Day Dreaming


‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.




Many neural pathways to walk.

The Path.



The House.


The Cave.



The Den.



The Apple Tree.



The Windmill.



Holy Tree.












Etc, etc.


4 thoughts on “Day Dreaming

  1. Apocalypse comes from Greek. It means ‘uncover, disclose, reveal’. It became ‘revelation’ in the church. In Middle English, its general meaning was ‘insight’ or ‘vision’.

    Why did the sudden appearance of white balloons set off a bizarre level of panic and paranoia in official circles?
    Maybe because average folks were suddenly seeing with their unaided eyes, something they should not have been able to see. Something which has been there all the time, but should have been covered or at least distorted in some way.

    1. A friend of my family was a Squadron Leader and Wing Commander in the RAF in the 1960s and he used to fly jets over the North Sea during the Cold War and would be scrambled when a suspected UFO showed up on the radar. It was normally Soviet jets.

      At a family lunch I asked him if if he had seen Alien UFOs. At this question, with a twinkle in his eye and a big smile and an expression which read ‘You may think that. I couldn’t possibly comment’ he replied ‘The official RAF line is that UFOs don’t exist’ and then he winked as if to say Yes.

      And from March 2019 :

      Land Of The Rising Son

      And as is my wont, I saw giant alien Jellyfish landing in the Pacific Ocean.

      Also from a couple of months ago one night here which was a bit of a surprise. .

      And where things get extremely weird.

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