Time Is The Currency


Here are some more pics from my trip from Red Pill to London and back again.

From the Overlook Hotel, much of what I am involved in is a subconscious journey down the neural pathways which mainly deals with Memory and Time. The process is incredibly clever. It is also not easy to understand and part of ‘not knowing’ is admitting IDK and having faith and handing it over to spirit to deal with the details.

On Sunday I visited the Abandoned House and on Tuesday I had a meeting with beautiful beyond belief grown up Ophelia from Pan’s Labyrinth in maybe the most depressing place in the world and then a trip the next day to a seriously wealthy area of London. The phrase ‘From the sublime to the ridiculous’ for a few days had been going around my head which describes it well. They are different rooms in the Crystal Maze. And I decided I’m far more comfortable in Red Pill.







On a lot of my trips, there is often a Lady who shows up for a chat. She has many faces. On Wednesday she was a very flamboyant African lady called Stella.




Seeing the wealth, my mind turned to the movie In Time which describes Time Theft where Time is the Currency and wealthy individuals steal time from the poor. King’s Cross is 0° on the Prime Meridian.



Outside the Renaissance Hotel were cars worth god only knows how much. Here is a McLaren and high end BMW which are worth ridiculous sums of money.





And Penelope Pitstop and Welcome to the Programming. In short we live in an unreal dimension where a false past masquerades as the Now.



In some of my pics and pics of others over the years, a figure which MJ described as ‘Dark Energy’ in the sense of ‘not nice’ somehow seems to insert itself into the picture. Here is an example.



Down by the Water.





Over the last few years, the world has become totally unreal to me and many of the people also feel unreal – see the Backdrop People theory. And occasionally I meet some people and my mind goes ‘OMG you are real’. This pic seems be saying the same thing. I was also given something which seems to confirm this is the wrong dimension and a deliberate process was put in place which is intended to keep the fake guilt and death based 3D matrix game going, in reaction to the Ascension.



And good news. Over the years I’ve written about the search for my missing sister. In the Diamond which is very very confusing, I see All Woman as my sister but the universe has been indicating one particular woman which fits with the time and dimensional manipulation. It’s been a long time.






11 thoughts on “Time Is The Currency

    1. Roob

      That’s nuts. This is part of why I’ve been talking about a new state of not knowing and emptying the tea cup. I view Pink as the heart chakra colour for everyone. See the Rainbow as well.

      Colour and hex coding.


      1. Frank, if you click on the image of my twitter feed this morning in the post it takes you to an article by the HART GROUP. As I was linking it, I thought ‘pink heart’.

              1. I believe we are coming to a crunch point. I’ve had a couple of confirmations about Stranger Things in the last few days. Nothing really changes – the aim is to move on up or whatever it is exactly the universe wants to do but seeing how synchronicity has been used and is being used especially with music in regards to memory is truly astonishing. Something going on outside of here at the moment I write this which is directly linked to memory and also this article. Given up trying to work it out. It simply Is.

                Also how the Universe uses ‘for the purpose of demon stration’ once you understand it is also incredibly clever. How it’s going to play out will be fascinating.

  1. A few scenes from the movie “In Time” make me think of 15-minute cities (which is a whole other topic in itself)
    Good movie – if you like that sort of thing.

    1. Kenneth

      My trip to the Renaissance Hotel felt so similar to In Time. Only close to the hotel to be fair. The rest of the areas were normal. At a deep level it’s about Memory I believe as well as all the connections linked with the trip I associate with persons in my life. ‘In Time’ itself is not a great movie but the idea is good. Personal experience has shown me different or alternate timelines are real. Within the illusion I will add.

      15 minute cities look manipulated to me. Again Time with 15 minutes. Bubbles within bubbles within bubbles.

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