The Stage



Deep water.





All the world’s a stage.







And Timelines.



All done with mirrors.



Shaking all over.




And in the mirror.

The Crystal Palace is real I’ve been told by a few over the years. And in 3D Crystal Palace has a chairman called Steve and an old stand named after a man named Arthur and their best known player is called Wilf. No Sheik Your Booty.




One more thing.






There is a Palace.


21 thoughts on “The Stage

      1. And doesn’t get much stranger than this. March 25th and Pope Rebecca’s birthday and there is a weird ‘joke’ in there about Fat Amy as well. Nice ass. There are no private thoughts in the world of spirit clearly.

        ‘Pope Francis announced Tuesday that he will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, fulfilling a 1917 vision purportedly revealed to Portuguese children that such a blessing would usher in a period of world peace.

        The consecration will take place on March 25 and will be done at Saint Peter’s Basilica.’

        And what we deny in ourselves. Who we truly are.

    1. Synthetic realities after death ?

      I came across a video where someone described their NDE. The positive side is they seem to show there is life post physical death. Normal description. However. Said she met her mother and she wanted to stay but was told she needed to come back. She was told she had ‘work to do’ was the phrase she used. Being told ‘You have work to do’ by your mother sends up a red flag to me.

  1. Being pinged all the time.

    I realise I keep on going about Carclew. Car clues keep showing up though. I think it’s symbolic of something far older.

    Lemon Family and Lemuria. And Crystal Palace and burning down the house on repeat. And DNA. The Lemons were Jewish.

    ‘In 1934 Carclew was destroyed by fire and has been derelict since. It was then owned by Captain Charles H. Tremayne, a descendant of Sir Charles Lemon.’

        1. If I’m reading the runes right it seems my other letter to the US has been received. Not to do with anyone connected here. Kinetic energy.

          And the reply has been speaking about Lemuria which was revealing. And DNA. Either spiritual or physical. Maybe both. And Car Clues. Seems to be confirming that Carclew and Heligan are symbolic of places far older.

    1. I think the ‘Kristallnacht’ storyline has run its course. The Chief Persecutor tried to pin it on Eichmann, along with everything else. And what was that if not a mirror image of one of the Nazis’ defining traits? Specifically, their willingness to point the finger at everyone other than themselves.

      As for Jekyll and Hyde Park, the story points the finger at a ‘serum’ and in so doing attempts to lay the blame squarely on Jekyll’s own shoulders. I’m sure a lot of fun has been had with that particular example of ‘reverse engineering’. And that storyline has also run its course as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Divide and rule. That’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Because those who feel isolated, alone and freaked out are easy to control. Same thing with the ‘personal journeys’, which all too often seem to deteriorate into something more ‘personal’ than individual. Aren’t you sick of dredging up and representing the same information over and over again? And what is that ‘information’? Is it anything more than propaganda? Is it anything more than distorted half-truths designed to demonise and wound? Can we not rise above that?

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