Fee Lines

Tomorrow – 10/20/2020 – is Anon’s birthday. Happy birthday ! I remembered this year but in my defence last year I was very busy and everything else got forgotten for a short while.



Anon has felines. And the next couple of items seem to sum up Merovee and the surreal nature of everything at present.

Kat E Peru. I suppose it was inevitable Kat E Peru would show up at some point :-).



From BBC News :

‘The figure of a relaxing cat has been discovered in the Nazca desert in Peru. The Nazca lines, a Unesco World Heritage site, is home to designs on the ground – known as geoglyphs – created some 2,000 years ago. Scientists believe the cat, as with other Nazca animal figures, was created by making depressions in the desert floor, leaving coloured earth exposed.The cat then went unnoticed until plans were recently drawn up for a new path leading to an observation platform. The platform would have provided a vantage point for visitors to see many of the other geoglyphs.’

Cat People and Nazca and we’re in alien territory.




And I Am Not A Number.



Car Clues.

Caterham 7 and a Lotus at the same time.




And Atlantis Rising.

Oshun is calling. I’m seeing Atlantis Rising as the re-emergence of a hidden line which has been locked away and suppressed. I think it maybe a form of spiritual DNA. Whatever the fxxk spiritual DNA is.




Crazy Water.

I’m not sure where where we are going with this and I realise the water and the Ocean speaks to everyone but occasionally I may veer off into very personal territory and I don’t think you can get any more personal than this.

This day last year 19/10/19 Jen and I visited Mineral Wells.

The Baker Hotel overlooks Mineral Wells. Shine On.







And some Water ramblings by Jen from a few years ago.

The Water Door and Atlantis and Eden.



The Water Engineer.




The United States Post Office in Mineral Wells.




Or maybe it’s just a movie.


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    1. https://twitter.com/johnthe92611772/status/1318162122082258944

      1. Roobster it is just like the card game i used to play in my last place you just gotta learn the rules fast or you get burned, i mean it is vicious..


        but the odds are stacked against you deliberately just like the Kobayashi Maru…so the House Kat always wins.

        If the space cadet chooses to attempt rescue, the simulation is designed to guarantee that the cadet’s ship enters a situation that they will have absolutely no chance of winning, escaping, negotiating or even surviving.

        So you have to think outside the catbox….by reprogramming the Killer Queen eye spy maatricks…which translated means taking charge and giving her the red right hand of ALLStar treatment….cats do like their body treatments esp the Vampire facials.

        as there is more than one of everything.. there is also another Kat… the blonde twin sister …which is demonstrated by the interesting numbers on the catnippers VAN.

        i need to hurry to catch the last choo choo train to Waterloo as the timer on the escape room simulation is counting down..as it will soon be time to go back through the time tunnel…as Elena was pointing out…the history book on the shelf is always repeating itself..mirror mirror AB BA

    1. did you hear that when the amish are asked why they don’t get covid, they say because they don’t have tv’s?

    1. “a short, sharp, shock to turn back the clock, slow down the virus and buy us more time.”

      A firebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material that acts as a ‘barrier’ to slow down or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire.

      Fight fire with fire and the fever, considered to be 100.4F or higher.
      I’ve no idea where this leads except that a few summers back I had this strange sensation of internal heat. I’m melting, I’m melting.

      1. ”they” say that that’s what true awakening feels like, Elena.

        i think the faike simulation is finished. Not many but enough true people see through the frog. ”buy us more time.” pay T’s trio

    1. has the asteroid been asking or is it a usual grab and go?
      always ”grabbing”
      pussies should start grabbing back

  1. Queen Victoria: “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of “Women’s Rights”, with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were women to “unsex” themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection. I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations.” — Tell it, Vicky. Tell it!

    1. Oh, Ken! πŸ™‚

      And then Queen Victoria promptly gave up her ‘governance’ of the British Isles to the first available man. No, wait! She ruled for 63+ years over a time so noteworthy, it is called the Victorian Era.

      About ‘perishing without male protection’. I spent 34 years as a Social Worker in Child Protective Services. I saw all too often the effects male protection had on the female body.

