Memory Lane




All these images amongst many many others are memory triggers for me. They are both past and future memories of a long long time ago and not so long ago in my memory but the past is the past even if its Yesterday or a million years ago or in the future. Once you get to a certain age and remember events and experiences and people, it all seems like Yesterday probably because it is. They may trigger memories in others because there seems to be both a personal and collective memory.

Some of the memories are incredibly bleak and at the same time they are not real. They are memories of an imaginary reality. I believe they are memory of a moment in time on repeat when the world turned to shit. Also some of the memories would seem to have some sort of reality and others have been fabricated and involve very unpleasant reality manipulation. It is a Mind Field.

















And cellular memory. How it is pinged is incredibly clever and also mind blowing. How does that work everyone asks when they see how connected everything is ? I follow the IDK path a lot of the time in an attempt not to get caught up in the maze too much.










5 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Pursue the Next You – Villanova U (new town) at 1:53 in vid

    Memory Lane. Eye 95. The North/South thing.
    Out of control vehicle, crash, explosion, fire, collapse.
    A memory of a moment in time on repeat, when the world turned to shit.

      1. Show me your ID 👽

        Part of the tension coming at US is that the way we choose to identify is not the identity that’s being forced on US. And not just with regard to gender but transcending all the facets of our existence. The mark of identity and ownership is toxic. I realize this is sensitive stuff but it must and will be tested.

        Who are we? Are we okay not knowing?
        Interesting comments by the reporter at about 5:30 into the video.

    1. Northbound

      When you find your true north, you discover your authentic self. It’s a combination of your purpose and your beliefs. You decide what you value most in life and put that at the forefront. Once you’re aware of this inner sense, you’re one step closer to answering your calling. Your true north is unique to you.

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