There Was A Time


There was a time.





And a place.






Out of time.





Sliding Doors.





A memory deep down in my soul. Time goes back and forth it appears and it’s always Now.









Or somewhere.


15 thoughts on “There Was A Time

  1. Sole…

    sole (n.1) – our convo yesterday about socks and something being afoot;
    sole (adj.) – Elon Musk becomes owner of Twitter and Twits get a bit drunk on freedom;
    sole (n.2) – something fishy;
    sole (v.) – cobblers 😉



    Sol – “Yellow is the colour of sun rays”

      1. I woke from a dream in the middle of the night with two things on my mind – one, I needed to pee and two, from our email convo on Saturday… President socks…

        … And precedent socks…

        Also, on the episode of Pointless I watched last night (again backed up, so not the most recent one) – ‘smidgen’ was a pointless jackpot answer (which I didn’t get – kicking myself). I used the word in my last email to you to describe the lack of green on the photo included…

        … ‘a very small amount’ or “dotty” as you put it, but I also heard the American English dialect version, ‘smidge’ used several times to paraphrase what Elon tweeted to Hillary Clinton in a vid I watched yesterday evening…

        “There might be a smidge more to this story…”

        On a final note, the mother and daughter that one the jackpot on Pointless won the prize with ‘oestrogen’. The daughter is at university studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics, or… PPE

        In the run up to Halloween 2012, I had my first, self-recognised sync and it was a triple, so October ’22 is my 10 year anniversary…

        … A few weeks after that, I discovered Merovee 😉

        For anyone interested in what the photo was I sent to Frank, it can be found, linked, in yesterday’s LoL post…

        1. Merovee has been the ride to end all rides. Even before 2012 it was crazy. Since I got the job at the Crystal Palace in 1994 in Red Pill I’ve become used to the lunacy. What is interesting is that looking back it was all happening in normal life before that.

          And just another example of the weirdness. I posted the Scarborough Fair video and a mysterious scar has shown up on my arm out of now here.

          T Baker Hotel. C Baker and T Baker. In no sense.

            1. Again that is crazy. Oberlin connects with Casual Uncle Frank and Butterfly Effect. And the Bakery. That seems to be part of the California vortex even though Oberlin is in Ohio. Also very weird stuff with AI and Mysteries of the Abyss. And Texas weird.

              I’m turning into the character from Life On Mars. I look back longingly when I could go into a shop or pub and say ‘Hello beautiful’ to the girl behind the counter and she would reply ‘There you are darling’. Women are beautiful and sexy. Goes with the territory. Peter went on a PC course with your lot and he was told you are not allowed to say things like that.

              Call me old fashioned. A rainbow is a rainbow.


      1. Swim

        Video only available on YT. Here’s another which should embed. Looking at the quality of everything about it why I do get the impression the music scene has regressed ! Occasional rays of sunshine but not many.

        1. The lead singer is coloured yellow like a ray of sunshine in Swim’s vid 😀

          ‘There’s a plaice’ – excellent 😀 I wondered if plaice and planet have same etymology, but it is different…


          I did see a story yesterday about a red alert in Hawaii…

          “She who shapes the sacred land”

          She socks with shocks…

          1. Over the weekend I was pondering a secret crush from a long time ago. Feels like yesterday and links with Sea Lions. The impossible sync. And Nicola and Peridot. And search for Job. Etc, etc forever it feels like.

            Another Pele. Feels like yesterday. Probably was.

            Dream team.

  2. Coming up is an interesting time.

    From the Queen dying on 8/9/2022 to 11/11/2022 date = 8×8 days.
    Aaron at The Exalted Lamb 1 on YT says the twin tsunamis will hit the west and east coast of the USA on 11/11/2022. This will be the sequel to 9/11 as portrayed in the animated cartoon I, Pet Goat II.
    From 6 through 18 November is the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt for 13 days.
    COP27 where 27 = 9+9+9.
    The centre day is the 12th.
    The 11th is 254 months from 11/9/2001 which was day#254.
    The 13th sees all the World’s Religious leaders going to Mt Sinai to get a revelation from God. That should be fun shouldn’t it! Which “god” will they attract? And what will this “god” instruct them to do?
    So the 11th and the 13th are either side of the 12th making those three days the centre days of the 13 day conference with 5 days either side of them.
    6 through 10 adds to 40.
    14 through 18 adds to 80.
    11 through 13 adds to 36.
    40 + mirror 4 = 44.
    80 + mirror 8 = 88.
    36 + mirror 63 = 99.
    Mmmmm! 44 + 99 + 88 in sequence = 231 and 231 + mirror 132 = 363 = 121+121+121 or (11×11)+(11×11)+(11×11).
    Yes, 33 lots of 11 when mirrored.
    And you know what 11 stands for in the Bible.
    And reducing the 11, 12 and 13 at the centre of the 13 days we get 2, 3, and 4 and 234 + 432 = 666. Astonishing!
    But the question is, if your twin tsunamis hit the two coasts of the USA on the 11th will the UN continue with their conference in Egypt?

    COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt on the following dates in November – 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18.
    6 = 2+2+2.
    9 = 3+3+3.
    12 = 4+4+4.
    15 = 5+5+5.
    18 = 6+6+6.

    6+9+12+15+18 = 60 and 60 + mirror 6 = 66 = 11+11+11+11+11+11.

    The numbers in between are –
    7+8 = 15 = 5+5+5.
    10+11 = 21 = 7+7+7.
    13+14 = 27 = 9+9+9.
    16+17 = 33 = 11+11+11.
    So, 15+21 = 36 + mirror 63 = 99.
    And 27+33 = 60 + mirror 6 = 66.
    And 66 is a mirror of 99 of course.
    And 99+66 = 165 and 165 + mirror 561 = 726, Harpazo!!!
    726 = (11+11+11)x(11+11).
    561 = 51×11.
    165 = 15×11.
    165 of course = 33+33+33+33+33 or 11×15.

    How very strange that this pattern should occur for the dates of a UN Conference!

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