The Wheels On The Bus

The Land Of Make Believe.

In about 2010, in frustration with not understanding what was going on I screamed to the Universe ‘Explain it’ and the answer came back ‘It can’t be explained. It can only be experienced’ which I can see now. Beyond your wildest dreams.



Go ask Alice
I think she’ll know.
When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead.


When you see a toy bus trundling towards you and then you board the toy bus, you know reality is not how it seems.



I think in 2021 we have moved to ‘Another Place’ or received an Upgrade.

And It’s Just A Movie and Worlds Within Worlds and Wheels Within Wheels. Below are a couple of pics of Joe Biden in the White House which seem to show that it is a film set. And supposedly Trump in the car park in background as well. Which is grist to the mill these days. But I would add another twist to the story and say that the story claiming that the White House is a film set is a reflection of me saying that reality is just a movie. It’s a mind fuck within a mind fuck.

From :

‘Social media users have shared photos of President Joe Biden in the Oval Office, claiming they provide proof that the office is fake or a film set. The “evidence” includes a supposed change in wallpaper, allegedly darkened windows and claims that former President Trump is walking in the background outside the office. Reuters has examined each of these photos and found none of the claims to be true.’





And Birthday portal weekends. Saturday was Jenny’s birthday and the Universe made a big big fuss of Jenny’s birthday which makes sense to me. It’s been a full on weekend with a beautiful twist in the tail. When the light shines on You. ‘Why Me ?’ ‘Why Not You ?’.

Oh Happy Day.



And circling back and forwards. Again the Universe is banging on about Time moving both backwards and forwards.

Double Time.




And in the US, MJ entered a vortex. We seem to be on the same journey even though individually we experience it in different ways. And at the same time it is extremely personal.




And in Sumer, Pope Francis went to the Ziggurat in Ur.




And the MI6 Ziggurat in London. It’s made of Lego. If it looks like a duck.



And how we interact with the movies. Yesterday Jenny and I watched ‘Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets’. Hermione is a complete doppelganger of my niece both in looks and character which was distracting and it was personally very sinky.




Ginny Weasley.



Even though it is all very interesting and it does blow the mind, I don’t think wandering around in Wonderland or Twin Peaks is the End Game and I’m very interested to see what will be the next step and how far the Universe is going with this. Working for the Ministry of Magic is fun at times and beats a proper job and I know at some level everything is fine but where is the Good Stuff and what the hell with the masks and some of the physical unpleasantness that appears out of nowhere and extreme nature of some of our experiences ? Our reality is obviously to me a manifestation of an insane mind with death and illness and money and work and Presidents and Popes but it’s been a long haul and you do wonder when our reality of Whack A Mole will come to an end. Vent over !!!

And Time In A Bottle.



Brewed in Godstone.



Anyhoo. To Infinity and Beyond. The journey continues and I suspect the moral of the story is that it never ends !


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  1. Anybody seen the google doodle today? Watch it and see if you can tell what its about. I honestly had no idea until after and read what the theme was.

      1. If I hear one more glorification of ridiculous bollocks disguised as some bullsh*t (let’s embrace everything and everybody and namaste bullsh*t)
        I WILL THROW UP.
        Here’s a man who helps kids change their life forever saying boys are calling testicles, “tentacles”. “Awful, bad, tentacles”. 🙄

        1. Google Doodle and the First Lady and women playing with balls. Ambidextrous female Japanese billiards player Masako Katsura.

          The First Lady of Billiards.

          1. 😂
            Tu-bal cane.

            And I dunno. What a weird doodle. Probably lots of unexpectedly talented stuff like Masako, but its more fun if its legendary, not a google doodle.
            notice MASAKO has MASK

            Nobody is asking for “empowerment”. Its contrived and stupid. But its also like (keep digging that hole…)

            1. MJ

              And Kat Mask and Trans Moggie rification.

              From The Chamber of Secrets.

              Hermione turning into a cat. And alien multi dimensional cat people.

              And the US are world champions in women who like playing with balls.

              1. Today’s bizarre wordplay. And train of thought.

                Perversely with our different lockdowns I have never had so many people knocking on my door wanting to come in for all sorts of reasons. ‘Who are all these people ?’.

                Today my landlady showed up and knocked on door as she waited for the boiler man to do some repairs in another apartment.

                And Rebel Rebel. I let her in and gave her a cup of coffee mask free and she mentioned ‘I’ve been innoculated’.

                Knock Knock.

                ‘Who’s There ?’

                ‘I Knock’

                ‘I Knock Who ?’

                ‘I Knock U Lation’.

                  1. I don’t know how it works but I think its beautiful! Definitely a connection with Rain and she somehow seems to be in another dimension. Possibly the ley lines are opening up, which actually turns out to be dimensions. Still trying to figure it out…🤔
                    Aug. 13 is the 225th day of the year. Since birthdays are so significant, that would be a connection of the spiritual to the physical world.

