Beam Me Up


Beam Me Up !

I suppose it was bound to come along at some time.



Nutfield truly is the most peculiar place. It is Nuts. It’s like a picture postcard village but at the same time it feels like being in an episode of the Tele Tubbies as well as several other TV shows and movies. I half expect Laa Laa to jump out from behind a bush and shout ‘Eh Oh’ or however they speak. And seems to be virtually devoid of people. Everyone’s Gone to the Moon. Lots of cars though with what looks like Crash Test Dummies driving them. I’m not sure who does the gardening.



And Creepy Crawly. The Universe speaks in a strange way.

Maybe Car Clues. The car you can see in the first pic has a number plate which starts ET.




You Want a SGN ? ‘Your Gas. Our Network.’ I found waiting for me on the pavement just outside where I live.

And the Doppler Effect.





From Wiki.

Top Boffins say:

‘In physics and relativity, time dilation is the difference in the elapsed time as measured by two clocks. It is either due to a relative velocity between them (special relativistic “kinetic” time dilation) or to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations (general relativistic gravitational time dilation). When unspecified, “time dilation” usually refers to the effect due to velocity.

After compensating for varying signal delays due to the changing distance between an observer and a moving clock (i.e. Doppler effect), the observer will measure the moving clock as ticking slower than a clock that is at rest in the observer’s own reference frame. In addition, a clock that is close to a massive body (and which therefore is at lower gravitational potential) will record less elapsed time than a clock situated further from the said massive body (and which is at a higher gravitational potential).

These predictions of the theory of relativity have been repeatedly confirmed by experiment, and they are of practical concern, for instance in the operation of satellite navigation systems such as GPS and Galileo. Time dilation has also been the subject of science fiction works.’


Over the last few months much has been revealed. Under The Surface it has talked about memory wiping, ritual abuse, reality programming, energy harvesting, murder and child abuse, AI data selves, cloning, weird plasma beings from God knows where and now Time Theft which involves deliberate war, genocide, murder and secret euthanasia.

Why Time Theft ? It seems Time is a currency. It maybe the real currency.




That’s the Big Picture if there is such a thing. Personally it has been distressing to realise that I have been targeted from birth it seems. It may have involved family and people who I liked and trusted over the years. I’m not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes in that respect and I’m letting it show itself but it seems to be more of a Program rather than individuals.

Some of the programming is incredibly subtle and much of it involves deliberate mirroring and is deeply unpleasant. ‘Following Dotty’ seems to have led to the Devil and duality. Much of New Age teaching and psychology in general says the external world is a reflection of the subconscious Self which I think is true only to a certain extent.

God knows what is the truth about The Manson Family to be honest. Charles Manson was quoted as saying ‘I am just your reflection.’ I don’t think it is true. It is a reflection of a parasitical thoughtform and belief coding that lives in the psyche and it is not real. It may reflect itself but it is not ‘Your reflection’ and I think that belief is another subtle attempt to keep itself going.

We seem to be coming to crunch time. And there’s always enough.



No Sympathy for the Devil.


107 thoughts on “Beam Me Up

  1. Tomorrow is 20th anniversary of 9/11 in 2001 .

    Creepy Crowley and ’20 Years ago Sgt Pepper taught The Band to play.’

    The Mad Hatter and Mohammed Atta and Matter.

    Well We’re The Band.

    Playing those Mound Games with The Beatles and Creepy Crawlies.

  2. Frankly, “Merovee,”

    The first line I heard reading “Beam Me Up” was ….

    “And I will leave no one behind.”


    Haha, um also!

    I think I've found my new screen name.

    See if you can SPOT it in the Capt. Kirk Starship Enterprise "Tribute"

    A "tribute" (Hahaha! Yup, we are living in the Hunger Games, for sure…. We got President "Snow" and that what's-her-name tribute "Cat-ness EVERGREEN." For a few to become immortal, many must die….. Apparently so.)

    Like I said, people: "This is War"

    If I'm Captain Kirk, and you want to get outta here and "explore new worlds" with me on the "Starship Enterprise," you must follow my orders:

    Stop eating from the "Body of Death" and start eating MORE and more from the "Body of Life": What the Creator in the Book of Genesis TOLD US He gave us for our FOOD:

    โ€œBehold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for foodโ€; and it was so.

    Genesis 1:29-30: i.e. what Yahuah [Ya-WHO-ah, "I am WHO am," The WHO!!!] said.


    So simple!

    Yet so hard! Like I said and know from experience and my many many fails: It IS a BATTLE.

