8 thoughts on “Snowy

    1. Roob

      To deliberately misquote British Rail it’s the right kind of snow. Awesome and indescribable which is why I just showed the pics.

      Snowberries and catkins have flowered about a month early so I wondered whether there may be some of the white stuff on the way. Nature seems to know it before we do.

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    1. Orlena.

      Thank you. I wondered what that was. I’ve seen diamond dust before when it snows out of a clear blue sky.

      And I had another weird experience when I was in the field with the sheep. I was observing the sheep from afar and the screen froze suddenly. Nothing moved for about a minute. Happening more and more often. Also something a bit more personal connected with time. There seem to be pockets of time. Cherchez la Femme as per normal.

      The Sacred Tree usually only allows children to climb her so I feel honoured. Definitely feminine.


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