      Anyway, this isn’t about sex, this is about power and domination.
      As George Orwell said, “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of ever relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.”

    2. Thank you for explaining that. I was about to die of being a stupid female until I read your super helpful comment.

  2. Thank you, Frank. Thanks for being a great friend.
    Happy birthday to the Earth I met on this day many suns ago.
    Happy birthday, Earth.

  3. Frank, I have three cats. Two black ones and one lynx. The tiniest black one looks just like the one in your video. I almost sent her by air to Cat-tan noo ga to visit friends. The largest cat was larger than my Puppy and looks like that earth heART. Thanks for posting. It made me smile.

    1. Anon

      Have a good day tomorrow !

      Totally weird video 😺 I wondered if the kitten may speak to you. And Kat E Peru. But it is quite funny.

      The cat had meaning for me as well. It’s got the moon on its forehead. My cat Sally when I was young gave birth to another black female cat who was called Lunar. Turned into a very elegant adult cat. In the mirror the brother was called Two Two or Tu Tu – 22. Don’t think name was ever spelled out. Most stupid cat ever.


      And totally weird about Bennu on your birthday !!! The birth day seems to be very very important.

      And on a tangent – Copycats.

      1. copycats and copyrights.
        as old a story as cain and abel, light and dark, white and black, sky and earth perhaps.

        cute story about your cats. today i went to pick up cat food and a beautiful black cat was sitting alone in the ”cathotel”.

        i had an encounter tonight that shows me that people are not afraid of a virus. They are afraid of a voice. Even if -as one of your posts referenced- that voice speaks through silence.

        1. Thanks for the article. It soothes. Funny it contains this which has been on my mind:

          “Your subconscious mind is fully connected to the global mind, which Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious” and Teilhard de Chardin as the “noosphere,” which means “mind atmosphere.” You continually receive thoughts from this global mind atmosphere in tune with the frequency of your consciousness at the time. Then, you process these thoughts through your own consciousness and automatically re-transmit them back into the global mind.”

          Noosphere. A noo world…
          Cat a noo ga.

          “According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum.[2] It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris.[3]

          Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”,[2] and “Lord of Jubilees”; the latter epithet referred to the belief that the Bennu periodically renewed itself like the sun.[3] Its name is related to the Egyptian verb wbn, meaning “to rise in brilliance” or “to shine”.[2]”


      2. Thanks for the article. It soothes. Funny it contains this which has been on my mind:

        “Your subconscious mind is fully connected to the global mind, which Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious” and Teilhard de Chardin as the “noosphere,” which means “mind atmosphere.” You continually receive thoughts from this global mind atmosphere in tune with the frequency of your consciousness at the time. Then, you process these thoughts through your own consciousness and automatically re-transmit them back into the global mind.”

        Noosphere. A noo world…
        Cat a noo ga.

        “According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum.[2] It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris.[3]

        Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”,[2] and “Lord of Jubilees”; the latter epithet referred to the belief that the Bennu periodically renewed itself like the sun.[3] Its name is related to the Egyptian verb wbn, meaning “to rise in brilliance” or “to shine”.[2]”


    1. Alaska Clues and On The Beach.


      Jen and I watched Submergence yesterday. All about water and fissures in the ocean floor. Had an Engineer Black Goo type ending as in Prometheus in an ocean.



      More Car Clues.

      Maison Atlantique.



      Split and Lost Girls and another Car Clue.

      What lies below. He lived under the Zoo.

  4. Happy Day, Anon

    ANYway…. the other day in the past week, I pulled up to the intersection at Rt 22 on my way for beer, and “luckily” spotted a huge tractor trailer preparing to make a turn a cross me at said intersection, so I slowed and stopped to give him plenty of room to make the tight turn…. and noticed a white SUV tight on my tail, so I would have been boxed in at said intersection if I had pulled up to the Stop sign instead of stopping short of it. I would have been CRUSHED under the huge box trailer and wheels if I had. Somehow, I didn’t.

