The Detail


Meeting yourself. Everyone says Hi.

This would appear to be true. Actually it is weird. Not only myself but also with others who would appear to have another Me. My observations are mainly based on a relatively large number of individuals who I know and live in the UK and USA but I believe it also applies to different countries and maybe smaller wheels within wheels within the different countries.




I think there is a larger male and female ‘being’ outside of 3D. It’s within 3D where it gets confusing. To be honest I’m not sure what dimension I inhabit. I would hesitate to call it 3D or 4D or 5D. Fxxking weird D is the best description.

Here are some possibilities as to how and why which occur to me. Or maybe all of them exist.

  • It is two souls within the same oversoul. Or maybe more.
  • Timelines. We exist simultaneously in different time zones.
  • Data selves. One is the real self and another self is a copy. See ‘Cam’ movie.
  • Another Earth. There are two or more versions of planet Earth and maybe other planets.
  • Different dimensions. One self exists within many dimensions.

And probably other theories which don’t come to mind at the moment. Add reincarnation and background people and doppelgangers and synchronicity and the rest of the general strangeness as well to the mix and reality starts to crumble. This is mainly based on personal relationships but it seems to apply to the news too and films and TV and videos and music and books etc. Who and what is real ?

Tarot keeps popping up for me.

The Devil is in the detail. Horny.





The Hanged Man.




And Nutfield is a Domesday village and had ten slaves.

A guided walk through Time.




The Village.




At the deepest level I think it is a choice. The thought form had become so ingrained that it has required a great deal of work and deep Self healing over a number of years to shift it. Hopefully we are approaching a time when it can be released for good.

And a couple of personal messages to a few people who I believe read the articles. In bed. That was a surprise but good to know I’ve still got it even at my age. If I’ve got it, you’ve got it.

And individually we seem to have sink holes which speak to us personally. One of mine is Prefab Sprout.

When we were Young.



And when we were Old. Grandad ?


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    1. Roob

      Had further confirmation recently about the Clintons and their connection to the Nigerian witch doctor. An open secret.

      Magic – manipulation of energy – is just a science we don’t understand. Or a few do and the vast majority live in ignorance.

    1. Orlena

      I can’t say I’m surprised the Satanic Verses has shown up if you look at the page at top of the website. And all sorts of Devil connections have shown up over the last week or so. Rameses making an appearance for example. Pan O Ram A and the big picture. Didn’t know about Rushdie until a few hours ago.

      In the big picture or small picture fundiementalism is mental. Not so fun die.


      The principle of darkness (creative energy in its most material form) is drawn at the center of the Devil Tarot card is a mountain goat (Hymalaya’s goat) with a pair of powerful horns. It symbolizes Bannebdjet of Mendes’ Egyptian God, which the Greeks considered Pan, the son of Hermes, the lustful plant God. His facial expression exuded an insidious expression because he was the embodiment of darkness, of dark instincts and even unknown things, also the key to open unused spaces in the human soul. You only know instinct, you never know anything else.

      There is an intense power operating is the ultimate darkness of creation, dangerous but necessary for life. It is also symbolized by a scepter with winged sticks and Uranus snakes (the ancient Greek symbol for the King), its hilt crashed through to the roots. There is an Egyptian symbol of the winged sun hidden between bird wings on the tip of a stick. It corresponds to the light in the dark (the big third eye on the forehead of Pan God) appears intentionally from the deep bottom: “For pure will, the unremitting purpose stems from the desire to achieve results is perfect in every way. ”(Crowley“ Liber Al vel Legis ”42-4).

      Also JK Rowling has made an appearance. I link her with Phobos and Mars for my own reasons connected to the SV article. All sorts of connected creepy crawlies.

        1. Frank

          Fwiw. A message from and for the laboratory.
          It’s loud and urgent so as to stimulate the ‘fight or flight’ response. It can’t be turned off nor can it’s channel be changed, but it’s fury can be muted and thereby in some semblance of stillness, understood.

          This is a test.

          And dark matter keeps popping up. Which is feminine energy and the unique ability to create new life. Magic which can’t be externally manipulated so therefore must be contained and controlled. The Phoenix 🔥 Mercury rising 🌞 🌡️ 🥵 the “wrongfully detained”.
          My test data tells me, most people don’t care or are down right pleased Brittany Griner (dark matter) is ‘contained’.
          So it goes.

  1. This may be of interest to you and others watching closely.
    From Trump’s last birthday (76th) on 14/6/2022 to your (art fa) 8/11/2022 second USA tsunami event = EXACTLY 7+7+7 weeks or 147 days reflecting the first event on this possible timeline where Ivana Trump’s death day of 14/7 kicked off this possible pattern!
    This possible pattern has begun to emerge with major events involving Trump connected with his 76th birthday being on 14/6/2022.
    + 30 days – Ivana Trump dies 14/7
    + 25 days – Trump’s Mar a Lago residence raided by the FBI 8/8
    If we continue this schedule reducing the days each time by 5 days we get –
    +20 days – 28/8
    +15 days – 12/9
    +10 days – 22/9
    +5 days – 27/9 to sunset is the last day of the Feast of TRUMPets!!!!!
    Whaaaaat! The countdown finishes on the last day of the Feast of TRUMPets?

    And 30+25+20+15+10+5 = 105 days = 2520 hours!!!
    This is exactly the same number of hours as there are days in the Tribulation period of 7 years of 360 day years!
    Is this the countdown to the Tribulation period starting on 27/9/2022?
    2+7+9+2+2+2 = 8+8+8.

      1. FRANK,

        What is your take on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games opening ceremony where the massive bull (Taurus?) is being ‘shown’ all those white crystal things?

