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Valentine’s Day is in a few days. Even though virtually every day is an adventure, I’ve found over the last few years three star sign months personally have a deep meaning and things get crazy or crazier which at present is difficult to believe but it keeps on getting weirder. The first two are Aquarius and Pisces one after another and my birth sign Leo so I’m not expecting any let up in the lunacy.




Here is a recent pic taken at dusk. I’m not sure if it is a digital orb close to the sun or it’s the moon or a planet. Anyway I get the feeling sometimes I’m not on plane Earth. This follows on from a recent Snowdrop hunt where I went looking for snowdrops and I came across a young woman on a bench in the woods and we said ‘Hi’ to each other. This was a day or so after I had included the pic from the film ‘Another Earth’ in an article.





It’s alt reality. Following a thread about The Prisoner, in hindsight there was a sense of inevitability when a Caterham 7 showed up in the village.



I do understand about the ‘sensitivities’ – I can’t think of a better word to describe the indescribable pain – of different races regarding genocide but my trip down memory lane and past lives FWIW says the Holocaust happened. Amongst other memories. Memory and reality seem to be layered. Bleak House doesn’t even come close.






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