    Why is it so hard to do?

    Because you are battling Satan, the "Prince" of this World, the worm in your gut with all his food cravings and alcohol and drug addictions, and who desperately wants to KEEP YOU HERE, bound in your own personal hell of "shit" and keep you from inheriting YOUR CROWN of IMMORTAL "LIFE."


    Which is?


    Did you know?

    Satan is the "author" of "death."

    Jesus said, "All who believe (be live = LIVE) in ME shall never DIE."

      1. How much you wanna bet, if you DO this as best you can, then these “death jabs” will have no effect on you.

        It’s in the Bible, somewhere: If you LIVE in the Body of Christ (eat only LIVE food) then they can POISON you, and it will not affect you…. Of course, “living” in the Body of Christ also requires prayer and devotion, i.e. Keeping your eyes single to the GLORY of Christ.

        Here’s your ticket out of jail and certain death!

        “Repent and change your ways.”

        Haha, it’s the “Good News”!!!!

        You’re welcome…. ROOB!!!!


    1. MM Extra

      Frankly speaking. When I read ‘This is war’ and ‘You must follow orders’ I walk the other way. Everyone wants to rule the world. Conscientious objector. Thanks but no thanks and not falling for the sob story any more. Misery loves company.

          1. Frank! C’mon!

            Don’t you see I am describing a battle or a war within! That is NOT “of this world”?

            The battle is between you and Satan! The Prince of this World!

            In the words of ACIM: between YOU and the EGO.

            I feel like you are purposely twisting my words and that’s scary, could get me thrown in jail.

            God bless, Frank

            I only meant you the best.

                    1. I guess I’ll stop saying “shit!” and maybe better, shoot! Much better….

                      I just saw researching this, because idk…..

                      Why the hate and jealousy, Neil Diamond?

                      Really, I mean c’mon…. for “Sweet Caroline” …. ???


                      “Sweet Caroline” had captured the heart of one of your own?

                      Later to become a “major sponsor” of the Boston 4th of July event and?

                      He even ran for president.

                      He’s the head of my son’s fraternity.

                      And submissively and respectfully I ask him, please protect my son.

                    2. I pray, my “Michael Bloomberg”…..

                      [I mean me and my son pray (we go together)]

                      I “wish” you well?

                      Um, no…..

                      I THANK you for … not selling us out.

                      For not giving in to the dark side.

                      Probably the only reason we are still alive.


                      YOU and I?

                      “WE” CAN DO THIS!!!

                      JEW & GENTILE



                    3. I see a CROWN!!!

                      When we COME TOGETHER

                      Jew and Gentile, we will all come HOME…..


                    4. But I AM a woman.

                      And you have to win my heart for me to be yours.


                      It is what it is.

                      I wish you the best…


                      I LIKE you.

                      never thought I would like somebody like you.

                      But I do.

                    5. Bottom line is I can only give my heart to a man who seeks God like I do, like Mary Magdalen does.

                      Who wants to seek God, and NOT worldly power, with me.

                      It’s the only point to “living.”

                      SO I could be deceived here with my “Michael.”

                      But I’m not worried.

                      Either he is my “Michael” or?

                      He’s not.

                      And I WILL go into the desert and devote myself to my TRUE LOVE:

                      The Creator

                      MY Creator

                      MY Father

                      i.e. the ONLY ONE who loves me.

                    6. How did I possibly get to this place of thinking of this “Michael” as being my Friend?

                      It’s 11:30 telling me I’m over the target:

                      All I had to do was LOOK at this picture, from the 9/11 Memorial at my old workplace. LOL.

                      And look at other shots, and welp.

                      I know it’s CRAZY….but his SO KNOWS.


                    7. Actually I need you, Nicodemus, to watch out for my son, as I know you can.

                      I’m leaving this “place.”

                      You can say whatever needs to be said, and then I know he will be kept safe.

                      I’m ASKING you to do it, for me.



                    8. As for “Butch”

                      I guess you never knew or realized there is no “Butch” without “Becky.”

                      I can’t solve your life’s problem and I’m sorry if you never knew this.

                      To leave “Becky” is to not be “Butch” anymore.

                      Is that what you want?

                      OBVIOUSLY not.

                      So goodbye.

                      I wish you well.

                      Hope you wish me and John the same.

                    9. What does it mean?

                      It all means nothing.

                      Thanks, Frank, for suffering with me through it all.

                      I’m not going to kill myself or anything, I’m OK

                      And thanks for listening to my “story.”