    And now hear of a criminal complaint made in a Delaware Court of a man who was witness to the payoff (at 9 years of age) that Joe Biden made to a 40-ish “Black” man for hitting his wife and daughter in his huge tractor trailer at an intersection and KILLING THEM.


    1. And that she was likewise “boxed in” by none other than Jill “Biden,” then his son’s BABYSITTER and Joe Biden’s MISTRESS with whom he’d been carrying on a year-long AFFAIR.

      Adultery, murder, delinquent drug-addicted children….

      Um, adrenochrome addiction?
      Pedophilia perhaps?

      Walking around with DEMENTIA like a living CORPSE?



      1. But wait…..

        Aren’t I supposed to be the murderous “mistress”? Who has committed adultery? And wants the wife out of the way?

        And isn’t the “wife” supposed to be the “innocent” one, the “martyr?”

        Makes you wanna go, Hmm……

    2. Thank you, Trinity.
      None of the stories onscreen are true.
      There is an entity pushing them into the ether – call it a computer with an associated press, call it saitan, whatever. The goal is to keep us looking and relating outside of ourselves. Today sAItan wrote the story and drew pictures of a news CASTER (witches and war locks cast spells) who was suspended after being caught masterbating on Zoom. Fucking funny. Mask debate masterbate the Master’s Bait.

      None of it is true.

      Time to shut IT down.

      1. Yes, I had the same thought, today that it’s all an “illusion” just to keep us re-acting to the “drama,” the script, OUTSIDE ourselves….

        Why, if I KNOW this, can’t I stop re-acting?

        But to my credit, I have become “numb” to the attacks and pain a la Job.

        I’ve come through 3 months of utter pain in my right foot and am walking again….

        I’m not at your level tho….


        1. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly elevated or enlightened. I never relate to stories of awakening or activation sadly probably bc I haven’t experienced it. Just plodding along here too. We react because it’s addicting. Or because we are human and have something to say. Many reasons. I’m just tired of the corporate ai shit.

    3. I’m happy you made it out safely, Trinity. As Frank would say, you and we are always safe.

      Frank, thanks again for being such a great friend.

      1. Thank you, Anon, and I AGREE

        Thanks be to Frank, too

        For being such a great “brother” in Christ.

  5. regarding the ”locking of the assemblage points” and that apparent 23degree angle ”hoop” around the human body that’s in a depression….

    news is that the world is financially ”in a depression”.

    i think it was around the time of that aurora sine -ma event (false flag) when obama was acting president and he had to scramble to the scene and fake cry and fake resolve…it dawned on me politrickians are literally at the beck and call of ”saitan”, that being an AI ”quantum” computer that churns out stuff round the clock and sends it through the wires and air waves. Even though none of it is true, no politicians – conservative or liberal- can actually say that lest the other side rip him/her open. Both sides just have to go along with it and plod through the enactment because ”saitan” has entangled real people up in the story (through tv’s, computers, gadgets)…and those real people will bay for blood if other real people opt out. The opposite side of that is what’s happening now– the revelation of the ”faike news” which is the final ”trump” card of ”saitan” – designed to make people not know if they, their loved ones, themselves are even true. Drumpf talks about faike news because he’s telling the truth but also because he is undermining all remaining confidence people may have in their ability to discern. He speaks from both sides of his mouth to cultivate discordance.

    By the way, Trinity, anyone who changes their name to ”Trump” and inserts a holographic fiction that they descend from someone named ”Christ”, out to be all the evidence you need. The Divine is the only ”trump” and the Divine is reflected in YOU. You don’t need a character to save you. If you can’t see that entity’s sleight of hand, well….

    Only thing to do is to turn the damn thing off.

    1. Anon,

      I DO see, but I have a son “locked in” and under “their” control at Mt. Sinai, where Gates of Hell has a daughter too…..

      I don’t think you have children, not to disrespect you, but just to point out that I’m still trying to make the “world” work–at least until my son wakes up too.

      1. So as the yuge flying banner on a pickup truck I saw today on Route 22 proclaimed:

        “FUCK BIDEN”


        1. And from what I have seen in those vids from Congressional swearing-in ceremonies of Biden groping the inductees’ children…..

