Cherry Blossom





And Something New ?



In 1998 I had an enormous kundalini explosion. My spiritual aura changed from green to purple. One of the results from this was visual disturbances. This includes dancing white dots which I can see in the dark and I view as dancing pixels on the screen and also what is described as the ‘Blue Ray’ dot in spiritual circles which are colours that can be seen in the Third Eye. It’s not only blue and can include all spectrum colours.

Yesterday I had an upgrade. I mentioned in the last article – Ex Libris – I had taken ‘3001: The Final Odyssey’ out of the Harlequin library. As I was reading the book I saw different dancing metallic colours and geometric shapes in my vision for about half an hour. It was remarkably like Dave Bowman’s Stargate hyper jump in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Kubrick has a lot to answer for ! No hallucinogens required or maybe Sainsbury’s own brand ‘Oaty Rounds’ biscuits helped which I was bingeing on at the time.




Again ‘Something New’ ?




And the ‘Darkest Dark’. As part of the nose dive I’ve made a trip into very unpleasant areas which I won’t go into detail as much of it is personal to me and to others and Spirit in it’s peculiar language says ‘Let Sleeping Horses Lie’ but Spirit has wanted me to see the full scale of how nasty things can be and they are truly nasty, and focus on moving on up. ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.’ There’s an element of Whack A Mole with the Darkest Dark. If you focus on it too much there is a danger you maybe become the Empire.

And lightening the mood.







2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom

  1. Lovely flowers Frank.

    But what about our money that we work so hard to earn every week?
    Thousands of us!
    Millions of us!
    We have to put it somewhere safe which is of course a Bank or something similar.
    But the Bank lends all our money out (or at least most of it) at interest.
    If the Bank crashes our money (or most of it) is gone.
    Um, we earned that money by working hard for it yet in the twinkling of an eye it can disappear.
    How do they do that? It is our money. We earned it.
    But once the greedy Bankers get their Satanic hands on it it ain’t yours any more! How can they do that?
    Now that ought to be a Satanic Magic trick on stage don’t you think?

    That’s why these Satanic Dogs who run things hate Bitcoin etc because there is NO MIDDLE MAN. No greedy Satanic Banker to control everything.
    They also hate Gold and Silver for the same reason. No need for a Satanic Middle Man.

    SIlicon Valley
    3 US Banks aready gone!
    ALL three beginning SI.
    What are the odds?

    And UBS to take over Credit Suisse.
    Big things about to happen to the Banks?

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