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  1. ‘“Let me take you down ‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields…..nothing is real, there’s nothing to be hung up on….Strawberry Fields forever” John Lennon on the Beatles’ Double A-side single release, February 1967

    ‘Here perhaps (at last) is the key point I’m making: the other side of the single is the McCartney composition Penny Lane. One side is about challenging what reality is – if anything: the other side is a celebration of respectable bankers, hairdressers, people stopping to say hello, fireman keen to keep their engines clean, nurses selling poppies for charity, and “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes, there beneath the blue suburban skies”.

    ‘Now: which of the Double A-sides there tell you more about what we have lost in the community, educational, politesse, reportage and everyday celebration of life dimensions that my forever blessed generation was so lucky to have received from the State, opinion leaders and role models fifty six years ago?’

    1. Roob

      I made a look up to the heavens gesture when I read your Strawberry Fields article as I had remembered the Strawberry Fields a few days before. On Friday the gate suddenly opened and I found them. They were in the centre of the image in the farrowed field to the left of the trees.


      What you said about your mum’s name maybe part of it. Penny is also in the memory bank and Leg Iron’s alt reality nuclear story ( past / future memory ? ). In the very big picture though memory is the Past and not Now.

      It looks like deliberate inter dimensional / timeline / memory / energy / reality manipulation and interference.

      And Einstein.


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