Today Is Tomorrow

Firstly, today’s date is 15/12/2018. Happy ISIS 2018 day.



To be Frank, I would like to go into this in more depth but understand about privacy and personal feelings.

Christina Perri : A Thousand Years.

The Cullens’.



And the Tremonds in Twin Peaks.



Sir Francis Drake


The Tethys Ocean.



The Kirk of Mary.



And Others.

Jesus Christ ! What’s real, can’t die.

Adam’s Family.

I believe the Son of God is waking up. And the Daughter of God. Or maybe it’s just Adam that needs to wake up.



Keep watching the skies.

The DNA Spiral.



And the Rainbow. From yesterday.

First, a Rainbow in the clouds in Texas.



And a Rainbow flare in Tennessee.



The Rain Bow pics came ‘From Jenny Sis and Gen E Sis’.

From Jenny Sis and Genesis :

‘I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”


I keep being told the date has changed.

Today is Tomorrow.




2020 vision. It’s an Emerging See.


79 thoughts on “Today Is Tomorrow

        1. Like many things, Chernobyl seems like a veil over something else.

          At the time I remember we were warned about Fall Out . And a Hard Rain !

    1. Roob

      ‘One of a Kind’.

      One of the reasons I have problems with the stories is sometimes the names.

      The name of the Secretary General of the
      Supreme Council of Antiquities is Mustafa Waziri.

      Must Have A Waz.

      ‘WAZ means “Piss” So now you know – WAZ means “Piss” – don’t thank us. YW! What does WAZ mean? WAZ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the WAZ definition is given.’

  1. Hi and <3 to everyone.

    Kind of feels like we're in a lull, or maybe a stand off. It's that moment when two cats are sitting in the yard staring, right before one flinches and all hell breaks lose.

    Or to follow Roob's thought, piss or get off the pot. 🙂

  2. hi everyone – hi frank – hi roob
    roob – life – an experience worth dying for or just a game played by arse holes? just a joke 🙂

    softeyes your comment put me in mind of this

    something to do with the deep state i think

    frank … in wonderland i wonder what made me check in with merovee last night – something to do with the deep state no doubt
    glad to find that everyone is doing well

    1. Dunning

      And I think somehow linked to Chang-e 4 landing on the dark side of the moon. It just entered lunar orbit but isn’t expected to land until Jan 3.

            1. And a good example of the bizarre nature of some of this stuff.

              A copy and paste of an email from Jenny :

              ‘Speaking of Scotland, I was watching a new episode of Outlander and

              you were in it! Frank’s wife travelled through the stones at Inverness

              and eventually had a daughter, whom she sent back through the stones

              to live with Frank. The daughter is now older and has travelled back through

              the stones to get to her mum. Along the way she meets her half-sister in the

              1700s and starts singing ‘If you live in San Francisco, put some flowers in

              your hair’ and says ‘that was my father’s (Frank’s) favorite song’! ‘

              In a Big Country.


                  1. Frank and Jen

                    On the subject of monsters in the dark…
                    ‘There is nothing in the dark, that isn’t there in the light’. – Rod Serling

                    And the mirror, ‘for now we see through a veil darkly, but then we shall see face to face’.

                    😃 to 😃

    1. Rain

      Could be an interesting period. Brexit is planned for 29th March and my daughter’s birthday is 25th March.

      And by the way, wonderful pic of you. You look great in it.

        1. 1/1/’19.

          1/1 is the birthday of many millions who don’t know their actual day of arrival so settle on the first of the first to satisfy the forms

    1. Rain
      Was hoping I could get English subtitles in the video but 1:19 stood out! Point understood. Looks intriguing. And the takeaway is, nothing is as it seems – consciousness is shaped on a conglomeration of notions we’ve been forced to believe in. I feel a small shift when I see stuff like this. 🙂

    2. “The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana Kazakhstan (aka the Peace Pyramid) and the International Peace Garden align to form a great circle around the Earth. The two landmarks and the edges of continents along this Great Circle divide it into 6 sections of 8880km, 4444km, 8765km, 4444km, 9999km, and 3456km.”

  3. frank, on the tube ?

    nah … it’s just a walk on part

    & speaking of middens, & mess endures

    you know i’m only messing about …
    i’m not a player myself … it’s just what the tube threw up ,, 🙂

    u take care

      1. frank, i got to tell you – that last trance-mission left me totally exhausted & drained & a little “creeped out” – what possessed me to share those links? i dunno – i had a couple of drinks earlier so maybe it was just a yearning for the spirits of merovee’s Christmas past torquing to me 🙂 ….

        whatever it was it was a somewhat sobering experience

        some intriguing & pro-found stuff in that vid though eh, for those with the ears to hear & u know the funniest thing is …

        i only watched it after posting the link 2 u … 🙂

  4. About the illusion, this just in.

    The Trump Family Foundation is shutting down.

    In other words, the sky God’s foundation is breaking apart, collapsing.

    Emerge and see! 😃

    1. I’ve just been speaking to Jenny about that. I said in fairness the spotlight could be put on the Clinton Foundation as well.

      And her reply :

      ‘In the spirit of fairness and the Season, let’s just wipe em all out and take their money!’

    2. Soft eyes,
      They always look awkward in official photos. I thought this was interesting.
      “Things get even more complicated when you consider the portrait that Melania Trump posted on her own Instagram account differs from the official portrait photos: FLOTUS seems to have used a filter to slightly yellow and blur the image. Photographer and frequent Vogue contributor Daniel Arnold says that such a choice could be an effort “to reinforce an illusion of reality” and that “they blurred the whole thing to create a false uniformity,” especially if the couple was, in fact, superimposed onto the background from another image. “If I were editing and I were ever to do a bad job and it looked fake, I would blur the whole thing.””

      1. Is balance an illusion? And ma’at? Just because the symbol (not reality) of justice is blindfolded, doesn’t mean she can’t see. Maybe she uses her third eye.
        IMO justice isn’t a word in the dictionary. And it’s more like “harmony” than “karma”.

        1. Hi Anon

          IMO we are dealing with concepts.

          My original comment was about the concept of the male sky god, which is the pin that holds this illusion together. And if we remove will take the rest of the trash out with him. You want to lose the monarchy. They rule by his divine right.

          You’re right what is truly balance and harmony and completely natural has become an endless struggle for justice. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, tit for tat. Justice is mine saith the Lord. So we keep on fighting. We’re really fighting just to keep a false concept going.

          Maybe justice is blind because we choose not to see. And the sky God remains because we choose his presence. But the ‘foundation’ which holds him and everything tied to him up, is now crumbling, because sight is changing.

          Emerge and see.

          End of today’s rant. 🙂

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