                    10. I guess what I want in this “life” is for a man to subdue me, put me in my place, in Yahuah’s name.

                      That’s what I want.

                      For a man to be my MAN.

                      And for me to OBEY, and bow down.

                      To a Good MAN.


                      This is not about RACE, people…..

                      And HEY, you’ve called me an “Ape” from day one!


                      Have at it, LOSERS, because?

                      You I-talian and IRE-ish scum are NOT “men.”


                    11. The point is, what culture still RESPECTS their women? Only the African at this point, yeah… “third world.”


                      Um, they’ve escaped our SICK MK ULtra conditioning.

                      Just Look at our Western world, and see….. PORN. That’s not allowed in the “Third World” countries of Africa.

                      But where you have PORN…. and so-called MEN allow it or WORSE, peddle it…

                      Then you have NO RESPECT for women.

                      And maybe they didn’t realize it but…

                      NO RESPECT for their own mothers. And sisters. Daughters….


                      GOY “men” are afraid, and understandably so, if they want a JOB, of their JEW masters and thus are conditioned to disrespect their own women at THEIR command.

                      It’s lol “systemic.” In a Satanic/Jewish culture being genocided. KILLED.

                      As a man, you can’t “make it” anymore without becoming a dis-respecter of women. The JEW masters REQUIRE IT.

                      THEY REQUIRE YOU to DISRESPECT your OWN MOTHER, if you want to “make it.”

                      BUT YOU’VE BECOME A SLAVE and?

                      You don’t even know it.

                      CASE IN POINT


                      Who on our Father’s good green earth, created an industry of filming what is the most sacred act in Yahuah’s Kingdom, that of pro-Creation, but in this filthy realm of Satan’s kingdom, and is SOLD and rendered as FORNICATION, and desecrates the holy spirit of any MAN who buys it.



                      It’s NOT OK, and you know what?

                      This FALLEN EARTH and all its cannibals and child-rapists and yeah, simply you good citizen “Masons” …

                      ARE GOING TO BURN.

                      It’s just…


                    12. You are dead. And you don’t even know it.

                      Sorry but it’s true.

                      Matthew 22

                      “But Jesus told him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

                    13. I mean, how SICK is this world and culture we are living in, that… I mean, it’s so CRUDE I don’t even want to go there… but to TEACH I will.

                      I’m too “tight.”

                      And he’s “too big.”


                      There you have it.

                      We’ll never….

                      “make it.”

                      Ugghghghg, gag me!

                      And if he is completely brain-washed in this wash of shit and porn and hellishness….

                      I pray he stays away from me, if he knows what’s good for him.


                      It probably won’t FIT.

                      I don’t know, but that’s what they’re saying…..

                      so sick

                    14. Yeah, that’s what “they’re sayin”

                      I’m “too tight” for Butch, the BIG guy.


                      (according to the “chimney guy.”)

                      You’re…. um,……

                      you’re um….

                      you’re just … hmph.

                      You’re STUPID

                      That’s all I can come up with.

                      You are STUPID.


                      It’s all a COMEDY at this point.

                      Because Big Butch is NEVER GOING TO HAVE THE BALLS TO ….


                      “come for me.”

                      So it’s ALL A BIG JOKE.

                      He’s a FOOL….

                      and I’m a SLUT.

                      Ha! Good.

                      Adios, amigos.

                      It’s been REAL.

                    15. Maybe, “Butchie” is not BIG enough for me.

                      I’m outta here people…..

                      Let’s let the big dogs lie where they will.


  3. Caveat! Beware!

    Do not TAKE the death jab WILLINGLY.

    I’m telling you this is what we should do in the MEAN time, if and when it imay be FORCED on us.

    If you follow my advice, and worst comes to worst i.e. we are sent to the guillotines for not taking it, if it IS indeed the Mark of the Beast….

    Then you will WIN your CROWN of Everlasting LIFE as it is described in the Book of Revelation.

    It’s a WIN WIN.

    Having posted all this, I am now ready to undertake “going sober” AGAIN.

    It’s not just no alcohol, it is as described above: it’s following the “protocol” given us by our CREATOR.: NO DEAD MEAT, i.e. no “blood,” only LIVING PLANTS and SEEDS and NUTS.

    God the ALL Mighty created us as GODS, HIS CHILDREN.

    If we do not obey our own Father, then we will die.

    And if you follow Satan, and give in to his temptations, you WILL NOT receive your CROWN.

