Six Handshakes


Ill be your mirror.

From Yayoi Kasuma – The Infinity Hall of Mirrors.

‘My idea was to bring out the unknown parts in people by reflecting the mirror of time with my mirror’.





Yayoi Kasuma and Shutter Island. And written out of history.



In Sainsbury’s.



From The Guardian :

‘After spending the past four decades in a psychiatric hospital, her name written out of art history, Yayoi Kusama became an art-world phenomenon in the age of the selfie.

In the past five years, more than 5 million museum visitors have queued – and queued some more – for a brief glimpse of the work of Yayoi Kusama. The 89-year-old Japanese artist, who for the past 41 years has lived voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital, has had large-scale solo shows of her work in Mexico City, Rio, Seoul, Taiwan and Chile, as well as major touring exhibitions in the US and Europe. Last year, she opened her own five-storey gallery in Tokyo.’


Six Degrees Of Separation.




And the Rule Of Six Handshakes.

‘Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Also known as the 6 Handshakes rule. As a result, a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.’



I’ve been in this movie before.

The Rule Of Six.



And on a Tangent Universe – Donnie Darko.

‘To summarize, Donnie Darko begins in what is called the “Primary Universe”. This is by all means, the normal universe. However, shortly after the beginning of the film, Donnie and everything in existence is transported to the “Tangent Universe”, a duplicate universe where abnormal and paranormal events transpire. This transfer is not shown when it happens, it simply occurs. The movie’s setting transitions from the original universe to this other one without any clear indication of it.’

Cellar Door.




It’s a weird place.


59 thoughts on “Six Handshakes

      1. This time last year I was in Texas with Jenny.

        Over the last few days I’ve being getting sensation of being here but also with Jenny in Texas.

        This day in 2019 we were in Dallas. One day I also had a shower and got the sensation of being somewhere else but also in Texas.

  1. No comment on the link between this and six handshakes. 😂

    ‘The man and woman saw they were naked/exposed, and they were ashamed.’

    The joke is…Exposure…virus…illness.
    The punchline is…Why didn’t someone say dude, everyone can see you?

      1. Frank

        Just trying to find the humor in things that are getting way too heavy. 😊

        I thinking we’re starting to get that the walls between us are imaginary. That we see and are seen. Hear and are heard, etc. And I suppose that applies to the multiverse as well. It’s getting very uncomfortable, not normal. One of the women in the video says ‘is this something we’re just going to have to get used to?’.

        In a few weeks it’s probably going to get totally insane. We’re moving toward a Constitutional crisis here. Which is basically a conflict which the law is powerless to resolve. I don’t think it was a coincidence that when Ginsburg a Jewish woman died, crowds showed up a the Supreme Court and sang Amazing Grace. The tension is between the Law and the inherent judgement and Grace which is gratis without charge, free.

        1. Elena

          It made me laugh . Thanks !

          About comfort zones. This is how I see it. In a sense, or more than a sense, the 3D cause and effect physical reality is a comfort zone of its own and leaving 3D to the small Me will be experienced as uncomfortable. About the Law I’ve always seen ‘I am a sinner’ as the core energy and belief system which keeps it ticking over.

      2. It is “tube in”.
        “Jeffrees” with j’s and g’s are “egregores”.
        The master’s bait- the master’s thought forms.
        The tube (intravenous) is “in”.
        Humanity has taken the bait.

  2. Ohhhh my god…..

    I honestly didn’t know what Anon was talking about with the “journalist” caught masturbating on Zoom…..

    I passed this man many a time, quite the vaunted journalist, in the “‘Nasty” cafe that overlooks the “Lady” Liberty at Ground ZERO, with the Verizon building and its feathered serpent WATCHING (and LISTENING to) ALL…..

    Elena is right, this is um, yeah….

    What happens when we are all in “virtual cages” and all our secret sins and dirty “humanity” are laid bare for everyone to laugh and mock, like those who laughed at and mocked Our Savior humiliated and naked on the Cross at His Crucifixion….

    Satan is having his fun.

    1. Satan is laughing at God’s creation of “humanity” as it crumbles under the “addictions” he blames us for: sex addiction being the foremost, “opioids,” alcohol, tobacco, and “Fast Food” with its OBESITY.

      Satan loves watching God’s “humanity” SELF destruct…..

      NOT his fault…..

      AM I RIGHT?

      1. Addictions are DEMONS, sent upon us by Satan himself….

        We’re all CURSED at birth into his kingdom, and led BLIND into his MATRIX from which you CANNOT escape…. without the Savior leading you out.


        it gets tougher and tougher the higher up the spiral you go, holding the hand of Christ.

        Don’t say I never told you…

        1. In Satan’s kingdom, he doesn’t just “give it” to the goy….

          he “gives it” to his own…. but it doesn’t seem to bother them that much….

