The Long And Winding Road


Lead me to your door.






And as is the way of things after I finished article I went into Red Pill.

‘Can’t take my eyes off you’.



Going Unclear.



True Colours.



God is personal.



‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.

I didn’t notice this until yesterday. It’s a double sided duvet. As Above So Below, Black and White and Sacred Geometry and the optical illusion. With one eye the pyramid goes up and with another eye the pyramid goes down.




And 3D just can’t be real. As I write this, I’ve just looked out of the window and eye spied the the young lady who walks her twin peke dogs passing by.



β€œNow the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not.”

β€œIt has been a pleasure speaking with you.”

‘I am Everything and Everything is Me’ and ‘You are Everything and Everything is You’. It’s confusing.





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20 thoughts on “The Long And Winding Road

      1. Swim

        Normal weird stuff with hats. And dogs. I’ve got a Crocodile Dundee type hat which I wore in the very hot weather. One of my neighbours has a female dog who is normally very friendly and then one day she started barking madly at me and the young girl said ‘It’s your hat’. And another day a man was walking a big hairy dog – not sure of the breed – and the dog came up to me and sniffed my groin. The owner apologised with the statement ‘She’s from Spain’ as if that explained it. And to continue with the Python connection and Manuel and Fawlty Towers, maybe she was from Bark a Lona.

    1. Trinity

      I must me mad 😊. Could I ask one thing though. In your comments could you lay off the ‘It’s the Jews’. If you could maybe find another release valve for that.

    1. Pain in both ears since Thursday morning.

      From what I gather Solfeggio frequencies are the only ones that aren’t AI frequencies.

      1. Swim

        I’ve been listening to a lot of Solfeggio frequencies YT vids recently. And music in general can change your mood in a blink of an eye. Vibrations.

  1. And when someone touches your heart and Bus King. There’s something beautiful about busking. Buskers put on a free show and if you want you can donate.

    Coffee was in Redhill a few years ago.

    And Meg Helstrip. When someone touches your heart. This girl is seriously good.

    [wpvideo PUXTT58E W=450]

    And Dolly.

    The Big Bomb.

    1. And weird face in the cloud with the busker in Redhill. If you stare into the Abyss it stares back.

      In Wonderland and Page 69. How that could possibly be IDK. It just is.

      And the Flood of Tears and 9/11 and why someone can be erased from the mind but not from the heart. It’s a weird language.

      Mad Atta.

      A long time ago. Pre history. But πŸ™„ ‘Now is Now’.

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