Being chewed up in the crucible of Love.












As Above, So Below.

Recently Merovee went into a big meltdown. This sort of stuff has been par for the course over the years. In bewilderment I was wondering how it could be brought back and the little voice said it will all come back and glitches are memory. It has taken about a month and fully recovered now. During this period memories have returned which seem to be a reflection of ‘it will all come back’. The best description is they are memories of a better place. I’m not too sure of the physical location or when but as I don’t know which planet I’m on – Mars, Earth, Venus or Sirius it feels like at times – and time is swirling and doing odd things I don’t know if that is relevant. It’s always Now Here.

In the big picture, the memories say history and memory and reality has been radically altered to suit whoever and whatever they or it is exactly so energy is diverted and siphoned off.







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