Nu King


To the light.



Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Over the last week or so the signs have been pointing to the White Light.

The Atomic Rooster.



And the Mushroom cloud.




The White Hole.



And more White Light.

Shine On.





And then the punchline – Nu King New King.



IMO it’s all fake. 3D isn’t really real and Kings and Queens and authority figures in general are manifestations of the separated Mind which believes it is the boss of God.

And God is Love.





All There Is.


37 thoughts on “Nu King

  1. I’ve carried this over from Shrooms.

    The Men In Black.

    This was my initial comment :

    ‘I know this is probably nonsense to everyone else. How a small collection of pics speak in its bizarre way aside from Nu King.

    Flying Sorcery.

    Way back or forward in time and ancient hexes and female rivalry. And doppler effect and how every intercourse and sexual interaction is held in the energy field through time. And why Twin Flames hear the call when the other is in great pain. Having said that the concept of twin flames and soul mates with everyone connected to Merovee has been taken to a whole new level.

    Flying Sorcery / Sourcery / Saucery and Men in Black.

    And why someone can be erased from the mind but not from the heart.

    And how the news of QE2’s death was announced.

    From Roob :

    And my reply :

    ‘To my suspicious mind that points towards a memory flashy thing. See the Silence as well if that’s possible.

        1. And Earth angels compared to spiritual angels. They say there are spiritual angels who have never experienced the Earth plane. Not sure who is more beautiful. The spiritual angel who is not restricted by our ‘laws’ or the earth angel who has been chewed up in the alchemical crucible. I would plump for the Earth angel I think.

  2. If the Late Queen had the strength and could sing, she would have stood on the steps of Balmoral Castle and sang this song. May her spirit Rest in Peace and when ‘it’ is ready may that spirit again Rise in Power. “I Did It My Way”

    1. DDNA

      Great to hear from you again. To my eyes the royal family are totally surreal and out of time. I’m not into war at all. If anyone asked me to fight in a war I would refuse point blank. What I would say in their favour though is that the men in the family have always been prepared to put their lives on the line in times of war. And the monarchy as an institution can act as a buffer against the politicians. Neither the monarchy or the politicians can claim total power . It works in a strange 3D way. It really is time for the new Earth though and it’s all going to change. IMO.

      1. Hi dear Frank, thank you for your reply.

        A surreal and grand spectacle for sure! The monarchy is like an elaborate magic show.

        Operation Unicorn!

        She, a living library for sure and now her door is closed.

        Many people were, desperate and keen to show their respect; stood by the roadside and watched the body/casket being transported, (mostly by car) on its long journey to Buckingham Palace. I’m thinking of it as ‘the trails of tears’, because many people were crying as the ‘Hurst car’ passed them. I have a feeling that she knew she was going to die soon. I’m thinking she was counting on ‘Operation Unicorn’ which could be why she remained, at Balmoral Castle after the family holiday was over; everyone else had departed. Nonetheless, I’m glad she passed away at the ‘place’ she loved the most.

        I think emotions will be manipulated to make people feel vulnerable, like orphans looking for a new mommy. Sort of scary to now think of what new symbol they are preparing to “comfort” those who worshiped her as well as those who didn’t.

        However, to witness the end of an era of the longest reigning monarch in history and now the crowning of a new king is momentous!

        Oh well as it is said, “The show must go on”

        Take care dear ol’ friend and teacher.

          1. Ken

            I have seen many articles referencing The British Royal Family: Connections to Child Sexual Abuse. But never this particular list, thank you for sharing.

              1. Hi Ken
                To say the least the list of topics that Archer covers is mind boggling.

                Over 100,000 children went missing in the UK in 2020

                ‘Hunting games – I’ve heard of those where Dick Cheney has allegedly been involved.
                Had not heard of this.

                “Elle”‘s testimony from South Africa re. ‘The Project’, started in 1944 by Prince Philip, King George VI and Josef Mengele: a project to produce embryos created by ovum & sperm donated from particular royals, to breed children for a pure source of adrenochrome

                Suffice to say I am dumbfounded by the entire list. Don’t think I could stomach the video; the list was enough.

                It’s heartbreaking to not have any idea as to how we, (anyone) can put stop to the evil sexual depravity and madness.

                I would like to believe/think that it’s not real.

                Thanks for sharing the article.