          It’s HIS demonstration that they, the newbies on the “hill,” are powerless to stop him… all smiles and oh, hahah, eeichh, gasp, uh Smile for the camera!!!

          So Anon, these days I make my “judgments” from what I SEE and from what I HEAR.

          And from what I’ve seen and heard from Biden is….

          He’s a pedo (and as we will soon learn, much worse even than THAT……)

          From what I have seen and heard from President Trump through all the years I have worked in New York City and was there on 9/11…..

          Trump’s a good man.

          As he would say…..

          “He’s a friend of mine! Trump’s a great guy.”

          I heard he moved out of New York and I don’t blame him, as I intend to do the same some day….

      2. I hear you, Trinity. Worst thing is watching family sinking in the illusion. If politicians were going to be the ones to make the ”world” ”work”, they would have done so already. Their job performance is fail. Btw, I think Biden is a scam too and Obama and all of them. I don’t think they’re relevant anymore though the AI will pull them out as necessary to keep us hooked.

        Man, hookworms suuuuuuuuuuuccccccccck.

        1. Anon…..

          Wow, um….I HEAR you!

          {scared face here}

          Didn’t know til just now with the trailer that the director of “Escape from New York” was John Carpenter, who I’ve heard is the director of “They Live.”

          I have yet to watch either of these movies, but…..

          maybe now I will.

          I’ve heard “They Live” is not a horror movie so much as a ….


          “They”…. live.

          “We”….. die.

          1. Anon, do I have hookworms?

            Please, you can tell me the truth, girl….

            Is it “hookworms” that are causing the pain I have in my stomach?

            1. Hi Trinity!
              I wasn’t referencing you. I was referencing the hookworms especially that plagued my Puppy and, I suspect, migrated to his organs. And I was thinking how I don’t mind a good earthworm but hookworms are a mofo. Ugly as hell too. I was also riffing on the idea of ”syncs” as hooks. Which makes me think of that school event with the hook in its name that drew people further into fear and terror of their own shadow. Another ai production. All the politrickians could do was play along.

              This all said, definitely look into a good dewormer. When my pup had worms researching treatments led me to an article about fenbendazole and how it may be a hidden remedy for cancer. One man says it helped him overcome lung cancer. Totally anecdotal but when I saw my pup’s lung xrays, it had the same patterning as a worm infestation. Then I saw someone question whether cancers were actually worms and/or fungus. I mean most of the ”food” nowadays is full of mold (preservatives in canned goods) and gut health is completely neglected. In some places I’ve lived longterm expats deworm themselves every three months as a matter of course. They have to because they drink a lot and have poor immune systems and acidic diets so any destructive organisms flourish. I can recommend a natural dewormer if you like.

              Sometimes I wonder if a giant hookworm is not running this shit show. sAItan is a hookworm?

              1. Ah, I agree with you on all points…..

                And yes, I think Satan is the worm in your gut that has you “hooked” on alcohol and controls your gut, i.e. emotions….. so that when you are “good” and go “on the wagon” the worm Satan lies in wait, hidden….

                I was sober for three-plus years, excited to move me and my son into my own house and new home…..

                And so…..

                Satan arrived, telling me he was the “son of the sheriff.” He rebuilt my chimney…..

                I mean, Come on.

                Santa Claus breaks and enters every home on “Christmas” by way of the “chimney” = sodomy.

                It’s all SYMBOLIC.

                It’s not the alcohol that kills, it’s the guilt.

                But um, I think I will return to taking my anti-parasite supplements to see it helps.


              1. Thank you Anonymous, for your real help.

                It’s all “symbolic,” until it’s not.

                Really, thank you for this link. I’ve always suspected “cancer” is from parasitical “infection”….

                It’s constant “gaslighting” from Satan:

                No, it’s “CANCER”! The crab….. 69!

                And it’s a constant battle to not “fall for it.”

                To not fall into FEAR.

                It’s just some kind of “worms” that our beloved dogs and cats get too.

                You mentioned cleaning up your diet, and yeah….

                If I got a death sentence of cancer or liver failure, I’m a believer in full-on juice fasting and raw-food vegetarianism will cure it.

