All Along The Watchtower

This article won’t make a lot of sense. It doesn’t much to me apart from a vague understanding of the Twilight Language.

And interested to see what happens.

The Watch Tower.



A Magic Number Rules The Universe



1694. The Currency.



Crossing the road.

Tilling Down Lane. Click Francis Frith.



God makes no deals. Total In No Sense .


30 thoughts on “All Along The Watchtower

    1. Un Till . Time Again.

      “until,” Old English til (Northumbrian) “to,” from Old Norse til “to, until,” from Proto-Germanic *tilan (source also of Danish til, Old Frisian til “to, till,” Gothic tils “convenient,” German Ziel “limit, end, goal”). A common preposition in Scandinavian, serving in the place of English to, probably originally the accusative case of a noun now lost except for Icelandic tili “scope,” the noun used to express aim, direction, purpose (as in aldrtili “death,” literally “end of life”). Also compare German Ziel “end, limit, point aimed at, goal,” and till (v.).

      And fingers in the till.

  1. Pups and I had a long day and walked for hours well off our beaten path. Toward the end we came across a crowned tower. He lifted his leg and took the piss.
    Well actually he didn’t. He either didn’t have any left or he didn’t want to waste it.
    Or else the tower wasn’t a thing of any real interest; only illusion. A vox of dreams. A play EL-efone.

    I trust pups. He has at least a 6th’’s cent. I don’t think he lives in 3D.

              1. Rain

                I thought of Tau when I saw the star. Wondering whether the star in China is Tau.

                And Three Kings as well. The Star in the East.

                Winter Solstice tomorrow as well.

                And my ghost plane. When I was about 8, the kid next door came running in saying he had seen a plane crashing out of the sky.

                He couldn’t see where it crashed as it was over a hill. Anyway about five kids set off but when we got where he had said it would have crashed, it wasn’t there. To this day, he says he saw it and don’t doubt him.

                And about ten years ago, I read a report in the local paper where someone reported an identical incident. Again no plane.

      1. That number adds up to 18 or 9.
        The number of the s-Ports bar where that crown tower was also adds up to 18 or 9.
        If I’m doing the ma’at correctly.

      1. Anon

        I’m not sure if this has anything to do with justice, but the Senate of US has just passed a bill making lynching a federal crime. 200 previous attempts had failed. The House must still vote to make it law.

        Whatever lynching is, it’s not a crime, yet. I’m so naive I thought it was. 😕

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