Fuel For The Soul


Every day is an adventure.

At the surface level it what it is but there always seems to be a deeper meaning to my rambles. It’s a beautiful spring day here and on my morning amble I first met a number of large birds making a noise. To be frank I’m not sure exactly what birds they are but for the purposes of this article I’m going to say they are turkeys. I maybe wrong but I imagine somewhere down the line they will end up on someone’s plate.

How To Save A Life. My good deed for the day was to wave down the traffic when the birds made a dash across the road.



Further down the path I passed a mother sheep suckling her lambs. It was an incredibly beautiful sight. However my mind turned to the nature of fuel and how they are lambs to the slaughter and will end up as energy for a human being somewhere down the line.




Solar Energy.



I made my way into Red Pill and again fuel and energy jumped out.




I have been a meat eater up to this point in my present life. I’m having problems digesting meat and I am toying with the idea of going vegetarian. And the moral maze. No getting away from it killing another animal for your energy supply does raise moral questions. Then I think if I go vegetarian is it any better to only eat the harvest from the earth and what about the vegetables and fruit. Do they feel pain ?

‘I need’ is at the heart of it. Also I smoke cigarettes. I am addicted to cigarettes and half of me would like to lose the addiction but I do enjoy smoking. Also I like the feeling of being drunk. Nothing better than a pint of Shepherd Neame. Unfortunately or fortunately as I’ve got older the detox from a heavy session takes longer and longer so I rarely imbibe alcohol these days. Everyone is addicted to something and also personal relationships can be addictive from the energy supply we get from others.

When I was younger I was definitely addicted to playing football. The buzz and adrenalin rush was something else. A question that is often asked of footballers is ‘What is better ? Scoring a goal or an orgasm ?’ . I couldn’t say for sure. The feelings are very similar. God it was fun though.




All this leads into Conspiracy Theory.

On the way back home I saw the first butterfly of the year. Butterflies are amazing beautiful. Don’t normally see them at this time of year. Again there are levels to this with the Butterfly Effect and acts of kindness and cruelty having an effect within consciousness




Also there is a deeper reason why butterflies keep showing up for me I believe and is connected to the Monarch butterfly programming involved with MK Ultra. The Monarch butterfly also showed up in Mineral Wells, Texas. I am slightly loathe to include this pic but I want certain people or entities or whatever they are exactly to know that I know. Some of it has been incredibly subtle and some not so subtle.

About MK Ultra I believe the attempts at psychic control with LSD and physical and psychic abuse in hindsight had a counter effect and actually opened up the psychic 3rd eye on a large scale which wasn’t the intended idea.



Again Energy.



Another reason why I am thinking of going vegetarian is that all the alternate reality movies seem to have an element of truth to them. And I have been mulling over the Matrix where dead human bodies are used by AI for sustenance.

Battery farming.



And cloning. Never Let Me Go is a book and movie which touched me at a deep level. It tells the story of clones who are created as organ donors for the wider populace. At the heart of it is the idea of sacrifice. One of the questions many readers ask is ‘Why didn’t they attempt to escape?’. The reason was the donors believed their sacrifice was for the greater good.

Leads into God again. God doesn’t require sacrifice. At time of war your country doesn’t need you is my opinion. In reality there is no war.




And Dolly. Baaa.



On the brighter side in my opinion it is all happening in a Dream.



A Peace of Mind.






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    1. I contemplated including breatharianism in the article. Even then air is needed.

      Watt’s your poison ?

      Filling / fuelling / feeling / fooling the void. Full up and fed up. End of wordplay.

      1. Lol, I was reading that comment half asleep and mistakenly replied, managing another indiscretion.

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