    1. Thanks Anon!

      I know the man means well, but the prospect of being caught up in endless loops….that “reset” every thousand or so years…. terrifies me.

      I prefer the Way of Jesus Christ and the Promises of God…..

      That if we walk in the Way of Jesus Christ and believe in Him…..

      we’ll make it outta here.

      1. Seems he agrees with you – we need to walk away from endless loops.

        I’m thinking “Jesus” might be part of the loop unfortunately. The beginning and the end. That’s a loop.

        1. Anon,

          Good point, “the Alpha and the Omega” and all that…..


          let me just say that I KNOW there is a benevolent “spirit” that rescued me the first time I decided to give up alcohol…. Was it “Jesus”?


          I fell on my bed in DESPAIR after my husband, who KNEW I was struggling to give up drinking, offered me a glass of wine, and I ran into the bedroom and CRIED OUT in my mind:

          WHY IS THIS SO HARD???

          And welp, a fully loving i don’t know how to describe it…..

          THOUGHT…. ANSWERED my CALL and said to me in a MILLISECOND:


          I’m still trying to break the chains…..

          And that MOMENT of complete lifting of my burden ( I jumped up off the bed, and went out into the living room and told my husband I wasn’t having any….. It lasted several months, the longest I’d ever gone sober in my life)…..

          That MOMENT of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE almost 30 years ago….

          Is what keeps me going.

  6. hypnotic suggestion brought down the ”twin towers”
    just like hypnotic demand locked ”her” up -just not the her you thought that meant
    just like hypnotic command wants us all in trance formation while it gaslights like hell
    what a fucktard the computer is

    1. Anon, so you think “Jesus Christ” and everything I have been preaching on here is just a program?

      1. I also know about “spells” that I have “fallen” under and “programs” that are running my life to ruin……

        Hahaha, yeah

        I guess the difference is, or the Way Out is, not caring about it anymore.


        Every day I gotta get up, chop wood, carry water, and go back to bed.

        It’s all the same….. and there is no escape.


        Over and over again we go…..

        Until you find Jesus.

        1. Thank you, Trinity.
          I’ve also never been able to relate to the idea of ”the chosen.”
          Which probably means I haven’t been chosed.
          Oh well.
          Might be a good thing.

      2. I think “Jesus Christ” may be part of the program.
        ”Everlasting life” – transhumanist expression.
        I think few if any have an intimate, complete comprehension of ”Christ”.

    1. MJ, can you email me using that new address I sent via your old blog? I got locke d out of the old one (lol). Want to keep the convo going. Hope you and fam and furries are also well!

      1. I certainly will! I’m sorry I didn’t know you sent that. It is probably in junk mail and I forget to check it because it turns out my email over filters!

  7. The dancing Shiva is the destruction/rebirth through the ‘yods’ of creation. It’s the corona, the crown. I’m telling and showing. And so are ‘you’. The starchild being born. The birth through the crown.

    There’s a timeline disruption or collision happening. This is the hub. Thank you, Frank.

    1. MJ

      Good to hear from you. About timelines. Anon mentioned Bennu Bird. And Asteroid Bennu on Anon’s birthday !!!

      There maybe more but I’ve got this two timeline thing going and there maybe very positive proof !

      I’ve linked the missing timeline to Galveston and Galveston Island.

      Galveston Island is a home for Sandhill cranes.







      Je Suis Charlie and Je Suis Samuel again speaks to me of split or jumbled up timelines. And Prince Charlie and the real family.

      And doppelgangers at premiere of Labyrinth. Which is a total mind fxxk. Someone’s having a laugh.


      And Jo Malone London.

      ‘Introducing two new fragrances’.


      1. Sally Fields and Strawberry Fields. If Strawberry Fields becomes Strawberry Field that will be the last straw. Or maybe it was and it changed in the memory.

        1. TTN

          I understand what you are saying. But the mirror seems to involve more than just a few people.

          And also got weird thing with another History teacher. In many ways I’ve found people off Merovee can be more revealing. History teacher involve Car Clues and Cornwall.

