The Long God Friday


It’s a Halfway House.



On one side +5D.






And on the other side the Abyss and the Great No Thing.




It’s a Time of Deep Reflection and Integrated Reflectivity.

The Universe never shuts up.



Above ‘Integrated Reflectivity’ it reads ‘See And Be Seen’. The Observer and the Observed. In a sense I see the Innoculation as an attempt to build a wall and protection against the Light but the Monster doesn’t die and keeps coming back and the Monster is here. Nowhere To Hide.



And the tiny mad idea that we can be separated from God and that God is angry with us.

And present memory of this life time. Are our present life time memories real or a replay of a long long time ago ? I’ve mentioned this before but it has been playing around my head. When I was about the age of three, I remember I used to run around the garden naked on a hot summer’s day and then Big Brother told me I needed to put some clothes on otherwise the police would come and take me away and put me in prison. So I did. Is it a real memory or a super imposed memory from the original Garden ?

Who is the Boss ? One of my repeat patterns in life has been the many people who show up saying they are my boss and in competition with me. In a work situation I expect this but outside of work it has a habit of showing up too. With an old work boss I remember making an innocent suggestion and it triggered him finger pointing and shouting at me very aggressively ‘I’m the boss. I’m the boss’. And then I came to the realisation it was a reflection of my little ego self competing with and trying to impose itself on my god Self and you can take this out to a greater level with Governments and Police and the Law etc. To be honest I don’t listen to ‘I’m The Boss’ that much these days. God’s the Boss and gives you unlimited total freedom. That’s a good boss.

The Little Me likes to think it is powerful and in charge but it really isn’t as I’ve discovered over the years via the world of hard knocks. Spirit is the conduit between God and this reality and is the Boss if you like and Spirit is within rather than without. I’m the Boss is a reflection of the Body Self’s fight with God and you really don’t want to compete with God unless you want to live in a reality of death and disease and despair and war. Changing your mind about the world rather than the mind of others or trying to change what others appear to be doing or wanting to save the world and just going with what Spirit asks. IMO.

Time to go home I hope and run around the Garden naked again ! And God is real.


20 thoughts on “The Long God Friday

    1. And Total Recall and maybe the reason for the vaccination and false memory and manipulation of memory.

      Any mad idea you have is probably true.

      ‘This is the first time a study allowed for the making of animal models of human false memory.

      We knew that false memories existed in humans. So this is the first time that it’s been shown in animals that it’s possible to create a false memory and manipulate it?

      That’s exactly right — and that’s important because in humans, all false memory has been studied by psychology. But the human studies had a lot of limitations in terms of understanding what’s going on in the brain. So an animal model is very important.’

      1. Frank, I can tell you from personal experience that all existence that you thought happened will disappear when you drive across Texas. It might actually be Mars and I don’t know what that means about Total Recall.
        Are we inside out? I’d rather rip the band-aid off than get injected by the mad scientist.

        1. I suspect there maybe a link with vaccination and memory and mind control.

          I remember at my second school the whole school was suddenly given a flu vaccine one day out of the blue. In hindsight it seems weird.

          1. Also there seems to be a point to ‘Consent’.

            Agreeing to it. I’m amazed when I hear people being happy to receive the vaccination . I got an email which said it was a privilege to be given the vaccination. Living in an asylum !

            1. It’s bonkers! That’s what I mean when I say reality is murky! Because, how? You don’t need a conspiracy to say why you don’t want a vaccine…it’s all public documents that list the atrocities with those things!
              And polio, everybody says “what about polio?”
              Polio is bacteria. Not virus. Totally different.

              1. MJ

                My spidey senses are really tingling with this. It makes sense. MK Ultra and other experiments in different countries from 1950 to about mid 1980 was about how to control and manipulate ‘consciousness’. And I think it has now been expanded. An awful lot of money and research has gone into vaccination research. Big Farmer really doesn’t give a fxxk about our health so Why ? apart from money.

          2. About memory.

            Jenny and I drove three hours down from Jenny’s place to Austin and three hours back again. I said We. It was actually Jenny who did the driving.

            And I was thinking ‘I’ve been here before’. It was very familiar. Yet I have no conscious memory of it.

            1. Vaccines and memory and central memory responses. And interesting title : ‘Memories that last forever’ and ‘a vaccine is successful if it elicits memory at least as good as the natural experience’.


              ‘For acute self-limiting infections a vaccine is successful if it elicits memory at least as good as the natural experience; however, for persistent and chronic infections such as HIV, hepatitis C virus (HCV), human papillomavirus (HPV), and human herpes viruses, this paradigm is not applicable. At best, during persistent virus infection the person must be able to maintain the integrity of the immune system in equilibrium with controlling replicating virus. New vaccine strategies are required that elicit both potent high-avidity CD8+ T-cell effector/memory and central memory responses that can clear the nidus of initial virus-infected cells at mucosal surfaces to prevent mucosal transmission or significantly curtail development of disease.’

            2. I believe it. Another thing about Texas and Tennessee is the music cities. Austin, Nashville, and Memphis.
              Music City!
              Outlaw country.

    1. MJ

      Another one of my theories is that Planet Earth is actually a specially constructed mind sphere and a microcosm of all the Universes and Galaxies and Dimensions since the beginning of the physical reality.

      And that Planet Earth’s history and myths and wars are actually the history of the whole Universe throughout Time. Wars between planets and galaxies. For example the colonisation of North America is actually a memory of humanity going out into the wider Universe to conquer and colonise. Maybe from Mars. Something along the lines of Avatar.

      And Mind sphere Planet Earth at present is where we’ve come to sort it out.

    1. As I understand it. They expect the vax to last 6 to 8 months followed by boosters which will adapt to stop new variants as they arise. Sounds similar to the security ‘patch’.

      It’s curious, since we are talking about ‘memory’ in both instances.

      1. Orlena

        Of Mice and Vaccines.

        As I see it this reality only has one purpose which is to keep the Illusion going. Everything is directed at this – work, money, politics, religion, you name it – and a big part of it ( maybe the main part ) is the human body and specifically the brain. And Big Farmer / Pharma is most definitely a tool.

  1. One mouse said to the other mouse, “are you getting the Covid vaccine”? The other mouse replied, “what do you think I’m stupid. They’re still testing it out on humans”. 😂

    Learned helplessness. 🤔

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