The Moral Mays


Deep Water.



The Moral Maize.




Daniel Mays.




And Swanee river – Swan Lake – leads into alternate reality territory. Maybe possibly. The swans showed up on one side of the lake as below.





After we had finished the first photo shoot I moved around to a mini wharf on another side of the lake. And reviewing the pics a mind boggling idea has come to mind. I’ve adjusted to the reality quirks or maybe quarks whatever exactly quarks are. They are described as elementary subatomic particles. Even so the concepts are difficult for the mind to accept.



At the wharf the swans swam over to me in a similar fashion. My rational mind says the swans swam around from where we had been. My less than rational mind, and to be honest I go with the less than rational mind rather than the logical mind these days due to constant weirdness, says actually it was a quantum reality experience where I experienced the same event twice.





Herb Albert or Herb Alpert ?



The Dreamer.

‘Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.’







More ‘She’s Alive.’











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