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A few days ago ‘Pi In A Jar’ showed up.



And yesterday I opened another jar full of crystals which came with me from the Crystal warehouse where I used to work more years ago than I care to think about now which I had left to languish. Perfect timing.

Here are the more interesting stones. From my days working at the crystal warehouse I learned quickly there is a lot of sales talk which goes on in the Crystal healing world. You will find general healing properties apply to most crystals. My advice is to listen to your gut and go with what calls to you rather than what the sales person says.

Firstly Rhodochrosite.




From The Healing Chest :

Rhodochrosite, known as Rosa del Inca or Inca Rose, was found in pre-Colombian silver mines back in the 13th century. At that time, the area was known as Tahuantinsuyo and was located within the Inca Empire. Viracocha or Inca Ripac, an Incan ruler during that time, took credit for discovering the lovely crystals within the mine. Incans believed the beautiful deep pink-red deposits were actually the crystalized blood of their ancient rulers. As the Incan Empire declined, they abandoned the mines, which remained untouched for about seven hundred years. During this time, rhodochrosite stalactites and stalagmites formed in the mine and grew to be enormous.

That same rhodochrosite deposit began to be mined again in 1937 by a German geologist by the name of Franz Mansfield. He had about 10,000 pounds of rhodochrosite extracted for use in jewelry.

According to legend, there is a deep cave underneath the Andes Mountains where a huge, heart-shaped rhodochrosite boulder is located. This boulder is thought to be the heart of Mother Earth. The locals believe the boulder, or Mother Earth’s heart, beats only once every two hundred years. They keep the boulder well protected.


And next a tantric twin Crystal.



From Ethan Lazzerini.com :

Tantric Twin Crystal Meanings & Properties :

As with all forms of Twins, these crystals support balance, relationship harmony, communication and cooperation. Tantric Twin crystals can help you call in a twin flame or loving soulmate relationship. Tantric Twins enhance the telepathic connection between you and your twin flame or soulmate, known or unknown. They also support a higher love, equality and all partnerships.

They assist you in accessing the records of past lives you shared together. This helps in understanding relationship soul agreements and any karmic lessons. Tantric twins balance the aura and yin and yang energy. They anchor and integrate the divine masculine and feminine energies on the planet and within you.


It’s Easter in a couple of weeks. Again good timing with the quartz cross pendant.



And where life is stranger than fiction. Here is a turquoise pendant which I wear most days. About 2000 I asked one of the customers at the Crystal warehouse, Peter, if he would make me a pendant from turquoise. Sadly a while later he became ill and died a few years later at a relatively young age. In 2016 I found the turquoise pendant as a donation at St Catherine’s Hospice where I volunteered. Recently I’ve had an insight that the pendant is actually from Peter and was meant for me.

The semi precious stone and crystal healing business is a small world and you can tell sometimes just by the look and feel of a crystal artefact who actually made it. Also energy finger prints as I like to call them.



Also I believe he created the Elder Wand. It’s very similar to other work he used to produce and the energy finger print is the same as the turquoise pendant.



The twin crystal and Of Monsters and Men ‘Crystals’ video is where it gets complicated. We are multi dimensional both within the physical realm and outside of it which is why I’ve included ‘Unusual Cosmic Process’ videos a few times in articles. It is unusual and complex and head scratching at times.

Over the weekend I had an unexpected brain storming session with a kindred spirit. One of the questions that arose concerned reincarnation and whether past lives are an actual reincarnation of the individual or whether they are spiritual DNA memory from a previous persona or maybe both. Neither of us had a definitive answer. Add animal vegetable and mineral, flora and fauna, and Time, quantum reality, the name game, doppelgangers etc and there is only the Self to the mix it becomes mind blowing which is probably the idea.




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