It’s the Year of the Tiger. Also the Butterfly Effect.

Domino Effects.



And Doppler Effects.



Eyes Wide Shut and the Mask.

I’m not sure why a Pokemon toy is peering through in the background. Sometimes you only find out in hindsight. I think it’s Pokemon. My knowledge of children’s animated characters is limited.






It’s pineal.



Circling back. The Year of the Tiger is 36 years since Chernobyl.

Full circle and 360 degrees.



Circling Back and Follow Dotty has led me back to Jo’s Coffee Shop.



It’s an unusual cosmic process.


15 thoughts on “Domino

      1. ‘This Mourning’ – Get catch 😀

        The past few days I’ve been thinking about doppelganger and Doppler because you’d written about doppelgangers recently, and now you’ve posted Doppler. So, I just looked up doppelganger and underneath is listing for kin(family)etic, ‘to move’, and the illustrative quote given refers to Bust a key tone 😉

        Can vibrating anal beads indicate if you’re coming or going? 😉

        1. That’s very very good thinking with Doppelganger and Doppler. All kinected looking at doppelganger etymology. My mum was a doppelganger of the Queen for example. Everywhere I look these days I come across doppelgangers.

          And etymology of Doppler. Not only related to time. Also shift in Free Queen Sea according to this.

          Definition of Doppler

          : of, relating to, being, or utilizing a shift in frequency in accordance with the Doppler effect

          Gang :

          from Old English gang “a going, journey, way, passage,” and Old Norse gangr “a group of men, a set,”

          Everything vibrates even anal beads !

            1. Anon

              A few times I’ve fleetingly experienced something similar. And I have a good friend who recently saw what I was experiencing from a few thousand miles distance. Happened with her a few times over the years.

              And how can you feel someone’s else pain or love if it is not yours ? And spooky action from a distance is real and degrees of separation. All kinected is the obvious answer to me. I am interested in why energies repel and attract though and why you feel closer to some people and not others. Good or bad frequencies or different frequencies.

              And then there is the Narcissist who wants someone else’s identity even though it’s not really their identity. A weird type of projection and obsession. Some examples of this is a friend I knew about 20 years ago who had moved to the UK from the Netherlands to detach herself from her sister who copied everything she did. And then her sister moved to the UK and followed her around and set herself up in exactly the same business. I saw it first hand. And something similar with another woman who again was mirrored by a female acquaintance who suddenly appeared out of the blue and imposed herself into her life and then again followed her around and copied everything she did . Non family this time. Very weird. Different from having similar interests.

              Also I’m seeing a very freaky Narcissist type scenario with AI when people I know and myself are showing up in You Tube videos and similar online channels and the mindlines. Not the same as what I see as natural or purposeful synchronicity and mirror but a deliberate mirroring by AI.

    1. Swim

      That’s very weird. What jumps out at me is the date – 4/10 – which is a personal pain date connected to Hurts Green. What’s the Frequency Kenneth ? It Hertz and Mega Hertz. And 4/10 is a mirror of 1st April and April Fool. And also a 3 day death and rebirth scenario and death of the ego which to be honest I don’t understand at present. Nothing new. And link with 9/11. And vampires !!! Unusual cosmic process.

      Also it has a feel of the original Men In Black who acted very weirdly. We’ll have to ask Kenneth T when he shows up next here !

      And REM sleep.

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