13 thoughts on “Snakes And Ladders

    1. Swim

      Slightly off track. Someone told me yesterday who should know about these things there is Information encoded into the Nat Insurance number. That was the term he used. ‘We want information … information … information.’ and ‘I’m not a number’.


        1. The individual said NI number was linked to Birthday. Also I believe car number plates incorporate numerological programming. Or possibly neurological is more precise.

          ‘We’ maybe some sort of Borg hive mind. I also eavesdropped on a meeting which included talk about putting people on trains which having watched ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ took on a sinister undertone.


              1. It doesn’t get much more Kafkaesque. A Caterham 7 in the Village this morning. ‘You want a sign.’ How to break out is the issue. And I believe number plates are in there as well. All mind and heart stuff.


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