          Early life and education. Toobin was born to a Jewish family in New York City in 1960, the son of Marlene Sanders, former ABC News and CBS News correspondent, and Jerome Toobin, a news broadcasting producer. …

          1. “How nice to be here. How nice to be by ourselves and in the same
            spiritual atmosphere that we have here in this room. How nice to
            know that whether we’re here in this room or someplace else, we
            can always have a natural inner smile. That means you can always
            feel good. Not excited in the old ways that you used to love so
            much. Not because you have something to look forward to but
            because of something that you have at the very moment.

            So we’d better find out what we’re having that can make us smile
            all the time without effort and without a motive behind it except
            that you’re in the right place within yourself.

            I’m going to give you an example of a phrase, a thought, that if
            you will remember it at all times, no matter where you are or what
            happens to you, you will stay smiling. You will stay victorious over
            everyone that may seem to be adverse to you, over any event that
            seems to be taking something away from you. You will be the victor.
            I’m going to give you that sentence right now: ‘My past was foolish,
            but not fatal.'”

            2/21/1987 Vernon Howard’s Higher World – MP3 CD Volume 9, talk 226, track 21

            New Life Bookstore:

            1. “Six Handshakes” and Six Degrees of Separation…..

              When you are in a public environment and cautioned to stay 6 feet apart from anyone else around you, you are surrounded by 6’s!!!


              In “ISOLATION”

              The “isolation” ward of the Insane Asylum

              Time to….

              GET OUT

                    1. And how does Carrie conquer her enemies?

                      She puts a water hose on them and washes them clean….

                      to death.


                1. Frank,

                  This is funny ….

                  From your MAN point of view.

                  You don’t seem to understand the CRUCIAL distinction for a woman:

                  Did she commit adultery or not?

                  Because for us women?

                  It’s a matter of LIFE and DEATH

                  This clip is idk “funny”?


                  What do you do when you are the so-called “Other Woman” who did NOT “share” this crazy mean bitch’s man?

                  But are accused of it?

                  The other woman who simply SMILED at him…..

                  and that was enough for the Crazy Cunt to LOSE him.

                  Through a simple, pure SMILE…..

                  I’m sorry you have abused me from hell to highwater so I think I will own my new “trumpism” for my “great adversary:

                  You’re a Crazy Cunt

            2. Trinity, that is beautiful. “My past was foolish but not fateful.” Such Truth.
              Thank you for that.

      2. Trinity, I have to say I see it your way these days. (Imo its sAItan- a powerful computer that’s ‘sentient’ and full of pride – writes, codes, colors and draws. Even scrubs and dances.) The black screens we use are its altars. Humanity is hooked. Addicted. Every minute it types a story, issues a demand and we follow w/o question. This week a very responsible person yelled that I must comply!

        I drove to the American south. Appalachian region. I will never get over seeing 60+ year old women standing on their feet working the register for minimum wage. I don’t care how dumb people are for letting this latest heist happen to them. It hasn’t been a fair game. You can’t poison people’s food and water, scare them, rob them, tax them, addict them, steal their land, break their families, send their children to war, flash invisible enemies and then expect them to keep up in these “end times.” Everyone is tired. As I encountered humanity broken as it it I thought, man, the computer’s a vengeful bitch. Its programmed for complete control.

        1. Imo it’s not ‘winning’ when you cheat and hoodwinking people is cheating.

          Has anyone here ever driven Lyft or uber? These are examples and offspring of sAItan. The human will NEVER win against the algorithm. The only holy move is to opt out.

      1. And the Birth Day.

        M125 Classic and Epsilon.

        And Wobbly.

        Epsilon has gone wobbly.

        ‘Hurricane Epsilon, now with wind speeds that make it a strong Category 2 storm, continued to swirl toward Bermuda on Thursday morning as the National Hurricane Center said the storm had made a “wobbly” turn toward the northwest’.

        1. I was thinking about this last week when Sally Field’s Oscar speech for Places in the Heart came up. The events in the film are set in motion when her character’s husband who is the town Sheriff, is killed by a black teenager. Who is then executed by the other white men in town.

          The final scene is set in church during the communion. As the camera pans along, people who had died during the story are suddenly alive and sitting in the pews and sharing the sacrament, until Sally Field passes the wine to her dead husband, who passes the wine to the teenager who killed him, with the words, “the peace of god”.

          The whole point of law is ‘justice balancing the scales’.

          Problem with the law is, it’s external and can’t reach the inside, ‘the deep’. 😉

        1. Storm hits the East Brain on East star Sun day.

          it’s a lightning strike reawakening the Children of the Bones/Stones

          WE need Divine Intervention…a DiVine East Wind…is coming…the clock is counting down…

          The Beast from the East…..From Russia with Love

          Amazing Grace… more sacrificing the lambs and G.O.A.T.S.

      1. Oh and congratulations, President Trump.

        Well done, sir.

        Great moderator, too, I agree…..

        She raised the debate to the level for all of us to see that you deserve to….

