Welcome to a New Age of Humanity.




The Light House is creating something new.



Frank Grimes’ sister. She’s dirty.



The Sub Domain and Lilith. The deleted seens / scenes.




And in the bizarre way the Universe speaks to me, it’s saying we have fast forwarded one year to December 2019 and 2020 vision is nearly upon us.

The New Site.

Blink and Time.




To me, it feels like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe – 1618 Main Street.




For Those In Peril On The See.



The ANC is trying the solve Original Seen.

According to the Ankhor, Original Sin was Colonisation.





You only have to forgive once.


73 thoughts on “2020

      1. LOL! I just cometed on other post that I did!
        Yes. It was intense. Not that things were falling of shelves and stuff, but like it was a message. The tremors I felt were a kind of “I am everywhere” message. And I understood immediately.

              1. I had one of my experiences last night.

                I walked into the Light, or further into it, and the Light walked into me. The Light was the Mother Goddess is the best way I can describe it.

            1. Ennet though, MJ?
              I felt nothing here and was going to gleefully appear and tell Frank so much for his predictions 😜 even though the knight is still Jung, but seems the shakedown happened near U not I this round. The way you described the tremor as a message is exactly how I felt years ago during an earthquake that happened while I was taking a bath. Except it was a message from he.

              I SEE the stuff going on in Ross as happening on levels outside of newspaper articles. Many times I think all the dead are steering the ship. I definitely don’t think J.G. is dead dead. His wife by the way is Rebecca.

      1. Etymology
        Formerly Magerit; etymology uncertain, but probably derived from one or more of the following:

        Arabic اَلْمَجْرِيط‎ (al-majrīṭ, “source of water”), from مَجْرَى‎ (majrā, “stream”)
        Latin matrix (“mother or womb [of rivers]”),
        hypothetical Celtic *mageto ritu (“great bridge”)

      1. It’s luny.

        Some popular suggestions about the etymology of ‘London’

        Some British Israelites claimed that the Anglo-Saxons, assumed to be descendants of the Tribe of Dan, named their settlement lan-dan, meaning “abode of Dan” in Hebrew.
        An unsigned article in The Cambro Briton for 1821 supports the suggestion of Luna din (‘moon fortress’), and also mentions in passing the possibility of Llong din (‘ship fortress’).
        Several theories were discussed in the pages of Notes and Queries on 27 December 1851, including Luandun (supposedly “city of the moon”, a reference to the temple of Diana supposed to have stood on the site of St Paul’s Cathedral), and Lan Dian or Llan Dian (“temple of Diana”). Another correspondent dismissed these, and reiterated the common Llyn din theory.

        Today is 12.12.2018 and I think somebody said that already.

        Anyway, US southerners thought it might have been the Second Coming when the earthquake happened…

  1. And I’ve been reading about Sudan and South Sudan and Kush and Nubia, because it keeps going back further and further…
    to try and respond to Anonymouse.
    I’ve watched 2 YouTubes and read 3 articles and I still don’t understand what is happening in SS. I guess the same thing that’s happening everywhere.

    1. I don’t follow current events anymore except extremely peripherally maybe. I think Ross exists for a reason that I never imagined before. Don’t ask me that reason though.

    2. I said this before in the olden daze on the old MV and I write it again. In 2008 I went with a friend to the UN compound in Ross to jog. That’s when the capital city was still relatively empty and the Bangladeshi “peace keepers” guarding sandbags and their own barbed wire were bored to death, horny and lazy in the watchtowers and checkpoints of their compound so it was easy to get in and go astray. My friend who’d been there before said it was urgent I joined her for a “run” so I could see what she’d seen and confirm that she wasn’t crazy. We jogged for a bit before turning off the official path to scope out a series of altars and rocks that had been assembled in the landscape. The rocks and plaques were etched with creepy, ill-will statements about death, pledges to an entity of death, and notes about sacrificing the souls of the dead. Mind you, the compound was at/by the airport and pretty much claimed the entire space of the main port of entry into the country by air. And it was then that I knew that the news and it’s representations are just the surface of a bigger story that has gone on forever, on earth as it is in “heaven.” That’s probably why I talk about it so much. It’s a kind of outing.

  2. I’d really love to read the Alan Moore article in New Scientist.
    Bet it has something to do with Slove et Cgoaula – myabe we solhud satrt witrnig lkie tihs to skahe tihges up and eveltae csnocsiousens.

    1. Roob

      Hindsight is 2020.

      And breaking news from Westminster.

      Theresa May wins confidence vote with 200 votes for her and 117 against . Or 200 out of 317 MPs. Not sure if they all voted.

      And there’s a 137 in there. 317 MPs.

      And apropos nothing really, Jenny told me earlier ‘I will survive’ – just a phrase – and I agreed with her.


        1. Roob

          I didn’t know that. It’s all going on isn’t it ?

          And I’ve been thinking about Confidence in the terms of a secret.

          Doesn’t work very well though . I heard it through the grapevine.

          A confidence :

          ‘If you tell someone something in confidence, you tell them something secret or private and you trust them not to tell anyone else
          in strict/the strictest confidence.’

  3. Strasbourg killer was Cherif Chekatt
    Charlie Hebdo killer was Cherif Kouachi plus his brother Said Kouachi.
    Both Cherif!!!
    Sherif is an Arabic word/name meaning “noble”, “highborn”, or “honourable”.
    “Cherif” = 49 (English Ordinal) or 7×7.
    “Said” = 33 (English Ordinal)
    And 49+49+33 = 131 showing 13 forwards and backwards.
    “Cherif Chekatt” = 117 (English Ordinal) 13 letters
    “Cherif Kouachi” = 117 (English Ordinal) 13 letters
    117 = 39+39+39 or (13+13+13)+(13+13+13)+(13+13+13)
    Twice, the same gematria.


    1. CC is 33 as well.
      I see Cher, riff, cat and chi in that name.
      Cher as in ”Sonny”.
      Also possibly something about the Sheriff.
      Bang bang.
      It’s la mer age.

  4. Dec 14th Dow Jones down 496.87 points or 2.02% to 24,100.51.
    24,100.51 is 2727.88 down from 3/10/2018 when it reached it’s Highest High (88) of 26,828.39.
    This represents a percentage drop of 10.16788%.

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