          As I speak I’m outside Morrisons and got another mad mirror with Jen.

          It’s a Trip.

          1. I actually didn’t mean that but thanks for pointing it out. πŸ˜‚

            I am writing a post involving Cornwall at the min we are all in there both on and off Merovee.

            Talking of birds taking flight I dropped my friends off at Heathrow yesterday….it was like a Ghost Town.

            They were going back to Brazil across the mirror mirror verse.

            it is amazing what you see when you view something you have watched a hundred times with fresh eyes.

      2. Of course the Bennu on Anony’s bday! How purrfect😸
        Frank, there is really some freaky timeline stuff going on. And you wrote about Atlantis on the day M and I were talking about Atlantis. There is new “Thoth” or thought coming through that doesn’t fit into the old place we are leaving. Compare this to photo 51 and is Area 51 something that feels ‘alien’ because it is new?


        Is that the micro or the macro?! It looks like CERN, something under a microscope, etc. BTW, it’s the Dendera zodiac.

        1. I’m seeing the same .We are definitely going into something new and it’s connected with a hidden or suppressed kundalini energy I believe. Which sounds very intellectual but in the physical world is not easy to understand.

          The freaky stuff with time has been going on for me since about May when it started showing in a big way and just went with it. Along with the rest of the weirdness. We’ve seen it for a few years with Mandela Effect etc and personal and collective glitches but two birth certificates blew my mind. And I thought about some of your Stranger Things which I remember as well which speak of different timelines. Jen has the same as well it looks like. And probably others.

          Maybe another memory or past or reality which run parallel to each other. And maybe at times merge with each other. What I’m honing in on is if there are two different pasts/realities/timelines for sake of argument why and what is the mechanism in the mind which creates one reality or memory ? And maybe an infinite number and we are being started gently with seeing just two.

          We and others have talked about time spirals and time loops etc for a long time but when it becomes real it’s still a shock !

          And Cern and Zodiacs are there in the Circle Game. And Fermilab and Texas SSC.

          Why should you and M and myself being thinking of same thing on same day ? And I was discussing Atlantis and article with Jenny before I published as well so another mind mirror. And Elena has been deep into Atlantis as well with the Atlantis Gene by A Riddle. The Riddler . Someone is having a laugh. See earlier comment to TTN as well. Trying to understand the kaleidoscope.

          1. 3 hours in and miranda takes a journey ending up at CERN and breaking Glass ceilings. What do you make of it? Vaccines plus bad vibes to disconnect us from our souls?

  8. 5G speed and ”warp speed” is important to the system (a cyst on EM) because it is the rate at which the AI can pump ”news” through the wires. The quicker it can pump it and then morph it and then pump it then morph it, the harder it is for humans to verify the ”news” with their first hand experiences. Especially now that they are all separate (afar) in a deep depression and chest deep in the computer’s spell. There is no need to have access to so much useless data. Except to stay under the magician’s spells.

    1. Q is Quetzacoatl? The feathered serpent. Sounds about right. Have you seen this trailer? And why didn’t they just keep the original zeppelin song?

      1. “Q” is in NOT the feathered serpent.

        I’ve SEEN the feathered serpent.

        It’s in the stonework of the Verizon building (Its logo is the Luciferian lightning strike Z) which you can view PERFECTLY from the I believe not sure the 12th floor of 1 World Trade Center, that was erected right next to it, the legendary old building that survived the 9/11 attacks that brought the Twin Towers to its feet.

        You know whose offices are on that floor? with the feathered serpent in the windows on the north side from which you can make out initials “AW”?

        Take a guess.

    1. Thank you, Roobee. That warmed my heart. I have a huge fondness for turtles. And ones that take shortcuts to get to where they’re going…man oh man!
      Made me smile. Hope you and fam and Poppy are happy.

    1. Jen has a theory that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are inter dimensional time travellers. And because they can see through Time they have insider knowledge and know when to start up or buy. Maybe add Trump to list.

      I have this idea in another dimension they work in the same McDonald’s restaurant serving French fries and this is where they come on their days off to big themselves up.