        1. DDNA

          The flood of tears and what becomes of the broken hearted is central to what is going on I think. Part of it is race and forgiveness. I’ve been going through a very emotional process recently with a friend from Jamaica which is partly about forgiveness and the slave trade and time and reincarnations and the man in the mirror and my twin brother maybe. Sins of the father. Went down the pub and Francis Drake who is an ancestor of mine came up in conversation and I saw the pain in his eyes and then rather wonderfully he said ‘We only have now’. I’ve got a friend 😊. As you say ‘the show must go on’. This is part of ‘We only have now’. We are where we are and the past is in the past. Letting go of past pain is easier said than done though.

          About the royal family in general. I’m following a no sympathy for the devil policy at present. I think there is an inclination to say nice things about people who have just died. IMO Royal Families and Presidents and such like aren’t the answer but part of the problem. And as Ken pointed out there is very weird reality stuff going on with Queen Liz meeting the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss on 6/9

          And Operation Unicorn. I wondered what this was about. This showed up in Red Pill on 6/9 two days before her death. And Yin and Yang and 69 and the obvious sexual reference as well. QE2 was 96 when she died.

          1. Frank

            In this crazy upside-down world, human credulity, delusions, superstitions and hallucinations seem to be a priority for the masses. Even I got caught up in the illusion, which is why I posted the song: I Did It My Way.

            As some have said, the Queen seemed sweet (haha) but the monarchy sure isn’t. “Seemed” is the operative word. Hmmm, yes why Unicorn? according to Wiki – The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a BEAST….etc.,

            In Dublin a day after her death a group of soccer fans sang: “Lizzy’s in a box!” Of course, the group was denounced by some saying it was a bit callous. From an Irelanders point of view, I can certainly understand the sentiments of that group.

            If we keep believing in their reality, we will be nothing more than fermented pickles in a jar. I have to remember to remain on the outside floating along on my own ‘frequency wave’ and not the ‘frequency wave’ that TPTB want us to ride. However, I realize that it takes a lot more than just realization to escape their trap. One has to cultivate the energy and consciousness by becoming connected with the ‘inner light and sound current’ within, which will pull one up and out of their grasp, which sad to say is not an easy task.

            All in all, as I try not to be swept away and inside the Monarchs “Spectacular Illusionary Show’ it is a distraction from the ‘American Horror Drama’ that I’m surrounded by, (over here) in what never was a United States of America.

            A book of quotes entitled; Everything is an Illusion by: Vasistha, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, etc. “One of the most significant aspects to this collection of quotes by the Sages is that in addition to pointing out that everything is a dreamlike illusion, they also point out in many of their quotes that upon Self Realization everything disappears. They also state that realizing that the world, etc. is an illusion is essential for Self-Realization.

            1. DDNA

              It’s seriously not real. To be frank I’ve been surprised at how deep and ingrained the resistance is in the Ego mind. I do think it’s on its last legs now which may be a difficult time. A wounded animal struggling to survive can be vicious.

              And about the American Horror Show. I don’t read the news much these days but from what I can see America is in freefall. It was built on sand IMO. Things are similar here but not to such a level. Where I am it’s been incredibly peaceful in day to day life, apart from the emotional deep dive, since the corona virus showed up.

              1. Alas becoming conscious of the unreal-ness of it all is a lengthy and slow process. Good luck to us all when going up against the Ego mind. Although, I guess we can take a turn and play along laughing our way through or around it.

                That wounded ‘animal’ you speak of IMO is the ‘church.’

                The ‘fish king’ (no pun intended) does not want to relinquish its control by handing the ‘reign’ over to the rightful and new ruler i.,e the ‘water bearer’. You can akin that struggle to this tug of war America is having with tRump, (the wounded animal) not wanting to let go.

                The American Horror Show

                I read that when Athens and Sparta went to war the Greek general and historian Thucydides observed, ‘the Greeks did not understand each other any longer, though they spoke the same language. IMO Our political discourse has become ‘civil war’ minded; meaning we/they are acting like we/they do not want to continue being members of one united country. 

                As you may remember I am not religious, however, there are some good sayings written in the bible.

                One of those sayings is quoted in the King James Bible”And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in”

                With that all I’m left to say is “let’s get on with the great reset” 

                Thank you so much Frank for your exchange in comments with me. 

                1. DDNA

                  There’s been much talk of the Age of Aquarius and New Earth. I’ve read talk about optimal timelines as well. I don’t know what the exact plan is. There is also a possibility that this is the end of the whole shooting match. All things must pass.