    I’ve failed so many times, you may not believe in me to be your “captain.”

    I can only get up and try again.

  4. And for practicality sake [and I actually don’t know if this is just ANOTHER LIE from Satan that you need to take it slow] but it makes sense that going “cold turkey” from alcohol, or whatever your body is addicted to, like junk food or tobacco, the sudden withdrawal from that I guess they say could kill you.

    I don’t know if this is true, seems like just another way of Satan to convince you NOT to “go for it.”

    Prayer is the needed added ingredient for any FAST. Yes, you are “fasting” from whatever stuff is killing you.

    It’s in the Bible that “fasting” is the CURE-ALL of EVERY sickness!

    So yeah, this is the SCARY part I was telling you about, when Satan comes after you with bodily symptoms that make you feel like you are gonna die, or even “situations” like getting sucked into a “love triangle” out there you really have no part of… all meant to STOP you.

    It’s between you and God, your Father and Creator.


    I know it’s the TRUTH, I just not have been able to follow it completely, i.e. without falling….


    1. Ha! And I went back to see where I saw “MM EXTra”

      It’s in Scene # 19. Next to Spock and his girl Ohura, when they realize they are going to die.

      When Kirk says he’s sorry that he is getting them all killed… for following him.


      You can’t say I didn’t warn ya!


      Number 19

      19 Nails

      Corona Death Virus # 19

      1. The short hair I have been hiding in that’s made me look like a man all these years….

        is gone.

        I have long hair now….

        like a woman.


        Maybe it's time….

        1. MM “Extra”

          Did you notice or hear or see? The mention of an “extra seat”?

          The “extra seat” at your table is for Jesus.

    1. And as the helicopter raises its ass in the final scene to take flight…. (I see it as a kind of “FU all”).

      You will also see….

      The Cross


      Not one of persecution and The End…

      but a rising up, it’s mooning you, and it’s taking off!

      Where I’m taking off to is anyone’s guess.

      Why run off to the desert, when I am already living in one.

      I dare think you will hear from me again….somewhere down the road of LIFE.

      May God keep YOU and bless YOU, as well.

      I DO love you, from the bottom of my heart.


      1. I posted some negative comments about the depiction of Jesus in yeah, the money-making blockbuster that made Mel a RICH RICH man, The Passion.

        I don’t blame him for how he portrayed it nor do I think he was out for the money.

        I think he was trying to show with the utmost sincerity the SUFFERING of Jesus, and it sure does that.

        I agree. He SUFFERED more than any man on Earth ever has or ever WILL.

        Some New Agers argue that Jesus was so “above it all” he didn’t “suffer” on the cross nor did he even bleed.

        I think the point is, that IMAGES we make of what was SPIRIT on Earth can ONLY fall short and?


        The Bible forbids IMAGES be made on anything on earth or in heaven, and that would most certainly include IMAGES and NARRATIVES about His SON.

        I’ve held my tongue about the Jesus being portrayed in “The Chosen.”

        I also have read that Mel Gibson is preparing a film about the Risen Christ.

        I’m torn in that people are so HUNGRY for KNOWLEDGE about our Salvation through Christ, that they should continue, and God bless them!

        But I do believe that to “get it,” you can’t take the EASY way and watch some movie, and think you’ve gotten it.

        It’s ONLY IN THE BIBLE.

        YOU must READ the Gospels YOURSELF!

        ONLY THEN will you have ANY IDEA of what Jesus Christ “means” in the world but MOST IMPORTANTLY…

        to YOUR SELF.

        1. And finally that to “believe” in Jesus Christ is NOT to believe in His “story.”

          It’s to Walk in His Way.

          “I can show you the door. You’re the One who has to walk through it.”

          Eat only from the Body of Life, from the foods the Creator outlined for us in the Book of Genesis.

          I’m preparing to “do this” myself.

          Once I am securely on my Way…..

          I may be inviting YOU to come along.


            1. But “you people” in Pawling have in my FACE threatened me that my “pumpkin” will somehow go “missing.”



              YOU and your little incestuous KING-dom ….

              is OVER

                1. Specifically the owner and his family at Pawling Discount Beer & Soda.

                  Yeah, when I went in there the last two times to get my beer….

                  ALL OF YOU

                  Anything happens to my “pumpkin,” I’m coming after YOU!

                  WHOEVER you , and all your “relatives” ARE.

                  1. You think you can get away with making DEATH THREATS against my son?

                    Hey, I’m one of your best customers.

