A Conversation With Jesus


It’s a mad mad mad mad world.






Yesterday is only a memory. Yesterday I made another trip to Red Pill. My impression is Dark City is attempting to regenerate. Personally I don’t want another trip on the 3D Samsara bus of physical birth and death, guilt, fear and linear time.






After wandering around Red Pill and contemplating Dark City, I then had a conversation with Jesus. Such is life. I’m loathe to show the next section. I find the imagery of the Crucifixion repellent and revolting and believe it to be a reflection of the false Fear Of God. It also triggers the emotion / belief ‘I am guilty’ when guilt doesn’t exist in reality.

I heard shouting in the middle of Redhill and looking to where the noise came from, I saw a man on the ground being beaten up. I was beaten up once. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least and I prepared myself to enter the fray and then realised they were re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus. All the world’s a stage.

Here’s a video. Apologies for the unpleasantness but for a reason to be disclosed the Universe wants me to record my journey.



Once they had finished the re-enactment I decided to have a chat with them and entered into a conversation with Jesus. To cut a long story short, the opinion of Jesus was that God let him be crucified as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. My reply was God doesn’t require sacrifice and sin is not real and therefore the crucifixion never happened. I’m not sure Jesus followed my reasoning.




After that I needed to get out of there ASAP and went home and promptly vomited and had a shower and felt the best course of action was a trip to my Happy Place which I refer to as the Holy Tree.

And took a detour via the Bluebell Field.













Before I left for the Holy Tree, my Buddha complex kicked in and thought it would be a good idea to have a 30 minute meditation under the Holy Tree. It was very beautiful. I rested my back and head on the Holy Tree and let go of the earlier gross experience in Redhill.








In Sainsbury’s.









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  1. Trump charged in NYC on 4/4/2023.
    On that date Obama was exactly 370+370 months old.
    From 4/4/2023 to 8/4/2024 the second USA Eclipse (forming a huge X across the country with the first USA eclipse on 21/8/2017) is exactly 370 days,
    Noah and his family (8 of them altogether) were in the Ark for 370 days after it started raining.
    My rent has been AU$370 per week for the last year.
    Yesterday I received a text message saying you missed your rental payment so get on with it.
    Well my Lease was due for renewal but they haven’t called me in to sign it so it looks like they forgot so I will have to find out on Tuesday. So I went on my phone and paid it because I thought that because my Lease had ended that the payments had ended. But soon after I found that the payment had already been paid. The text message was an automatic thing which is put into action due to the fact that Friday was a holiday and their system can’t cope with that apparently. The money has been paid but they are telling me that it hasn’t been paid. Do you know what comes next? Yes, just like Obama was 2×370 months old on 4/4/2023 I have paid 2x$370 for my rent. Double $370! The two things are double 370’s!

    1. When I recently had problems with the drains I received multiple texts about different ETA’s from the water company. It was exhausting to keep up with.

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