he’ll be
            In leaves and covers of eternity!’


    1. Rain

      Thanks. Great pics !

      Also, I’m seeing a pulsing sun. The sun has a heart. Hopefully, it will show up on a pic or video if I’m lucky.

    1. Rain

      I came out from the shop and looked up and there were the Birds. But the Sun and birds not a coincidence I think.

      Reminded me of your strange flock of birds at the time of watching the Pitch Black movie.

    1. Jenny

      God knows what they are ! It’s getting very freaky in the skies.

      But they have the same sort of ‘Flock of Birds’ motion as in my video. Seem to be moving in sync.

      Appeared out of a clear blue sky.

    2. That just reminded me. Three or four days ago my neighbor whose dog Daisy had mauled my puppy, came over to where pups and I were chatting to another neighbor and said that he’d just come back from a lighting show in Phoenix where the hosts had given out 100 jewel becrusted Rolex watches which they’d distributed to the crowd via drones.

  4. Philly turned his car outside Sandringham and Windsor Davies died the same day…

    Witch I learned from a tweet that caught my attention because of the Song syncing with passages from a book that I’m proofreading this afternoon. A gardener called Foras had just finished cutting a large expanse of grass…×450.jpg

    1. Seems like that is new vintage -made today sold as old. Like Egyptian souvenirs. Also the Trump in there resembles Trump’s popptah.

      Slow news day on the local channel as per uge.

    1. Never fails to amuse me how you shamelessly took the name ”Library of Libraries” as your own, Clicky/Roob. I wouldn’t have had that gaul and you missed the point of why/how it originated in the first place. What’s next, an official copy right?

        1. More like whitewashing and laundering, yeah, coming from you…

          I mean, I think about what I would have done had the situation been different and know that at the very least I would have talked about it with you before claiming it as mine – which you have done really. I repeated “library of libraries” for months and months while developing and trying to communicate my ideas about the great rat Race, melanin, things that cannot be owned, etc…and you stripped it of all that meaning, scrubbed that shit clean of the ideas you didn’t like, took the effort to reserve a d’oh-main name and beginning tailoring it all to/for yourself in the web of boks. Essentially pRuthing (thanks, Hugo!) my ”race-ist” (thanks, Dennis, cinnerman) theories and wanting no one to notice or speak about it. Your maga sentiments aren’t subtle and your ridicule of ”lefties” is vile considering your family’s own insistence on its ”rights”. Yes I ridicule everyone on all sides but at least I’m an equal opportunity jackass.

          The North Fork Licking River is one of the tributaries of the c-Licking River which runs near Covington Kentucky where the entitled private schooled magachristaholics are from. Specifically, it is in PENdelton county whose seat is foulmouth. Here’s Elder Nathan Phillips (PEN).

          Here’s some stars in the uni-verse – boks upon boks upon boks upon boks.

          Nathan Philips is also the name of an act-door born in Sun-bury, Oz and known for his roles in movies like ”Snakes on a Plane”, “The Chernobyl Diaries” and “Wol- FCree K.” That Nathan kinda looks like an older version of the magamoron who stood in the face of ENP.

          None of this is here no there – I use the news as I like and drum it to my own beats.

          I don’t know what’s got into me, Frank-Y. I’m not sorry for writing this out.

    2. (btw, if that were my kid, I’d open up a can of whoopass when he got home.)

      Hugo, Covenant, Covington, same difference.

  5. “Covington is a city in Kenton County, Kentucky, in the Upland South region of the United States. It is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking rivers. Cincinnati, Ohio, lies to its north across the Ohio and Newport, Kentucky, to its east across the Licking.”

    “[Covington] comes from when the family lived at Covington in Huntingdon. The name was a habitational name having derived from the Old English “Cofingtun” which meant “Cofa’s settlement.”

    Cliquey (Roob), they move in cliques and wear smug smirks. For someone who constantly pings us to pay attention to and refer ourselves to your own writing and for someone who prides herself on ”proofreading” and her editorial status, you should know that claiming ”Library of Libraries” as your ”invention” is in poor taste. Kindof like me writing smut and calling it ”The Underdog Lights Up: A Smoker’s Memoir” or something….You’d kick my ass for ”robbing” Franky the smoker in that way. Admit it. White rights matter.

    1. The confluence of the Clique-ing River…open up a can of whoop ass…takes a licking and keeps on ticking….

  6. And you know how you constantly decide to call me ”AVoid” because you’ve decided it suits you, Roob, this new wol- F moon tells me your real name is ”Clucky”. And no worries…it’s not an insult, it’s a compliment, believe me.

    1. Clucky, maybe what bugs me most is that sharing the ideas that led to the development of the term ”library of libraries” came at a cost – I was shushed at times, told I was racist, told I was behind on the internet religion’s evolutionary scale of love, light and goodness, etc etc. but I kept at it not because I believed everything I wrote (there’s a difference between ideas occurring to me and ”believing in” them) but because I thought trying to make sense of and articulate what I was seeing in the news was worth it and just as legitimate an attempt as everyone else’s. I am quite sure I wasn’t well liked ”behind the scenes” during that period. Then after the stew is cooked and library of library results, you gallop in to ”eat” without having to dirty yourself with any of the unpleasantries it took to get there. You are a void, Clucky, not me, and this time I mean that in the worst possible ways. And Frank, yeah, I’ll go now but first:

      1. Anon

        Not sure why you dragged me into it but as you have.

        I don’t think anyone on Merovee said those things about you or thought those thoughts.

        But at the same time you have had a pretty free rein on here. Keep on Trucking. All I ask is for people not to be totally fxxking obnoxious to each other.

        About race in general, and Life, personally I keep coming back to the same question ‘Does It Matter ?’

        And Hitler lives in Reigate.

        1. “I don’t think anyone on Merovee said those things about you or thought those thoughts.”

          Really, Frank? How can you not know that Roob’s a troll? She’s not exactly shy about it, is she? It’s all there on her blog, the so called ‘LoL’. Do you really think that she doesn’t count Frank “Why can’t we all just get along?” Tremayne as one of the ‘cowardly lefties’ and ‘weaklings’?

          If you’ve yet to experience Roob in all her glory then it’s only because your blog is useful to her as a vehicle for disseminating her material. Cease to be useful and you’ll become fair game.

          “Shit or get off the pot” she says. That’s exactly what I’d expect from someone who’s managed to convince herself that the ‘throne room’ is her natural habitat.

  7. “PENdleton county is included in the Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN Metropolitan Statistical Area.”


    I, Honky.

    I knew goose would show up. What’s good for the goose is drudge for the gander.

  8. Part of me thinks that on one level the blackface stories are poking serious fun at us and at another continued hazing by frat brothers – isn’t “hazing and humiliation” part of the path to ascension in the secret societies? Hah! These twats just picking up where they left off.

    1. Anon

      I’m seeing a lot of its All White ( all right), All Black. Are you Reddy ? It’s a Blue Day. Yell Ow. Hookgnosis . Etc. Someone is having fun with it.

      And I met Suzanne on Tuesday.

      And some of your comments are going into spam. I’m digging them out when I can.


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