Food For Thought



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Food For Thought.







It’s been a Long Dark Tea Time.




Carved dragons crouched gaping at the sky as Dirk Gently, in his flapping coat, approached the great iron portals which led to the hotel and to the great vaulted train shed of St Pancras station. Stone figures of winged dogs crouched down from the top of pillars.

Dirk walked into the booking hall, a large space with great panelled walls along which were spaced fat marble columns in the form of torch holders.

At this time of night the ticket office was closed – trains do not run all night from St Pancras – and beyond it the vast chamber of the station itself, the great Victorian train shed was shrouded in darkness and shadow.



Shadow People.

From :

The Shadow People are a mysterious and recurring feature in folklore, paranormal and cryptid research. They have also entered the public imagination and are frequently employed in popular culture across many media. The general idea of the Shadow People concerns their malevolent ghost-like presence that is often felt or seen “at the corner of one’s eye”. Appearing as large and terrifying shadows, these creatures may stalk a victim or stay in hiding, but they almost always surround each and every visit with an aura that causes victims to become extremely paranoid, scared, delirious, or even paralyzed.

Shadow People have existed in all cultures since prehistoric times. Many ghosts and demons in folklore share striking similarities to the Shadow People, being tall, shadowy, and vaguely humanoid specters whose presence brings an unshakable feeling of doom, dread, or despair on any unfortunate people who stray in their path. Often, these creatures were seen as harbingers for great destruction or ruin, such as the death of those who encountered them, the failing of harvests, the coming of plague, or even in some cases, the arrival of a natural disaster, such as a flood or earthquake.




Back Home.

Familiar territory. If a tree falls in a forest of dreams.




Flower Power.









2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. What and who are the Shadow People ? My best description is ‘energy’. They are ‘hallucinations’ and a thought form or inner demons manifested from within the Self which have taken on a form of reality. Not really real but they do have a survival instinct and can be extremely vicious.

    I view them as similar to Mara’s demons as described in the story of the Buddha.

    Mara can be interpreted either as a real external demon or as internal vices that one faces on the pathway to enlightenment. From the psychological perspective, Mara is a manifestation of one’s own mind. No external demon exists since it emerges from our own deluded thoughts. Those who see Mara as a personification of our human ego interpret the stories associated with him in a symbolic way. Mara becomes a representation for internal vices.

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