Up The Ladder To The Roof


It’s the Swinging Sixties for Frank. One week it’s the Black Light from Jamaica and the next it’s the White Light. And in a few hours the emotions can swing from feelings of extreme love to extreme pain and all emotions in between in the blink of an eye.



The parable of the shoe laces.

Sometimes though bad news is sending you in the right direction. As an example which I believe can be expanded to include far bigger experiences, today I went to buy a a pair of trainers or sneakers in Shoe Zone and as I was buying them I remembered I needed some shoe laces and asked if Shoe Zone sold shoe laces and I was told No. And thought WTF to a shoe shop not selling shoe laces. Anyway the lady said ‘Try Wilkos’ so I went towards Wilkos. I never quite made it as I was side tracked by the Rock Lady selling her crystals.

Meeting Rock Lady has ended in me having to rejig my crystal display as on impulse I found myself buying a Tower and a stick made from gypsum.










And a quartz crystal pendulum. It’s multi facetted.



It means having to move my collection of angel feathers into the bedroom.



And lots of ladders.

Up the ladder to the roof.




In the Changing Room.





Logic and proportion have left the building.


11 thoughts on “Up The Ladder To The Roof

  1. Chemical addiction can be extraordinarily cruel. One won’t hurt and that’s it for life. The false friend. Underlying it is the death wish I believe. Humanity is a functioning death wish. My chemical romances are with cigarettes and coffee and lucozade. I managed to knock alcohol on the head apart from the occasional blow out.

    One of the recurring ‘characters’ who has shown up for me over the years is the heroin addict needing some help. Met Major Tom again last week.

    ‘Ashes to ashes, funk to funky. We know Major Tom’s a junkie. Strung out in heaven’s high hitting an all-time low Time.’

      1. Atomic Rooster ! There’s a lot of dark humour flying about. Why So Serious. And edited video on Petal Clip which goes with the Flower Of Life.

        And very phallic as well. Cock A Doodle Doo. There is a place.

        ‘If a cock crows a second time, then it has crowed once before. The problem is that in Mark, after Peter denies the Lord for the third time (Mark 14:71), immediately a cock crows a second time’ .


        Lilies of the Field


        White Light.




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