                    YOU SUCK

                    1. I guess the point is, being a “drunk” will not help the “situation.”

                      I am going to “go dry”…..

                      And I KNOW shit is going to hit the fan even WORSE than it is now, or SEEM to…..

                      It’s all part of the test.

                      And I’m not going to run away from it.

                    2. The other thing is, my son is….

                      THE BEST

                      He’s a doctor. He’s a good person.

                      He’s the most non-judgmental person I have ever met.

                      He’s smart.

                      He’s the LOVE OF MY LIFE, and in a mother’s words:

                      He’s not “killing me.”

                      He’s what is keeping me ALIVE.

                      And I am devoted to the rest of my life….

                      To keeping him ALIVE.


                    3. Frank,

                      First off, thanks for letting me continue to post, considering we don’t agree.

                      But i’m thinkin….

                      and you are right, in the sense that you refuse to battle….

                      That’s my choice, I suppose, and that it’s TRUE, that WE decide.

                      I’m shutting down to the world news, I just can’t take it.

                      When it comes to my front door, then I’ll decide how to deal with it.

                    4. Trinity

                      About May last year Jenny and I made a decision to shut down from the media and daily news as far as possible. Can’t shut down completely. It still sneaks through and there are some things for practical reasons you have to know. Headlines can be revealing though when I pass a newspaper stand but the news is definite programming I think connected with the Data part of the mind and think trying to fill the mind up with garbage. I tried it a few times before which didn’t work but this time it has.

                    5. Bottom line is my son is cool.

                      And your (grand)son of Pawling…. is not.

                      I WISH I NEVER MOVED HERE.

                    6. And?

                      I don’t know.

                      We’ll see, people. In my world, people don’t continue to act like bullies from high school into adulthood, ESPECIALLY when they have become PARENTS.

                      GROW UP


                      I don’t know….

                      YOU made the threat.

                      YOU better PRAY nothing happens to my “pumpkin.”

                      YOU GET ME?

                    7. In other words….

                      You dare to threaten me or mine?

                      You don’t know me!

                      Or “mine”!!!

                      So therefore YOU have made a HUGE mistake, my friends, for even THINKING it.


                      Jus sayin

      1. Watching this (not finished yet, because I’m freeze framing every meme to “get” each one fully, because they’re so awesome)….

        I just NOT-iced that the word


        is THISCLOSE to….



        This IS a tyranny of trannies!


        The fall of the Roman Empire was due to “homosexuals.”

        We are witnessing the Fall of the 2nd “Roman” (see how D.C. is ROME)….

        due to?

        [new name]


        Both are PLAINLY identified in the BIBLE.

        And they are called?


        1. I also COMPLETELY DISAVOW a particular meme in here about “skin color.”


          WAY TO BLOW IT, 2nd Amendment “Patriots”!

          You’re the “niggers” with that kind of mentality.


          “Pure white” AMERICANS who call an AMERICAN descendent from a non-white species a “negroid” and “Non-American” are ….

          THE DEVIL

          And wow…. that SUCKS!!!

          That you don’t really GET IT.

          FU a HUNDRED TIMES OVER!!!

          So-called “AMERICANS”

          I piss and shart all over you, you scum.

          PROUD OF IT

          1. Diversity in America IS our STRENGTH.

            The what we call now the “evil left” or the “hard right” saying it’s our weakness is just Satan, and his LIES, playing his chess game against ALL of US.

            True “Americans” are simply those who BELIEVE in OUR PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to this great country that WE are ALL citizens of, no matter if you are “pure white” or black or Puerto Rican, or Mexican descended. Meaning we are AMERICANS, and NOT “illegal immigrants.” We EARNED our right and PASSED THE TEST to be here.

            AMERICANS come from EVERY color and creed, that’s the TRUTH.

            And every TRUE AMERICAN pledges his or her allegiance to OUR FLAG.

            And I as a young white Anglo Catholic girl pledged it EVERY DAY in grammar school….and I LOVED it.

            “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
            and to the Republic for which it stands,
            ONE Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”


            1. So the unspoken language of most of the Patriots trying to protect and PROMOTE our Second Amendment Right to “bear arms” does not really encourage (LOL, understatement of the year) those among us who are non-white (males) to JOIN IN.

              I FINALLY well it’s so obvious, I now get that.

              Hurry, GO OUT AND GET YOUR GUN! But NOT YOU, i.e. non-whites, nor single women.


              You better start INCLUDING US in your message and encouragement and PROTECTION to join the FIGHT with YOU.

              Because WITHOUT US?