        1. Ken

          I didn’t watch it or any YT vids since so difficult to give an opinion. These big sporting ceremony rituals feel like energy manipulation and actually repellent now. Sounds like the normal stuff we’ve become used to though.

          And what does Art Fa mean ? Showing my ignorance.

          Again numerology. I’ve had a personal 9/11 connection pop up. 9/11 was in 2001 and it will be 21 years next month.

          It’s an emergency.

          1. FRANK,

            Art fa is a Russian YouTuber whose whole purpose is decoding the animated cartoon video “I, Pet Goat II”. Others have tried and so far been wrong but he uses constellations and the like to come to his conclusions. IPGII is said by many to portray the sequel to 9/11. His assessment starts on Oct 25th then Nov 1st and then Nov 8th. See below and all connected with the Feast of TRUMPets last day Sept 27th.

            From my Microsoft Word document –
            Is this the countdown to the Tribulation period starting on 27/9/2022?
            2+7+9+2+2+2 = 8+8+8.
            And 30+25+20+15+10+5 = 105 days = 2520 hours!!!
            This is exactly the same number of hours as there are days in the Tribulation period of 7 years of 360 day years!

            Then from 27/9 to your (art fa) big white light (explosion) in the sky on 25/10 (Solar eclipse in Virgo) = 28 days or 4×7 days.
            And from 27/9 to your (art fa) first tsunami on the west coast of the USA on 1/11 (Mexican Day of the Dead) = 35 days or 5×7 days.
            And from 27/9 to your (art fa) second tsunami on the east coast of the USA on 8/11 (Lunar eclipse) = 42 days or 6×7 days.
            28+7+7 = 42 days.
            42 is of course a key number linked to the number of months in the Tribulation.
            So there we have 4, 5 and 6 lots of 7 days from 27/9, feast of TRUMPets!
            Also, if we add the 28+35+42 day gaps from 27/9/2022 (Feast of TRUMPets) we get 105 days again.
            This is the cumulative figure for your (art fa) 3 dates but the 105 is repeated again!
            Astonishing . . . . . if it is right!

                1. Pinocchio is a combination of two Italian words pino (pine) and occhio (eye).
                  Letting in both light and darkness. Human eyes and the pineal gland and the circadian rhythm. Without the pineal gland the human body would struggle to wake and sleep at the same time.

          2. More from my Word document –
            Trump left office on 20/1/2021.
            From 20/1/2021 to 27/9/2022, last day of Feast of Trumpets = 88 weeks inclusive counting.
            The Twin Towers light memorial had 44+44 xenon lights shining up into the sky. 44+44 = 88.
            From the Twin Towers Light Memorial Centre Day, 27/3/2002 to 27/9/2022 = exactly 246 months.
            246+642 = 888.

            Adding the digits of the day gaps (30,25,20,15,10,5) we get 3+2+5+2+1+5+1+5 = 8+8+8. (Their New Beginning tripled).
            Adding the digits of the day dates (14,8,28,12,22,27)we get 1+4+8+2+8+1+2+2+2+2+7 = 13+13+13. (Sin and rebellion against God tripled).
            And 24+39 = 63 = 21+21+21 or (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7). (Mimicking God’s creative power).
            And 2+4 = 6 and 3+9 = 6+6.
            Both together = 6+6+6.
            And 24+42 = 66 or 33+33.
            And 42-24 = 6+6+6.
            And 39+93 = 66+66 or 33+33+33+33.
            And 93-39 = (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6).
            Both together mirrored numbers (24+42 and 39+93) = 66+66+66 or (33+33)+(33+33)+(33+33).
            Most people know the significance of this last lot of numbers. (33 degrees in Freemasonry)
            We will have to watch 28/8 very closely to see what happens.

  2. FRANK,

    Well according to the apparent “schedule” I listed above the Tribulation will start on the 27th September or possibly the art fa dates of 25/10, 1/11 or 8/11. If the USA gets hit with twin tsunamis 7 days apart on both the west and east coasts then that would be more that sufficient to convince most that the Tribulation was happening.

  3. This is a strange place. Frank is 4D. Car clues. Actually I think we left 3D in 2014 and have been in 4D since and now criss crossing with the fifth dimension as well.

    Firstly the science.

    Physicists have understood at least theoretically, that there may be higher dimensions, besides our normal three. The first clue came in 1905 when Einstein developed his theory of special relativity. Of course, by dimensions we’re talking about length, width, and height. Generally speaking, when we talk about a fourth dimension, it’s considered space-time. But here, physicists mean a spatial dimension beyond the normal three, not a parallel universe, as such dimensions are mistaken for in popular sci-fi shows.

    Even if there are other dimensions somewhere out there in our universe or in others, should we travel to a place which includes them, scientists aren’t so sure we could even experience them. Our brains may be incapable. Mathematically, we can describe the 4th dimension but we may never experience it in the physical realm.

    Even so, that hasn’t stopped us from looking for evidence of higher dimensions. One model which helps us conceive of it easier and understand it better is a tesseract or hypercube. This is a cube within a cube. Though a helpful metaphor, it doesn’t actually exist in the real world. So how might scientists actually detect the 4th dimension?

    And spiritual.

    The fourth dimension is regarded as a kind of transition to the fifth dimension. It is seen as a portal to higher worlds. Opening the heart is key in this. The vibrations in this dimension resonate higher than the physical and dense world of the matter as we experience this in the third dimension.

    In 5D manifestation through thoughts becomes possible. Emotions are still present, but you no longer let them fool you. You possess a sort of mastery over yourself. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are higher than those of the physical, dense world of the earth. Factually, they can vibrate at speeds that are faster than the speed of light. This makes manifestation and creation by thoughts possible. The heart is in charge. The higher self (your soul) is matched with the heart. Love prevails, because our actions are made from the heart and no longer from the head.

    Confusing he says.

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