It’s a weird place.




Doppelgangers from the last few days.

Curtis Mayfield.



Clementine Kruczynski.



Ian Brown.



Graham Linehan – creator of The IT Crowd and Father Ted.



The Old House and dysfunctional realities.

When Coincidence left the building.



I don’t like walking around this old and empty house
So hold my hand, I’ll walk with you my dear
The stairs creak as you sleep
It’s keeping me awake
It’s the house telling you to close your eyes
And some days I can’t even dress myself
It’s killing me to see you this way.



In Sainsbury’s they have introduced a new system. In order to leave the store, once I have paid I have to scan my receipt to get out.



It feels incredibly similar to a scene in ‘Never Let Me Go’ where the children are scanned.








Just like a pill.








A Cure For Wellness.





Reading ‘Time Out Of Joint’ has been very revealing.



Merovee is a peculiar animal. Things have never been how they appeared on the surface. I take the view that we left 3D in 2014 but there has been time loopery since. I’m seeing three time loops. The first loop is essentially over apart from a lingering psychic attachment. I’m not going back there. The third loop is strange but it is taking care of itself and involves second wave ‘Ascenders’. Also AI. It’s the second loop where the mystery lies – False Evidence Appearing Real. As an overview, there are two programs. One program is seeking to leave the Illusion completely and the other program wants a Time Reset to keep the same old, same old going.

The script is written. It is and isn’t. This weird reality is over – it has never actually existed. There is a choice of When though in linear time. IMO as soon as possible.

And ‘How to Save A Life’. Back in the mid 2000s I went to a very dark place which I managed somehow to get through. The power of music. Not to put too fine a point on it the music of Prefab Sprout saved my life. Thank you Paddy.



Another personal thank you. Someone saved my life in 2021 which wouldn’t have been a personal conscious choice. I’m not sure if she is consciously aware of it or not. Thank you anyway.



It’a long and winding road that leads to your door.




Whoever you are.


18 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Shooting at the Covenant School, Nashville on 27/3/2023.

    Hannah McDonald of NewsChannel 5 reported that 13 months earlier that Active Shooter Training took place at the Covenant School. What date did it actually take place at the school?
    13 months earlier is about the time Russia invaded Ukraine!
    There were 3 children and 3 adults killed?
    The address of the school is 33 Burton Hills Blvd?
    There are apparently 33 teachers at this school (Wyatt @austerewyatt1)

    Russia invades Ukraine 24/2/2022
    -> +66+66 days = 6/7/2022, Georgia Guidestones destroyed
    -> 66+66+66+66 days = 27/3/2023 Covenant School shooting.
    66+66+66+66+66+66 = 396 days = 66×6 days.
    396 days is approximately 13 months earlier as Hannah McDonald reported that the Active Shooter Training took place at the Covenant School. What date did it actually take place at the school? I asked her by email on 28/3/2023 and 29/03/2023. No reply yet.
    Female shooter at the Covenant School in Nashville is transgender so really a female.

    Projecting forward from 27/3/2023 to 8/4/2024 (day# 99) we have the second Eclipse that forms a huge X across the USA.
    This is a day gap of 378 days which can be split exactly into 126 and 252 days. 252 = 126+126.
    After the 126 days there are exactly 153 days left in the year of 2023. Remember the 153 fish caught in the net in the Bible?
    But these 378 days can also be split up as 252/126 days.
    Then the 252 days from 27/3/2023 lands on 4/12/2023, day# 338 = (13×13)+(13×13).
    252 = 21×12 and 126 = 21×6.
    So from 24/2/2022, Russia invades Ukraine to 8/4/2024, Eclipse X across the USA we have 396 + 378 days with 27/3/2023 in the middle as it were.
    3+9+6 = 6+6+6 and 3+7+8 = 6+6+6.
    This can be broken down again by halving both numbers to read 198+198 and 189+189.
    And of course 1+9+8 = 6+6+6 and 1+8+9 = 6+6+6.
    Sensational of course!!!
    The key date in the middle is of course 27/3/2023, the school shooting in Nashville and the first day of week # 13.

    From 8/9/2022, QEII dies to 8/4/2024, X formed by 2nd eclipse over the USA = (17×17)+(17×17) days.
    17, the combination of two perfect numbers (7 and 10) and here squared twice.

      1. This was a Christian School.
        “Covenant School” = 64 (Chaldean) 7+7 letters.
        “SWIM” = 64 (Ordinal) = 8×8.
        In the Bible the number 8 stands for a New Beginning.
        7 days in a week and the 8th is the beginning of a new week.
        Jesus in Greek gematria = 888. IESOUS. This is FACT people! FACT, Undeniable!
        or 37x(8+8+8).
        All triple digit numbers such as 888 is divisible by 37.
        All of them from 111 through to 999.
        Every one of them!
        Jesus is our New Beginning.
        It cannot be denied!
        It is plain to see for all!
        Anyone who denies it is spiritually blind or willfully blind!
        So sad!
        So what is this special number 37 all about?
        This number that clearly unifies!
        37, the most sublime number in the Bible!
        Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”
        Hebrew gematria – 2701 = 37×73.
        37 forwards and backwards!
        Astonishing evidence in the very first verse of the Bible!
        John 1:1, “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God”.
        WORD in Hebrew is Logos = 373 in Hebrew gematria.
        The WORD of course is Jesus.
        And on top of that 2701+1072 = 3773 = 7x7x77.
        Are you still denying Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?
        Time is rapidly running out!

        1. I sense your urgency.
          I’m not suggesting we’re out of time but haven’t we always been out of time?

        2. King Charles will have his Coronation on 5/6/2023.
          We just had the attack at The Covenant School in Nashville on 27/3/2023.
          Day gap = 40 days and 40+ mirror 4 = 44.
          5+6+2+2+3 = 6+6+6.
          2+7+3+2+2+3 = 19.
          18+19 = 37 as previously discussed.
          Also, 27+3+2+2+3 = 37.
          40 in the Bible stands for probation, trial and chastisement (or testing).

          1. Ken

            Good timing.

            Started reading this today. I’m told the highest court only has one judgement which is Innocence. It’s the lower court which is the problem in this reality. It is Self inflicted but guilt holds on in the psyche even when you realise it is not real. Ego survival.

            It’s very tedious. Been tried and tested too many times. Gets boring after a while.


        3. Another undeniable link to the Nashville Covenant School shooting on 27/3/2023.
          The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11/3/2020.

          From 11/3/2020 to 27/3/2023 = 1111 days!
          1111 = 11×101.
          In the Bible the number 11 stands for the Antichrist who is the little horn that comes out of the 10 horns (powers) in the book of Daniel.
          Also 11/3/2020 can be read as 11+3+2+2 = 6+6+6.

      2. Trans school shooter reveals how woke culture created deranged youth.
        Mike Adams

        The “woke” culture being pushed in schools and media is generating mentally deranged youth, and now an element of the trans movement has gone full militant, calling for a ‘Day of Vengeance’ against non-trans people.

        That’s probably why this trans shooter just carried out mass murder against Christians in a private school (in Nashville). It looks like the beginning of a nationwide trans terrorism movement that’s being indirectly funded and celebrated by the woke corporations, media, government, universities and other institutions.

        Get woke, go broke has now become get woke, go militant.

        The war against Christians on the streets of America has apparently begun.

        Get full details in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News video, also featuring two hard-hitting interviews with Ann Vandersteel and Jason Fyk:

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