              YOU WON”T WIN

              I haven’t DARED to go out and buy a GUN nor would most non-white Americans (I’m talking REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS who are non-white, heh, How would I know? Because my son is half, “mixed.” I’m not sure I would want him to go out as a good citizen to protect us worryinging he’d get targeted by “pure white” law enforcement. Of course, my son and those who are non-white in this racist society would never even THINK of being so STUPID.)

              You “get me”?

              WAKE UP if you TRULY care that AMERICA survives this unprecedented TYRANNY.

              YOU are the um, descendents of our Founding Fathers, am I right?


              Start ACTING LIKE THEM.

                  1. And this is where I encourage you all…..

                    Seek Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

                    Because “US” ever “coming together” is a Hollywood pipe dream.

                    I know, it breaks my heart too….


                    1. Yeah, I’m not in love with that…..

                      I guess it’s good for you to see what I HATE.

                      Sorry but I heard that the actor playing the Jesus in The Passion is a tranny.

                      And YOU CAN SEE IT.

                      His body is not that of a MAN.

                      They try to “shoot” around it but you catch snatches and can see….

                      The GUY “Jim Cavaziel” is a….idk…


                      There’s DEFINITELY something wrong with his body.

                      So that’s why I disavow Mel’s The Passion.

                      I HEARD that the reason we don’t get a FULL FRONTAL of this “guy” on the Cross AND why he is COVERED in blood, is to disguise his fucked up non-male but trans BODY.

                      I KID YOU NOT.

                    2. And I think it is important, how Satan drags us in…..

                      I LIKED the “Chosen” episode in which Mary (oh and ARMY = MARY, but phhh, it’s kinda beside the point now….)

                      SERVED Shabbat dinner (idk!!! I never heard of “Shabbat” either.)


                      I liked her reading of Genesis in the Bible, a LOT.

                      Bottom line is what I DIDN’T like (despite all the double entendres abounding….) was….

                      She finishes the reading, and says, “Amen.”

                      And they all together say “Amen” like she said “Amen”…

                      and then Jesus nods and says, “Ah-men.”


                      I think the Jesus of The Chosen is ….sorry!

                      Shall we just say, “Of the Anti-Christ?”

                      Because he is.

                      It’s all a FAKE NARRATIVE after all.


                      It’s not “AH” men (as in the Egyptian god Tutan-KAH-men, or the “great” god Ahk-ken-no-top, or WHATEVER!)


                      Nope nope nope

                      It’s A (long “A”) plus “men”


                      It’s like a praise to REAL MEN.

                      God bless all real men everywhere!

                      Because they need it!!!!

                    3. “Who’s the “One”?

                      Is it 1DC1 of Dutchess County?

                      I don’t know, never knew, never will!

                      I apologize for…. idk…. wondering…

                      But can you blame me for…

                      trying to protect me and my son?

                      I must have something important for you all to hear…..

                      Why else would you all know about and read my posts (all the while pretending that you’re not).

                      All the while EVERYONE in Pawling pretends to not know WHO I AM.


                      I know who you are now…..

                      And you are FUCKED if you F- with me and?



                    4. Frank pointed out that we who post online are not like our “digital selves.”

                      OK, I’ll cop to that. I’m a little bit mad about this site in that I think that the posters here talk about Trinity “behind her back.”

                      I think that is VERY un-“Enlightened.”


                      Um, so…..

                      I’m trying to sum up ME and what I have to SAY.

                      I, as you know, speak in the language of MOVIES.

                      And the only one I keep coming back to, to describe my life in Pawling having moved here and lived here these past 21 some-odd years, and from which I hope to be leaving for good…. “soon”…

                      Is this one.

                      Because it’s NUTS.



                    5. But that’s very one-sided, I have to agree.

                      There’s a GOOD side to Pawling, as there is to every person and as there is to every town.

                      I’m not going to say “forgive me” because you people have put me through hell.

                      But, I know there is still “good” in you.

                    6. So, “people”

                      Let’s leave it…..

                      at THIS.

                      DO YOU HEAR ME?

                      I’m not forgetting your threats to me and my son.

                      I think you are good people only trying to protect your own “son.”

                      I get that.

                      Try to see “my side” of the story.

                      I could never even IMAGINE losing my own son.

                      When I have done nothing wrong, it’s kinda hard to think you have the “right” to even “touch” my son.

                    7. So, God bless YOU ALL!

                      I MEAN IT.

                      Let’s shout and sing our praise to YAH!

                      Hallelu Yah!