  3. Frank,

    Queen dies on 8/9 so there are 23 inclusive days left in the month.
    The Vatican has instructed all it’s money around the world to be returned to the Vatican by Sep 30th.
    The Queen’s funeral has just been announced as 19/9.
    19/9 is EXACTLY half way between 8/9 and 30/9 with 11 days either side!
    Therefore it is the 11th day counting forward from 8/9 and the 11th day counting backwards from 30/9. ie the 11th both forwards and backwards.
    All 11 dates before 19/9 add to 143 and 143+431=484.
    All 11 dates after 19/9 add to 245 and 245+542=847.
    484+847=1331= 11x11x11.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for Antichrist and here it is tripled plus 2, the 11th day of the sequence both forwards and backwards!!!

    1. Ken

      The Lindens are actually in New Addington on the Prime Meridian. The London Olympics were obviously about Time both before the event and in hindsight. About Tia Sharp. The signs were there for some time. Occasionally you can see it coming. Whitney Houston was another one.

      And Bal as a prefix is in the mix. I’ve received mysterious letters and found strange notes in the street over the last few months which seem to relate to Time. And Bal is part of it. Some of the stuff I’m seeing is weird beyond belief. Takes synchronicity to a whole new level. Coincidence has left the building. At the core lies the Garden it seems which fits with the Lindens and the trees in the Garden.

      1. Frank,

        Yes, New Addington and the English Ordinal for that is 42 + 88.
        And if you mirror those numbers and add them together it reads 42+24 = 66 and 88+88 =176 and 66+176 = 242 = 121+121 = (11×11)+(11×11) where 11 in the Bible stands for Antichrist.
        And 6+6 letters.
        Once again a plethora of 11’s as I pointed out above.

        And interestingly “Balmoral Aberdeenshire” = 187 (English Ordinal) and 187 = 11×17.
        And 187+781 = 968 = 121×8 or 11x11x8.
        7+7+7 letters.

        Over the years there have been many tree names connected with bad events.

        Yes, Bal is close to Baal. And on 12/10/2022 it will be exactly 20 years or 240 mths (80+80+80mths) since the Bali Bombing which was 1 yr 1 mth and 1 day after 9/11.

        If I recall correctly the London Olympic Stadium was placed at a particular distance from Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
        The opening ceremony had the Holy Thorn Tree on Glastonbury Tor.
        Also the accused killer of Tia Sharp has the name Hazell which is extremely close to the name Hazel tree and Hazel nut!

        Will be interesting to see how his all pans out with the funeral of QEII and the calling back of all the funds to the Vatican by Sept 30th 11 days later.

        1. Ken

          The London Olympics were the biggest ritual the world has ever seen from start to finish.

          Could be an interesting few weeks with Pope Francis and Catholic Church. 3 day congress. He’s off to Kazakhstan tomorrow for the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

        2. Just found that from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to the Thai Cave where the boys soccer team plus a coach got trapped and then rescued from = 8,888.88 km.
          I only looked because that location in Thailand is extremely significant.
          The distance from the Thai cave entrance to Reunion Island where the flaperon belonging to MH370 was found is 6,666km.
          And the distance to the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii is 6,666 miles.
          art fa says that Kilauea will explode on 1/11 and send a tsunami to the west coast of the USA. One on the east coast of the USA will happen 7 days later.

    2. Ken

      Operation Unicorn

      I’m thinking that she met her end at Balmoral Castle because she was banking on Operation Unicorn being implemented, one gets more mourners along the way to Buckingham Palace.

      Could Balmoral have something to do with Baal? Baal is one of the seven princes of Hell in Christian demonology. The Christian faith was dear to her heart.

      The Unicorn is a legendary creature that is said to possess magical abilities.

      A bit of interest from this article referencing the Unicorn.

      unicorn | Legend, History, & Facts | Britannica

      As a biblical animal, the unicorn was interpreted allegorically in the early Christian church. One of the earliest such interpretations appears in the ancient Greek bestiary known as the Physiologus, which states that the unicorn is a strong, fierce animal that can be caught only if a virgin maiden is placed before it.

      After reading the article you linked to me about the moral corruption that of the royals and their friends – one wonders if there were ever any ‘virgin maiden’ brought to Balmoral to do ‘you know what’ with.

      B(a)al but no Moral (s)

  4. Frank,

    From 8/3/2014, MH370 disappeared, to 8/9/2022 = (17+17+17)+(17+17+17) months.
    That is 102 months which is the reverse of 201.
    From 18/10/2019, Event 201, to 8/9/2022 = 1056 days = 11×96 days. Queen was 96.

  5. Kate Bush said it would get weirder. I must have a weird mind to see some of this. The Universe is ramping up Space Oddity.

    “Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not.”

    “It has been a pleasure speaking with you.”

    The Mighty Bush and sex on legs female mobile barbers and IT Crowd and AI and someone to watch over me and why someone can be erased from the mind but not from the heart.