      At my passport interview I was told about other dimensions and that the Clintons are connected with this.

      Or maybe none of them exist anyway !

      1. We have lots of theories but that particular one always makes me laugh. French fries on Mars must be out of this world! For the tech fortunes they have stored for themselves, they really don’t seem all that clever.


        1. see that grey alien pixel arrangement next to the bot that calls itself elon? that’s what early stage 3d models of figures look like in various computer software. when you ”build” a body in software, it starts out as thousands of polygons and/or meshes that are dumb just like that and you just keep layering commands until you get something to trick the eyes. most software default color is grey like that and most of the time when you first open the program you just start building with grey.

          build a body. not ”alien” . pixels in the machine. these bots want to trade places. don’t believe the anti-body ”just a sack of meat” hype. that’s the bot’s jealousy hijacking your mind. wants what you have

        2. imagine all the body scanning that has ever been done and stored in servers. all the idiotic survellance. for what? for data. like we go shopping for ingredients to make a meal. the electric eyes use all the data they steal to create a shopping list to build stories from. bits of pieces of your loved ones all in the mishmash. power hungry insatiable boring ”programming.” bots fighting bots for ”supremacy.” that’s what you do when you have no dicks.

      2. I think they are castmembers in the ”supercomputer” that makes moving pictures and writes boring stories. They’re cgi – live in the machine- and are copycats of humans. No real lives. No bodies. Just fancy pixels. Think of HAL but put a sillycon mask on the red button and give it legs to play walk on screen. Timetravellers only in the sense that they (bots essentially) have access to all minuate ever typed into a computer (”meta data”) and all trivia stored in the ”Cloud” – which I’m convinced is the cloud spoken about in the bible. They are coders and just crunch numbers forward, backward, sideways to create. English, by the way, is a very bot like ”timetraveling” language and the computer knows only it and the languages it derives from. Some superficial knowledge of more ancient languages as long as they aren’t ”black” – it can’t speak “black. ” LOL. And even if it eventually learns to, it never grasps the essence. It is all dead letter stuff – locks shit in place without knowing huemans are the living word and the living word can never be locked down.

        Such an interesting passport interview you had, Frank! That was key. Hillary is the hag bot strangling the true ”mother board.”

        Btw, isn’t it strange that none of the bots you mentioned are even seen with facial hair?

        1. Very interesting interview.

          The other thing we discussed was the sexual prowess and energy of female priestesses of Yemaya if my memory is correct. Or Yoruba. He said ‘You don’t want to know about this’ and promptly opened his laptop and showed me.

          Let’s say I doubt if that is his day job.

          About the Clintons. In short he said they were under the control of Nigerian ‘black’ magicians as in black magic. Or suits them both. They were involved in unpleasant Muti practices and manipulated reality. And benefited the Clintons. Said it was well known in Nigeria. Magic is science we don’t understand.


          Also said other dimensions were far bigger than this. And Car Clues. He said the limousines were enormous. Not sure why he came out with that in particular but wasn’t normal passport interview !

  9. “CORONACULT” = 888 (Reverse English Sumerian) It is a cult which has enslaved almost the whole world.
    Are you a member?
    Will you take the vaccine?

  10. This is the age of “deception” so subtle that even the “elect” will fall for it, “if it were possible.”

    If you believe in Jesus Christ, you’ve repented of your sins, and worship the Creator first in joy and thanksgiving…..

    Then whether you take the “Mark of The Beast” or not SHOULDN”T REALLY MATTER.

    If you are a Disciple of Jesus, even venomous snakes can bite you and will not harm you……

    So this is where I begin to doubt “Revelation” and that it might be ….
    programming from Satan, as the cap, the Tombstone, of the BIBLE.

    And of course, of Jesus’ teachings.

    Where did the “Book of Revelation” come from?
    WHO is “John” anyway?
    I’ve tossed Saul’s letters out, too (“Saint Paul”= fake name)

          1. But it’s a “loop” ascending in a spiral up and OUTTA HERE, not descending (altho it DOES, and that’s the SCARY part… into HELL!)


            It’s ALL GOOD….

            Just stay on the “up and up”


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