                      Love you and signing off, for now.

                      Your radio host, live, every day, from my Chrysler!

                      Captain Kirk! DJ of the STARSHIP ENTERPRISE…..huh huh huh !!!

                    8. Now I can get lost in this incredible and earnest symphony from John Williams’s…

                      “Star Wars.”

                      Wow, I mean if you watched the whole vid it’s impressive, you feel the drama.

                      Then I think….

                      Welp. This is just a FANTASY.

                      Because I KNOW there is no “space.”


                      There is only this Earth, and it’s not so fun right now….

                      We can’t escape the struggle….

                      But we were born here to do….


                      I don’t know any more than you do.

                      We need to love each other in the MEAN time…..


                      Haha, I MEAN IT.

                    9. And Finally! (finally, is there ever really a “finally”? Yes, there is!)

                      I don’t want to “throw out the baby with the bathwater” regarding “transgenders.”

                      I think to be completely honest that what I HATE about “secret transgenders” is their LIE. That I have been LIED to.

                      I know there are good “transgenders” and good “homosexuals”….

                      It’s not about THAT, it’s about the LYING about it!

                      So to Mel Gibson and Jim Cavaziel: IDK, I am looking forward to your film about the Resurrected Christ.

                      This LIE of all the well-meaning transgenders in Hollywood NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED. I think many if not all transgender Holly-Wood movie “stars” have been deceived themselves, and are victims.

                      STEP OUT

                      Can YOU somehow do that?

                      And to the “Jesus” of The Chosen: Maybe you had no idea that there is a difference between “A-men” and “Ah-men.”

                      I forgive you (and you know I mean it sarcastically).

                      The Jesus of The Chosen is doing great work as an actor, as a person. So is the “Mary Magdalen” (you know I know, AND you are BEAUTY FULL just the same….)

                      So, the POINT IS….

                      Jesus brought people TOGETHER.

                      And, in that SPIRIT, I think I will look forward to more installments of “The Chosen.”

                      Forgive me my judgments, I am only looking for….

                      The Truth


                      Funny, how this vid is ALL ABOUT the "FRUIT OF THE VINE" (minus "Dallas"…. Hey, I love you buddy!!! But you really do need to do your TALKING POINTS away from the "work." Jus sayin!!!)

                  2. So I’m gonna end with this: Dragula from The Matrix.

                    He mentions “conquering the Worm.”

                    Like it’s WARFARE.

                    And it’s ALWAYS fired me up when I worked out….


                    It’s TRUE!

                    THIS IS THE BATTLE.


                    FIRE IT UP!

                    You “get me” you don’t get me…..

                    I don’t F— CARE anymore.

                    Ah, Goodbye, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodnight….

                    In the words of Edward R. Murrow, the namesake of the park I live on!….

                    “Goodnight, and Good Luck!”

  5. To complete my “testimony” I want to leave SCIENTIFIC evidence of the BIGGEST TRUTH I have discovered in my life that we live on a flat plane as described in Genesis and of its “firmament” or DOME God created above it…. and that I want to SHARE with ALL, for my and your SALVATION! (Second to that would be…. Don’t be eating that IMPOSSIBLE burger! Unless you want to be converted to CRAVING human meat. Look at its logo and they’re telling you to truth in plain sight: it’s “GREEN.” Yeah, “SOYLENT GREEN”)

    From the FOUNDER OF Nasa’s TOMBSTONE:

    “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

    Haha, Uh, YEAH!

    1. This video is very well presented and leads to an irrefutable conclusion: The Bible states that in the “End” there will be cannibalism. I’ve overheard when in the office working for the elites that they intend “to eat me.”


      Maybe, even if I die a natural death, they will!



      1. Frank,

        “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”

        Um, no thanks?

        “Pour your heart out and watch it Bloom?”

        And be “recycled”?

        Now THAT”S “LOVE”

        The LOVE of the Universe, Am i right?

        I came across a comment that “” backward is

        And I read that it is the web site of

        I just tried it and yes, indeed, it went there…. It is!

        But when I first tried it, there was like a glitch (I get that alot, because I know they are on my computer) and I came to a website all about RECYCLING.

        And asked, “Do YOU want to be recycled?”

        I KID YOU NOT


        I KNOW from seeing them lurking all about me down at Ground Zero that the vaunted “NSA” and “Homeland Security” are all a bunch of nerds wearing yamulkes.

        TRUTH, and you won’t post it?


