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From ACIM :

The real world is a symbol like the rest of what perception offers. The real world holds a counterpart for each unhappy thought reflected in your world. A sure correction for the sights of fear and sounds of battle which your world contains. The real world shows a world seen differently, through quiet eyes and with a mind at peace. Nothing but rest is there. There are no cries of pain and sorrow heard for nothing there remains outside forgiveness. And the sights are gentle. Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself. The real world is the symbol that the dream of sin and guilt is over.











4 thoughts on “Unwinding

  1. From henrymakow.com
    To cement their theft of the 2020 election, Janet Yellen just wrote Fox News a cheque to give to Dominion voting systems. The US has gone from Beacon of Freedom to laughing stock of the whole world.

    “Fox News abruptly agreed on Tuesday to pay $787.5 million to resolve a defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting Systems over the network’s promotion of misinformation about the 2020 election, averting a lengthy and embarrassing trial just as a packed courtroom was seated in anticipation of hearing opening statements.”

    787.5 million dollars.
    7+8+7+5 = 9+9+9.
    787.5-666 = 121.5
    1+2+1+5 = 9.
    9+9+9+9 = 36 and 3+6 = 9.
    7875+1215 = 9090 + mirror 909 = 9999.
    In the Bible the number 9 stands for Finality and here they have in quadrupled!

    1. From 7/11/2020, Biden wins election, to 18/4/2023 = 892 days = 4×223 days.
      And 223 is 322 in reverse which is the number for Skull and Bones.
      Also 892+298 = 1190 which contains 911 in reverse.
      Adding all the dates digits we get –
      7+1+1+2+2+1+8+4+2+2+3 = 33.
      ‘Nuff said!

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