                    1. MJ

                      And bizarre synchy kaleidoscope neural pathway. And trip down Memory Lane.

                      I went into ‘Holborns Established 1974’ earlier and this jumped out. ‘Save The Castle’ in Outwood. The Castle is a pub in a village called Outwood a few miles away. It’s claim to fame is that Judi Dench used to go there before the pub closed and now there is a campaign to save it. She lives locally.



                      Holborns used to be called something else which I can’t remember. Probably in about 2000 Rebecca and me went into the shop and there was Judi Dench. Rebecca was young and was very excited and was pushing and pulling me and whispering ‘It’s Judi Dench’. I tried to be a calm and collected Dad and said quietly ‘Yes. It is’. And the same time my mind is going ‘WTF. It’s Judi Dench’.

                      But Outwood has a more personal link. I took Claire on our first date to another pub in Outwood called The Bell and eventually led to the birth of Rebecca 🙂

                      Back to Judi Dench. In James Bond she is M and head of MI6.

                      I’m big into the moral of the story at the moment. It’s made of Lego.


              2. Yesterday, the news was flooded with women who like to play with balls. One day the 2 sides of the brain will connect and this nonsense will stop there will be authenticity. For now, the clown show!
                I find the Harry Potter stuff refreshing…I absolutely believe in animals as “familiars” and some animals are and some, not. I see lots of beautiful birds. Doves, (messengers), hawks, one day in 2014, what seemed like 300-400 black birds landed on my front yard right before my eyes. Totally weird and I don’t even know what to think.
                Here’s this. Funny, but too late. How’d we not see this?

                  1. Frank, I was thinking today about encounters I have had with people who seemed to be like someone from the adjustment bureau. You know they aren’t real but they are pushy and IDK what the heck but I feel impatient lately because it just feels like ‘what are we doing here’?

                    I love the Judi Dench story 🙂
                    She has always been one of my favorites. I love As Time Goes By.
                    86 and as elegant as ever.


                    1. MJ

                      About Judi Dench. In my previous reincarnation working for the Bank, occasionally Judi Dench’s husband Michael Williams would come in the bank to do his banking. It’s difficult to describe but he was one of those people who just light up a room by his presence. He died in 2001 and Judi Dench’s world collapsed I think for a time. The day everything changes and you are ripped to shreds.

                      They used to appear in a sitcom over here together – A Fine Romance. And about Jen Mills. Her partner is now David Mills. Through the mills.

  2. Shock N Awe.


    In the Targumim.

    The majestic presence or manifestation of God which has descended to “dwell” among men. Like Memra (= “word”; “logos”) and “Yeḳara” (i.e., “Kabod” = “glory”), the term was used by the Rabbis in place of “God” where the anthropomorphic expressions of the Bible were no longer regarded as proper (see Anthropomorphism). The word itself is taken from such passages as speak of God dwelling either in the Tabernacle or among the people of Israel (see Ex. xxv. 8, xxix. 45-46; Num. v. 3, xxxv. 34; I Kings vi. 13; Ezek. xliii. 9; Zech. ii. 14 [A. V. 10]). Occasionally the name of God is spoken of as descending (Deut. xii. 11; xiv. 23; xvi. 6, 11; xxvi. 2; Neh. i. 9).

  3. Prince Philip is in hospital aged 99 years.
    Tomorrow, 10/3/2021, he will be 99 years and 9 months old (‘999’).
    Or 33+33+33 years and 3+3+3 months old.
    Or 1197 months old.
    1197 months = (33×33)+(33+33+33)+(3+3+3) months.
    1+1+9+7 = 6+6+6.

    10/3/2021 = 1+3+2+2+1 = 9 or 3+3+3
    10+3+2+2+1 = 6+6+6.
    10+3+20+21 = 18+18+18 or (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6).
    10+3+2021 = 2034 and 2+3+4 = 3+3+3 and 234+432 = 666.

    1. Roob, it’s a ‘high’ ‘miracle’ ☺️

      I wonder if anybody else notices that something ‘out of line’ will cause the logic side brain to produce a scientific explanation that seems like a cold reaction to an occurrence or phenomenon that seems special. Logic brain is so darn skeptical.
      The superior part reminded me of Lake Superior and the Great Lakes region. I have always thought lakes to be not my favorite kind of water. I like rivers because of the motion and they go right through the land and you can hear them and feel a breeze. Rivers are beautiful energy. Lakes are just kind of like sitting at the dinner table when no one is talking or wants to be there. When lakes are nice, seems to be a solitary thing…crystal clear water. Reflect. Feel. Look out upon. But there’s something about what’s at the bottom of it? Scary movies often have a lake.
      Death’s door is in Lake Michigan.

      It’s like vorTexas, and something about inner earth, too.

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