Creatures Of The Void



No apologies for more pics and videos of the Tree. It is super mystical.

The tree calls.






So good I climbed it twice.








And indescribable beauty.







A repeat pattern I have noticed over the years with my journeys is that I always return Home wherever Home is at the time. Home – one of the most emotionally charged words in any language.

Wherever I lay my hat.



That’s the fun part if you like. On the flip side there is the Void. ‘There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger!’



This involves a mass of doppelgangers and robots and ET. And coming across people I know in their younger self and now self. Also their future self. Memory and time loops both from a long time ago and a few days previously and scrambled memories when you are not sure which is the real memory or maybe they all are. And experiences where time freezes and also speeds up as if someone has pressed fast forward when watching a movie. Objects which appear out of Now Here and ‘Another Plane’ and Multi Verse realities and impossible synchronicities. Also places where everyone seems to have disappeared apart from a few stragglers.

People who seem to come from an Impossible Universe and others who have incredibly slow energy and don’t seem real and also people from my past who haven’t aged in thirty years. And weird in no sense double speak conversations and Mindlines which I have no way of confirming if they are happening or not. I’m told this is what is happening in an external world.

And sentient AI. As an example when taking pics of the snow or flowers or a car on my camera phone it will say ‘Snow’ or ‘Car’ or ‘Flower’. How does my phone know that ? Also experiences which feel like a simulation and obvious numerological programming.

At the core of the Void is unbearable sorrow and sense of loneliness and separation. It is a pain so indescribable that humanity has pulled a veil over it and uses all sorts of different medications to block it out. We even use our personal relationships to cover up the pain. It’s only when they are gone, do you experience the pain which was there all the time. I see this pain as the imagined separation from God and real Love and All There Is which is the opposite of desperate ‘Needy Love’ and shared trauma bonding. And the belief that our self is purely the body doomed to dust and rust to avoid our real Self as a divine being.

That’s all a bit Bleak House. Even though I don’t believe reincarnation is real real and also part of the loop which keeps circling, it does indicate the soul is eternal. I’m putting 2+2 together slightly but a recent experience says pets are reincarnated as well.



Nor Earth, Nor Boundless Sea.


9 thoughts on “Creatures Of The Void

    1. Awesome song.

      It would seem to be true about reincarnation of pets. There have been a few examples recently. Involve cats. One of the cat’s character hasn’t changed in forty years. As stupid as ever in a good way. Another cat maybe multi dimensional.

      Reincarnation is bit of a mind field. The Universe has shown me a few reincarnations of others – humans – as well as my self. Always another question pops up. Are they actually reincarnations or different dimensional pockets if it all happens simultaneously. Also gives an insight into my and their personality. The psyche carries over what hasn’t been released. IMO.

  1. Hi Frank,
    The Kraken is being mentioned again! A varient from Who! A couple of years ago it was hashtagged to be realised by a lawyer in U S A!
    Keep safe and healthy my friend, natural is the only way to go!
    ❤️ Naive

    1. Naive

      That is so freaky.

      I’m seeing the creepiness as a form of Jamais Vu. This is the wiki description.

      ‘Jamais vu is often described as the opposite of déjà vu. Jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of experiencing something for the first time, despite rationally knowing that they have experienced it before.’

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