The Times They Are A Changin


Welcome to Leo. I think it could be an interesting month but it seems whatever the star sign every day is an adventure.





And Siriusly Doggie Days.



On the Magic Carpet. It’s premium bananas.



The Times and Timelines they are a changing.

Today is the official opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021.



United By Felines.



And it’s 24/7 tomorrow and the time tables are a changin’.





The reality is that it is for eternity. That’s the way God planned it.


24 thoughts on “The Times They Are A Changin

  1. I’d like to propose a very simple, more true to life ending to “Thelma & Louise”

    ,,, The “end” which they would have chosen before they chose to drive off a cliff (if this was not a HOLLY _WOOD scripted movie)

    “Sheriff, This is Louise. I need your help!!!”

    “Yeah? Where are you?”

    “Well, I’m out here in the middle of NOWHERE!!!!”

    “Well, Louise…. what the hell are you doing out there in the middle of nowhere for? But no worries…..

    “I got you.”

  2. Only a real “Sheriff” would have been able to turn those girls around…..

    And tell them to trust: “You’re safe with us.”

    Sheriffs are the only buffer between real people and deep state law enforcement…..

    Now sadly, all we have is…..


    Stuff like this

            1. Correction:

              DON’T “follow me.”

              I am no longer interested in “what you can do.”

              The “circus” is over.

              Move along now, move along……

              Nothing to see here.

                1. On 9/11 FDNY and NYPD (reasoning to themselves, yeah, well the J-ews are gonna do this anyway, so, let’s make sure our own are taken care of)

                  YOU SOLD US OUT

                  Sold the Rest of America, OUT.

                  With your penis-pumps and gravy-deals, the “HERO” first responders SOLD US OUT!

                  1. The Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken quite well, yeah, OPENLY about how we “goyim” are their “cattle.”

                    Look at the guy.

                    Why do they all look like white simian apes? Um, Si Newhouse, case in point. Huge ears, he looked (he’s dead now?) a white MONKEY.

                    These “People” are not a “conquering race.”

                    These “people” are PARASITES.

                    They are VAMPIRES and that is WHY they have to be ERADICATED from every civilized country in Europe, in the U.S. and in the World.


                    1. Welp, they can’t stand the smell of garlic, I know that for sure.

                      It was longtime BANNED from “Condé Nast” and also there at 1 World Trade Center, down there at Ground Zero.

                      “Ugh, oy, uh yeah, ya gotta get away from the bad breath, ya know what I mean. Ugharfhh….. oof…. it’s a struggle…” argh uch achger )


                      {Does this mean “President Trump”?}

                      FUCK TRUMP

                      WE mean it. He THREW US UNDER THE BUS.

                      FUCK TRUMP

                      He’s, face it, he’s the Orange Man.


                      DO YOU GET IT, SHEEPLE?

                      FUCK TRUMP

                      What a loser, a liar, a disgrace to being a human being.

                      Nevermind his being an “American.”

                      Because “he’s” not.

                      He’s Jewish first, American second…..

                      THAT”S HOW THEY ROLL

                    3. Are we like the Native Americans we laughed about handing the Island of New York away for a dollar?

                      Hahahah…. ha, poor losers….


                      Is that us?

                      Are we just HANDING AWAY our FREE WAY OF LIFE to these…. ugh, government beanie capped nerds?

                      Are we just gonna let THEM HAVE IT????

                    4. Yes, if we don’t fight, yes.

                      “They” FEAR the FIGHT.

                      They, being parasites, fear battle.

                      Welp. I LOVE battle.


                      I LOVE BEING A WOMAN.

                    5. You and I and everybody else “out there in the world” need to FIGHT.

                      FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

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