        1. I just want to make sure that you all see that at the end of the video, Katie throws all the carnivores fruit.

          That is my MESSAGE!!! (Love you, Katie!)

          Like her vid “Roar” in which she basically returns to the Garden of Eden and animals become her FRIENDS….

          Of course Satan’s agenda of tempting us into having a taste for “hunting” and the thrill of killing an innocent and gentle animal like a beautiful deer or powerful stag, and eating their flesh, or for us buying our dead meat at the supermarket, or going to a fine restaurant and ordering our filet mignon “bloody”…..

          all this time was headed for his ultimate End Game of having us “get a taste” for blood and for eating each other.



          Because Stan cannot really HARM us or hurt us since we are children of Yahuah, the MOST HIGH GOD, the Creator.

          We, as “sons” of the Most High God, have to INVITE SATAN in, and then he can decimate your soul.

          He will TEMPT you in EVERY WAY imaginable to “turn you to the dark side.”

          LOVE OF MONEY is his first and foremost temptation for MEN.

          For WOMEN? Yes, have sex with a man, turn him wild for you, and maybe you will win your “true love.”

          Or? Be shunned as the town whore…. Take your chances!

          So I’m coming out the other end!

          I’ve BEEN everywhere and I’ve SEE IT ALL.

          And I turn my BACK on Satan’s filthy kingdom of ?


          “Hatred of women”

          All you “men” out there?

          Can go f— yourselves.

          YOU have NOTHING to OFFER me.


  6. So I came across a comment that “” backward is

    And I read that it is the web site of

    I just tried it and yes, indeed, it went there…. It is!

    But when I first tried it, there was like a glitch (I get that alot, because I know they are on my computer) and I came to a website all about RECYCLING.

    And asked, “Do YOU want to be recycled?”



    I KNOW from seeing them lurking all about me down at Ground Zero that the vaunted “NSA” and “Homeland Security” are all a bunch of nerds wearing yamulkes.

  7. Frank,

    “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”

    Um, no thanks?

    “Pour your heart out and watch it Bloom?”

    And be “recycled”?

    Now THAT”S “LOVE”

    The LOVE of the Universe, Am i right?

    I came across a comment that “” backward is

    And I read that it is the web site of

    I just tried it and yes, indeed, it went there…. It is!

    But when I first tried it, there was like a glitch (I get that alot, because I know they are on my computer) and I came to a website all about RECYCLING.

    And asked, “Do YOU want to be recycled?”



    I KNOW from seeing them lurking all about me down at Ground Zero that the vaunted “NSA” and “Homeland Security” are all a bunch of nerds wearing yamulkes.

    TRUTH, and you won’t post it?


  8. THIS is not ME…..

    This is the President of Croatia vs the Elites…..

    Come, ALL World Leaders, come “MEN”!!!

    And say NO!



    1. And the thing is….

      You don’t need to “assassinate” anyone!

      You don’t need to sully your SOUL in such a way.

      All you need do, is stand up, and….

      say No.

      I mean, if you ARE the head of your country….

      If you ARE a righteous MAN…..

      That is LITERALLY all you need do.

      And if THEY want to erect a FENCE around you and your country…..



      Who needs THEM anyway….

      Bunch of TRANNIES

      1. The “one thing” I have always yearned for from a man was….


        Being a lone woman trying to be BRAVE in a sick and evil world…

        Always on the DEFENSIVE.

        And I think only a “good” man can truly offer that…. BIG enough to take me on, with ALL my FAULTS.

        And I’ve NEVER MET ONE.

        C’est la vie

        1. And if you’re wondering why I’m not FLYING AWAY like a “FREEBIRD” like I said i was…..

          Welp, it’s because I’m not.

          I’m not a “freebird” in the “WORLD.” I have a son.

          You think I’m going to abandon him at the End?


          I guess I was hoping we would have some more TIME and if I went to the desert, he would be able to escape “Armageddon” and join me….

          I have no idea what’s “going to happen” and I have to take it one day at a time.

          Because I think that is the ONLY way the Good Shepherd can lead a Lost Sheep like me.

        1. So, “President Trump”

          WTFAY (Where The Fuck Are You)

          {Sorry for losing “faith,”]

          (“Snarky”= you’re a SHILL and welp, that’s the truth!)


          “Trust the Plan”

          yeah? You mean TRUST the Plan from Israel?

          The PLAN in which Israel has declared to decimate AMERICA and turn all its goyim their “cattle”?

          That plan?

          Hmm, nope.

          Trump is……

          Welp, make you’re own judgment!

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