What Next ?


The Spectator asks ‘What Next’ ?



Change has lifted off to the Dark Side of the Moon.



Unlocking the secret to Mona Lisa’s smile ?



And the Zodiac.



Something’s coming. Again.

Frank the Tremor analyst 🤔.



An earthquake which could cause TOTAL destruction is forecasted for the next few days, according to one self-proclaimed tremor analyst.

Earth will become positioned between Venus and Uranus and the gravitational tug from each planet could cause a potentially civilisation ending earthquake. This is according to ‘New-age earthquake forecasting’ website Ditrianum, run by researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, who said an earthquake which is almost a magnitude NINE on the richter scale will hit. The gravitational pull of the celestial bodies either side of our planet could pull on Earth’s tectonic plates, according to the prediction.’


Time will tell.


53 thoughts on “What Next ?

    1. When that happens to me, I forget to breathe and it feels like a panic attack is about to happen so I start drinking a lot of water and taking deep breaths and that helps.
      Anybody who has ever had a panic attack knows that particular feeling and it’s terrifying. It’s not surprising I had my first in 2014.

      1. MJ

        Heart in mouth moment.

        Think it’s OK. Just web chatted to Happiness Engineer. Couldn’t see anything wrong but whatever it was seems to have cleared.

        Every day one shock after another !

        What a life, eh ?

        1. Frank, the other day M asked if I wished we were somewhere else or if I wanted to travel anywhere. And I said that every moment, I am in a state of bewilderment and awe, right here in the southeast US. Because actually, I don’t know where the f*ck we are but it’s not Kansas anymore!
          M said he thought he had seen the most exotic places until he moved here ☺️

          1. My Dad used to say that about the South too, M&MJ He loved it’s literature, not so much its lynchings, but you win some, you lose some. He felt an affinity toward the American South and the Irish, go fig. I’d like to visit one day.

            1. Anon

              Suspension of Merovee and Phoenix – Xi Phone – in the Tree in the Garden and Tree of Life. I think the Hanging Tree maybe connected. Whatever the Hanging Tree is.


              And this man and the Redbud Tree. Getting very biblical.

              ‘Biblical literature records that after betraying Christ, Judas Iscariot hanged himself from a tree. Legend contends that he selected a redbud tree (C. siliquastrum, a tree related to our native species but found in western Asia and southern Europe), thus giving rise to the common name “Judas tree.”

              Redhill Rd, near the Georgia Guidestones.


      2. (((MJ)))

        Zeus was sitting in my yard last night. He took off when I opened the door. I see him from time to time.
        There’s nothing like the purr of a kitty to calm you down. <3

        1. Soft eyes ☺️
          If you get the chance, please tell him I miss him and he’s always welcome to come back home. He might like his new sister, Juno.

  1. When I tell Charlie that the earth will be between Venus and Uranus, he will think that is the funniest thing he’s ever heard. He likes to say how hot Venus is, and can’t get over that Uranus is a gas giant.

  2. The area between the vagina (Venus) and anus (Uranus) is an erogenous zone called the ‘perineum’…

    ‘”region of the body between the anus and the genital organs” (jocularly called a taint), early 15c., from Medieval Latin perinaeon, Late Latin perineum, from Greek perinaion, perinaios, from peri “near” (see peri-) + inan “to carry off by evacuation,” of unknown origin.’


        1. Change has lifted off. 6-30 our time.

          Maybe I was web chatting with Chinese Mission Control.


          ‘China launched the Chang’e 4 spacecraft atop a Long March 3B rocket on Friday in a milestone mission to land a rover on the far side of the moon.

          While the dark side of the moon has been seen and mapped before, the successful landing of Chang’e 4 would represent the first time any spacecraft has touched down there. The mission is part of China’s heavy investment in lunar exploration and growing capabilities in space through the China National Space Administration’.

            1. Frank

              All week long I’ve had the sensation of about to receive a gift. But you may not recognize it as such.

              I resist change with all my strength. But this is the year of letting go of what is comfortable but not beneficial, to move on to the better thing.

              Clearly we are conflicted and it’s pulling us apart. But we must find common ground before we can move to higher ground.

              There is no threat. <3

              1. Softeyes

                Change is not easy and this is a big change if it’s done right.

                I have the opposite feeling of joining. It may not be apparent ‘out there’ but I think it’s happening.

                America may not be the easiest place at present in that regard.

                1. “Clean, bright. Ruby colour developing to maroon. On the nose is complex and elegant, wide fruity and spicy notes. On the mouth, elegant, with pleasant hints due to the barrel ageing. Long and silky finish.”

    1. Remote viewed that series last week with Cade. He pointed out to me that at 55 seconds into the title sequence, the message on plane view… ‘ICU2’

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