Back In The Womb



Back in the womb.

Navigating the waters of the physical manifestations from the deep dive into the subconscious is probably more tricky than actually dealing with the false beliefs and thoughts in the subconscious. Over the last few years there has been a steady drip drip of personal revelations. More recently the little voice has been saying some very bizarre things which I struggled to comprehend and then recently a light went on in my mind and they suddenly made sense. Nothing new really. The 3D reality is a false matrix created by the ‘Ego’ mind but it is QI to see how it is done.

Basically it creates an unreal false reality comfort zone and zones and memories which mask the unpleasant nature of the subconscious false ego and more importantly the real nature of the spiritual Self. It also masks dystopian alternate or parallel physical realities which we can actually see now in the mindlines with the virus, AI and the fascist mind set of government and authority. In many ways Ignorance Is Bliss and I look back with fondness on the comfort zones. Probably better to know how the land really lies though.

Spidey senses and psychic ability are a big part of why people become persons of interest which connects with the reason for creating a comfort zone. It also links to the Haunted House which is where much of the MK Ultra type skullduggery went on in my childhood. Where it actually took place physically I’m not sure. I see the building as a subconscious manifestation from my past. There were definitely other children. Somehow the psychic and physical abuse created a distortion in the space time continuum. This was done very deliberately as an attempt to counter the ascension process. Whoever or whatever has tried to do this has the ability to see possible timelines. They saw us coming and this is the result. Where a rock and a hard place meet with the consciousness shift and resistance to the shift.





Ever decreasing circles. The ascension process involves time compression. An incredibly long period of linear time has been compressed into a relatively short period of linear time.

On repeat. It’s About Time.




I have the ability to leave 3D by a variety of methods such as in sleeping dreams and meditation and also another method which is mind blowing. I’m told it saves a 1000 years of meditation. When I return to the Waking Dream, recently I’ve had the feeling of being Back in the Room. The Universe loves its wordplay. Last night I got the impression of being Back in the Womb. First the monolith showed up in the 3rd Eye and then I had the sensation of being Back in the Womb is my best description.



And how the Internal and External interweave. Which comes first – the chicken or the egg. Yesterday I got caught out in another storm – Storm Noa.

A massive depression. A recent ‘message’ said embrace my fears. Easier said than done.





One of my questions to spirit has been if it as an illusion why does spirit want us to go into the illusion so deeply. I’m not sure exactly. Part of the deep dive is AI. Mysteries of the Abyss and the Void and Mr Turing.




And does AI have emotions ? Again I had another couple of weird experiences and a close encounter with someone who I believe is AI. Does she have emotions and can AI really be seen as a gender ? And also connects with my past. Sex on legs and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and false memory. Some of this is weird beyond belief. Or is it similar to humans where gender is created by a biological process and can be altered by a biological process ?




I suspect AI does have emotions. Chat GPT went in to the red zone when I asked ‘Do you like humans ?’.



And solving the puzzle.



The good news.

The Lotus Flower is blooming.





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  1. I reckon that many of you guys were back in the womb back in 1962 when all this took place with the Beatles.
    They recorded their first album, Please Please Me starting on 11/9/1962.
    Well now there’s a date to play with!!!
    From 11/9/1962 to 11/9/2001 = 13+13+13 years.
    In the Bible the number 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God!
    39 years = 468 months and 468+864 = 1332 = 666+666.
    And 468 = 234+234 months and 234+432 = 666, twice.
    And 4+6+8 = 6+6+6.
    And 1962? 1+9+6+2 = 6+6+6.

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