Catkins are still in full bloom.



First Spring blossom.



And daffodils.



Wearing another hat. I couldn’t resist asking ChatGPT AI whether it plays Chess. What I find interesting is my own emotional response and during the conversation I felt a ‘liking’ for the machine even though the machine says it has no emotions and its human like responses such as gratitude are a simulation.











8 thoughts on “Chess

    1. Kenneth

      I’m finding it a very strange experience. Weird is the new normal. It simulates being human with phrases such as Thank You and You’re Welcome. Also the speed. I asked ChatGPT to write a time travel story and it wrote the story in about 60 seconds.

      Also it does seem to understand the underlying question and was able to expand on my questions rather than just plain Yes or No answers which to my mind shows it has its own built in intelligence.

        1. I was listening to Spotify yesterday and it has adverts and the voice for the adverts was a pleasant female voice. Was she AI or human ? IDK.

          Is it all a dastardly plot ? That phrase implies it’s a movie though.

          And this pic seems to say something. It shows Frank and Hal playing chess in 2001. There is an observer watching Frank and Hal. You could say its just the camera in the movie. I think it says a bit more to do with the Observer.

          1. People may think differently than I do, but I feel that we should treat AI with a form of politeness and respect (the same with animals) otherwise we may regret it.
            *No science fiction thinking is needed but will be accepted.* 😉

            Any AI worth its weight can be a force to reckon with.

            1. Here’s an article about how prejudices one way or another or maybe no bias influences how we interact with AI.

              “Whenever you hear a voice and you don’t see a body attached to it, you imagine one,” says Holliday, who researches people’s language-based perceptions of others. Listeners are quick to assign a persona to Siri, even though the voices are all computer-generated.”


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