Open Sesame


Open Sesame. Maybe, possibly. Again. There is a strong feeling of deja vu with this. We’ve been here before I believe. Why the need for all the circling back and forth I’m not sure.











The Ladder.



From Bibliotecapleyades – Merovingians Blue Apples :

As we can see, Osiris’ ladder into the heavens is a pillar atop a platform or Stump that resembles the Ark of the Covenant (which the ancients said was made of gold). If this is the tree atop the stump of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and if this is his golden image of the beast, then what these stories relate is his attempt to open a stargate.

Osiris is the Serpent-soul who can utter the ‘open sesame’ to make this gadget work and initiate the opening of a stargate.

We’ve all been trained to believe the devil is the Lord of Death who will imprison and torture our souls for eternity. However, the original Lord of Death was something completely different. He was the gatherer of souls or ‘gardener of souls’. He shared with his wife a magnificent Underworld was called ‘the Abysmal Womb’, the Land of Death. He holds the key to heaven and hell, also known as the Key of Life.




22 thoughts on “Open Sesame

      1. Roob

        In its strange way this fits with what we have been talking about in emails with Dr Who and circling back and forth and blue apples.

        ‘Open Sesame. Maybe, possibly. Again. There is a strong feeling of deja vu with this. We’ve been here before I believe. Why the need for all the circling back and forth I’m not sure.’

        A Pond.

        20/10/19. This is a painful couple of weeks in the memory banks. Synchronicity is a very weird language.

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        1. I was asked this morning for ‘any positives’ from having to undergo two ‘business support’ reviews at work, that commenced in October 2019 and have only just concluded. The only thing I could think of was “we survived it, many didn’t”.


          1. Some of the things that have gone at your place of work have been so weird. I was speaking to Peter recently and the issue of work appraisals came up for some reason – we never know where our conversations go – and he was talking about one of them with the council and it was a blow by blow, pardon the phrase, repeat of this scene from The Office.

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    1. Swim

      The elephants in the room for me have been Sex and God and the two are very much connected.

      And weird about blue apples. Why they choose Jan 17th I’m not sure. I wouldn’t have thought there would be a lot of difference with the effect on the days before and after as long as the sun is shining.

      Also the south of France is Mary Magdalene territory rather than the Virgin Mary as she was said to have left the Holy Land and sailed to France. And also one of the stories that surrounds her is that she was the mother of the children of Jesus who went to France with her. Or maybe it should be vice versa and he was the father of her children. Anywho see Holy Blood and Holy Grail.


  1. Britain has a new PM.

    ‘Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.’

    Shape shifting, weird time stuff or the odd doppelganger phenomena which is going around. Or something else.

    Dead Ringers.


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