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  1. Nordstream 2 pipeline destroyed to Titanic wreck site = 2664NM.
    2664NM = 666+666+666+666NM.
    Nordstream 2 pipeline was deliberately blown up.
    BALmoral to BALtic Nordstream = 666NM.
    Westminster Abbey to Nordstream = 666NM.

    Then there is Tia Sharp and the Titan submersible.
    Tia Titan.

    Then there’s IPG2 release date of 24/6/2012.
    Tia Sharp disappeared on 3/8/2012, day# 216.
    Day gap = 40 days.
    Or 1M 10D
    Or 5W 5D.

  2. I must also say thanks for the photos and videos of the beautiful flowers and the dragonfly Frank!
    All created by God in His infinite wisdom.
    All the atoms and cells formed by His magnificent creative power to form such beautiful creations that take shape in their own particular way. All the different colours and shapes far beyond our ability to understand. How is it that the edges of the petals know when to stop and not continue to grow and spread for inches and feet and yards and miles bigger? No people – God as programmed their growth to perfection. They grow to their exact size and we are impressed by their beauty and take them for granted! We give no thought to how they grow to those exact sizes. This is the very same all over the world with all of Creation.
    Come to Jesus NOW while there is still time as for sure time is running out and Antichrist will soon appear on the scene demanding your worship.

    1. Ken

      Thank you.

      Apart from the beauty and question about intelligent design what I’m seeing in the locality and showing is a DNA refraction process which is creating new forms of hybrid life in flora and fauna and animals and presumably humanity as well. If you have seen the movie ‘Annihilation’ you would understand the process.


  3. Well we see that the Second Ashes Test Match between England and Australia at Lords leaves England a target of 371 to win as Australia finished 370 runs ahead after their second innings.
    Will 370 runs be enough to win?
    370 of course is a very very interesting number as many of you would know.
    MH370 went missing on 8/3/2014 and has never been found.
    From 8/3/2014 to 2/7/2023, the last day of the 2nd Test Match = 3+3+3 years and 3 months and 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3 days.
    Many also say that the Ark was afloat for 370 days.
    The number 37 is an astonishing number particularly associated with the Bible.
    For instance any triple number is always divisible by 37. 111, 222, 333 etc and especially 888 of course which is the Greek gematria for Jesus Himself. It is a fact and cannot be denied.
    37 is known as the great unifier.
    Every title given to Jesus in the Bible in Greek gematria is divisible by both 37 and 8.
    But I digress and should show you this interesting Timeline.

    Obama born 4/8/1961.
    + 370+370 months,
    Trump charged in NYC 4/4/2023.
    +370 days, (or 8,880 hrs),
    X Eclipse across the USA 8/4/2024.
    This is 77 months and 77 days after the first X Eclipse across the USA on 21/8/2017.

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