Parsley Sage Rosemary And Thymus





Everything is ‘In No Sense’. I’ve become slightly agoraphobic not because I’m scared of the outside world. It’s just that everything is so strange it is difficult for the mind to process and understand what I am seeing and before I venture out I think WTF will I come across today. I think this is probably part of ‘ego’ resistance. Even for those who are on the path as it were you will meet energies that are so threatening to the ‘ego’ that it needs to defend itself and can become aggressive when threatened. It probably took me well over sixteen years before I fully accepted that I was on a spiritual path and that there was such a thing even for others.

Roe v Wade is a good example of the strangeness. At the surface level the over turning of Roe v Wade is big news and is bound to cause friction. In the world of synchronicity it speaks slightly differently to me. Back to the 70s.

V Wade. Virginia Wade is an ex Wimbledon tennis champion. Here is a pic. I keep on using the phrase ‘I cannot describe’ but I just can’t describe how personally weird this pic is. Bonkers beyond belief. And leads into other areas about losing my virginity and split timelines and trauma bonds and Family and why it seems I always tell the truth even when telling a white lie. Somewhere deep down we know it all I believe.



And Sweaty Betty.

In the women’s Wimbledon final in 1977 Virginia Wade beat Betty Stove.




It’s Herbal . Or is it Herp Al ? And back to the 70s.




Beam me up.


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    1. Orlena

      It must be an incredibly tough day for you each year. I’m seeing these days as the ‘Day that love died’. As you say part of the collective trauma bond – ‘There is a pain so utter’. 💜

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