    Nice Bush.

    1. Ramping up the weirdness.

      ‘It’ says I or we are approaching a Star Gate. Walking through lots of gates. Not sure how all this works.

      And in the mirror A Star Gate is Ratsa / Rasta Gate. I really don’t get race. It’s obviously important in the big picture though so follow Dotty.

      It’s Tosh.

      And the Holocaust.

      Rats remained a useful symbol for those who wished to portray their targets as inhuman for most of the 20th century. Most familiar and alien of all, perhaps, is the range of animalistic imagery that came to stand for Jews in the build-up to the second world war. In Der Stürmer, Nazi Germany’s most influential propaganda sheet, a cover image depicted a Nazi gassing Jewish rats that huddle around the base of a mighty tree. “When the vermin are dead,” the caption reads, “the German oak will flourish once more.”

  6. Are there any other links connecting Tia Christine Sharp with Barack Hussein Obama?
    We know that from Balmoral Castle Estate to The Lindens is 666km.
    Tia Sharp was born 7×66 or 77×6 months and 7×3 weeks after Obama.
    Tia Christine Sharp = 77 in Septenary Gematria.
    17 letters and 18 letters add to 35 letters which adds to 8 and 35+53 = 88.
    Barack Hussein Obama = 77 in Keypad Gematria.
    Tia Sharp was born 77 days before the Sydney Olympics
    Tia Sharp would have been 22 on her last birthday on 30/6/2022.
    From 30/6/2022 to 8/9/2022 = 70 days
    Obama’s last birthday on 4/8/2022 to 8/9/2022 = 35 days.
    Obama = half of Sharp.
    ie 30/6/2022 + 35 days ->4/8/2022 + 35 days -> 8/9/2022.
    Sharp’s age – 22
    Obama’s age – 61
    61+22 = 83 and 8+3 = 11.
    83+38 = 121 = 11×11.
    Both birthdays 35 days apart and 3+5 = 8.
    35+53 = 88.
    Obama’s 61st birthday to 8/9/2022 = 35 days and 3+5 = 8.
    35+53 = 88.
    30/6/2022, 4/8/2022, 8/9/2022.
    Add all the digits in these 3 dates = 56 = 7×8.
    56+65 = 121 = 11×11, again.
    From Obama’s 51st birthday at the centre of the London Olympics when Tia Sharp was murdered, to his 61st birthday exactly half way between 30/6/2022 and 8/9/2022 = 3652 days (10 years).
    3652 = 83×44 and 8+3 = 11 and 4+4 = 8.
    And 83+38 = 121 = 11×11 again.
    That’s 3 times 11×11 is connected with this small issue.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for Antichrist.

      1. Frank,

        More than weird I have just found out and thanks for that reminder.
        I don’t have any notes about Sarah Payne, but –
        I just found this out and it sent shivers throughout my whole body!

        This is what I said above –
        “Tia Sharp would have been 22 on her last birthday on 30/6/2022.
        From 30/6/2022 to 8/9/2022 = 70 days
        Obama’s last birthday on 4/8/2022 to 8/9/2022 = 35 days.
        Obama = half of Sharp.
        ie 30/6/2022 + 35 days ->4/8/2022 + 35 days -> 8/9/2022.”

        So on this date of 30/6/2022 Tia Sharp would have been 22 years old.
        Sarah Payne was killed c. 1/7/2000.
        From 1/7/2000 to 30/6/2022 above = 22 years!!
        Tia Sharp would have been 22 years old on 30/6/2022 and Sarah Payne had been killed 22 years earlier!!!

        Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne = 253 Eng Ord and 253 = 23×11
        253+532 = 605 = 5×121 or 5x(11×11)
        2+5+3 = 10+1 = 11.
        22 letters or 11+11L

        Sarah’s death day is the same as Princess Diana’s birth date – 1/7.
        From 1/7/1961, Diana born, to 1/7/2000, Sarah’s death day = 39 years or 13+13+13 years.
        39 years = 468 months or 234+234 months.
        234+432 = 666.
        468+864 = 1332 = 666+666.
        4+6+8 = 6+6+6.
        39 years = 2035 weeks and 2+3+5 = 10+1 = 11.
        2035+5302 = 7337 = (11×666)+11.
        2035 = 37x5x11.
        In the Bible the number 11 stands for Antichrist.

        Payne and Sharp were born 8 yrs 8 mths and 8+8 days apart between dates.
        Or 3183 days apart.
        3183 = 1061+1061+1061.
        1061 + 1601 = 2662 = 1331+1331.
        1331 = 11x11x11, six times.

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