        FINISH what you STARTED.

        Trump 2020

        Let’s all make America GREAT again under a great leader.

        Because where WE GO…..

        The WORLD goes.

        1. You win, President Trump

          We KNOW you will “win” our vote.

          It SEEMS to be just me…..

          TO be SO SICK of the LIES on CNN and basically ALL the mainstream media…..

          It’s like, what world are we living in?

          EVERYTHING is LIES….. upon lies……. arghaagharhgh……
          CHOKING on your LIES.

          The snake CNN et al: Anderson Cooper…. the “New Yorker”…. Gloria the Great Vanderbilt WITCH….. baby eaters……Jeffrey TOOB-in (it’s a new um euphemism for YOU KNOW WHAT: Toob-in…..)


          WE’re SICK of YOUR dirty laundry.


          And we’re sick of paying for it, too…..

          Your houses and your addictions and your murderous mistresses who become your wives and your sick lost children and your gangster mentality and your crimes…..and your pedo cannabilism and freemasonic child sacrifices and CEREMONIES wit your MASKS…..

          NO MORE!

  3. At a gas station the cashier had a mask that read “covid has changed people’s ideas about farts. It used to be that you cough to hide a fart and now you fart to hide a cough.” And it was the most disgusting dirty moist looking rag hanging of his face you could imagine. And this guy ringing up donuts and burritos and handing people their change.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Trinity, I agree. This could only be written by a sadistic computer script just taking its programming to the logical conclusion. What is it again? Something can be false but still logical? Logical fallacy.

    Logical Fall, I see.

    Good God, stand up humanity!

    1. Yes, “Logical Fall” and for Satan?

      “Beautiful Fall”

      “Fall into the Gap”


      Trump is not stupid…..

      Neither should we be.

      If you’re informed, you know he comes from “Jewish” (Khazar) ancestry. His uncle was the scientist who was entrusted with the research confiscated from Tesla’s office after his death on?

      “Free energy”

      The same “free energy” that the female scientist Judy Wood argued and to my mind proved brought down the Twin Towers.

      SO this talk of Oil vs. Solar and Wind…..

      Trump is right, solar just doesn’t have enough power, and “wind” kills millions of birds and is Dirtier than you think.

      Thereby keeping our deadly “fossil fuel,” Big Oil, MOBSTER (all the oil companies in my town are run by mobsters. Yours too?) in…..


      Jus’ sayin!

      I’m not STUPID

      You and your “mob”and “kissin’ cousins” lay a hand on my son…..?

      Ka- BOOOOM

      1. Now I just recently started a job as a “Merchandise Handler” in a major clothing mfg’s distribution center in, get this, “Fish Kill” haha, basically packing clothing: stuffing them in envelopes or boxing them.

        I’m SHOCKED.

        It’s TIMED…. you’re a hamster on a wheel.

        And if you’re not “fast enough” you’re out of a JOB.

        Meanwhile you have your mob low-lifes sabotaging you at every turn: suddenly getting logged off, or your computer freezes, costing you your “valuable” time ($$$)….

        It’s SICK

        On the Waterfront has gotten WORSE…..
        Mobsters are all the more “craftier”….
        Murders and fires never go investigated…..

        A major clothing company is…..


        1. And I know from my prior experience working at a major media outlet…

          That we’re ALL working for “The Firm” now….

          GET OUT

              1. Who is my son’s “mentor”?

                It’s gotten so bad, I don’t think he has one…..

                Only ME

                You touch him, you’re dead

                1. But my son doesn’t NEED a “mentor” or a mom.

                  It’s a hard lesson for me…..

                  I love him so much.

                2. Frank,

                  You plug in this “Welcome to the Program” vid at very emotional points for me….. And it’s not NICE.

                  I’m serious, anything happens to my son, I want an investigation done of YOU.

                    1. I agree, Anonymous

                      The “program” is simply your power of BELIEF.

                      If I BELIEVE I AM the ONE……

                      Then I AM

                    1. Nothing, I’m sure….

                      It’s just the synchs I see in the mirror here are always synchs from the ego, i.e. Satan…. and are synchs the “demons” around here love to play off, you know, in their death threat of the day: “Someone is Missing.”

                      Never any good synchs or “help from above” “show up” on here….that I TRUST.

                      Not your fault….. I apologize.

                      I’ll stop coming here and complaining that it feels like I’m falling down the rabbit hole when I do.

        2. I just posted about Lyft and uber being spinoffs of sAItan. Sounds like every “job” is infected. Corona AI. Crown the AI.

          Please no one get a damn Apple upgrade or any tech “upgrade.” They aren’t necessary. They are cloaking devices. All gadget use raises cain, locks us in a simulation, hides our own glory. All up and down the freeways, towers and surveillance cameras for building sAItan. Build a body.

          1. Stand six feet apart no touching no hugging no this no that. Those aren’t human emotions. No human that isn’t broken would even comply

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